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My name is Savannah, and I have submitted a story before, but this time it's different. Since then, I have started experiencing newer things, too. First of all, I have some sort of sixth sense or something that can help me figure out a person's emotion, usually when I'm near them. There is a very nice lady who works up the street from my house at a sushi cafe, and she is an astrologer. She told me that Cancers (my zodiac sign is a Cancer) usually obtain the ability to "read" a person's emotion easier than others. She also had said that I'm pure Cancer (meaning that I have the Cancer zodiac symbol in many of the Houses in my astrological chart), so that would probably make it more pronounced in me, along with other people that are "pure" Cancer. Plus, it's not that hard to read someone's emotions, but I can still seem to do it very easily even when it's not very clear in their voice or on their face, and even when others don't seem to pick it up.

Secondly, I have also just started something last summer, and I haven't read about it anywhere yet, and I'm still looking around. Ok, so, usually when I am going to see a person at a place (I'm talking about not knowing about seeing the person before going), I tend to start thinking about them a lot. It just happened last night, too, about a person from my old school (I transferred schools). I was thinking about her a lot, and I didn't really know why, and I ended up seeing her later that night at a school viewing thing. This also happened with my friend (who I knew wanted to attend the school, so that doesn't really count, but I wasn't sure if she was going to the presentation or not) and two other girls that go to my school; I saw them all later that night. Also, towards the end of summer, I started thinking about an old friend of mine that I went to Summer Camp with, and I started thinking about her a lot. I started wishing that I wasn't as mean as I was towards her at times, and that I wished that we were still friends. But then I realized I wasn't all that mean to her, but the thoughts still came to me. I forgot that she told me she was going to the school I was transferring to (my current school), and then I saw her there on my first day of school. Then my thoughts started going away, and that was pretty much the first time that I experienced this. There's also a few other times when I experienced this, but I don't want to bore you. It's happened a lot recently, but usually when one "psychic" (I don't know what else to call it right now) experience starts, my other (s) tend to subside, as if to "make room" for the newest addition, or just an older experience to "take over". This "I will see this person" experience thing has been happening to me a lot lately, so this is my current state right now, I believe.

Lastly, this experience didn't last very long, and it's not a very strong experience, but it still happens every once in a while. One time, I was sitting at my desk doing homework, and randomly I had a thought that my friend was going to wear his white polo shirt (we wear uniforms) to school the next day. And he doesn't wear his white shirt a whole bunch, just every once in a while. But this feeling was really strong. And guess what? The next day he wore his white shirt. Also, that same night, I was going to take a sip of my water, and then I had a strong feeling that I was going to spill it. It was a subconscious feeling, but I felt it. About five to seven seconds later, I spilled it.

I know everyone may be asking this same question right now, especially other teenagers like me, but could someone please help me figure out what this is called?

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