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I Am Almost Convinced


I am not sure if it matters, but I am a fourteen year old girl going on fifteen pretty soon, and for the last few years I have constantly heard and seen different images in my head. Of course these things may really be just simple coincidences and I might just be subconsciously trying to live some television fantasy, but over the last few years or so I have constantly lost myself in thought and, with my life being rather dull (another reason it may just be a subconscious reaction) I often think of different shows I have seen that I may not have seen in a long time, only to find out before I realize it that the show is on days or even hours later, this often happens with real life scenes as well when I don't realize I have seen it until right before it happens. Often if I do realize these things beforehand and end up leaving the area before I see the specific event I develop headaches and irritation. I also sometimes get ideas the just bother me until I pull my computer and look it up, for example, I often enjoy writing and I hope one day to be an author, so while working on a story I decided to find a name of some mythological person known for evil deeds for my antagonist, After awhile a came across the myth of Dracula, now I knew I wasn't going to name a character in my book after a famous mythological vampire, but I did find something quite similar and related to Dracula and also the basis of the vampires legends and stories, "Dracul" I thought it to be a clever name and decided I may use it. And thus I carried out my work for the day and as I remember it my friend at school only a week later brought up the legend to me and started talking about it, this I was surprised by and I do realize it could be a simple coincidence but after all the times things like this has happen, I am slowly starting to disbelieve that.

I also learned I can hear about things without being told, a lot of kids at school disprove of me and call me a freak, or a loser and many rumors have been started about me, many because I refuse to were skin tight clothing and I often wear baggy clothing so a lot of kids say I am a guy or call me queer because I don't date and have no interest in it, and they laugh because I am always reading in class or outside of class. And a few others. But nobody told me about these rumors and I thought a first maybe I was just paranoid, but while I was walking down the hall I heard many of the rumors about me and others I thought to be just my imagination and part of my anxiety which often nearly makes me stand up in the middle of class just to go home and sit in my room. But I wasn't really that surprised to find any of it true, because it had been as though someone had already told me, But as usual I just shook off the rumors and continued my day still thinking about how I had known the rumors before hearing them out loud.

I also believe I have another small "ability" I guess I would say, it seems minor compared to others I have witnessed, but when I touch an item (edible or not) I can tell exactly how it tastes and in some cases what is actually in it.

All of these could just be coincidences, but honestly I've tried testing myself a few times and found I can't tell close up experiences like what someone cards in a game are, but I can often tell exactly what television shows will be on during the day, and who I may see on days I have no intentions of leaving the house.

I may just be crazy, or just a good guesser, or really just over thinking things and stumbling into a series of coincidences, but after a few years of this I think I should try to figure the exact answer so I can

Get on with my life whether or not I do or do not have some form of physic ability. Please offer any explanations as to what this may be about or if is am just paranoid or something.

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Walkdre (18 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-08)
Getting on with life either way is a good attitude, as I've learned, even if an 'ability' that sets you high on the pillars of spiritual/psychic growth above your peers. It doesn't negate that there 'are' those peers going about the mundane.

"Price of tea in China", is my grounding mantra to keep me from going off to Space Command thinking I'm super duper special messiah deal. I still have to make breakfast and go to work, and all.)

Not to say we aren't awesome and wonderful, we are, but we only need to prove that to ourselves, the good people in the world will see it and be life long allies.

I can relate to the general meany headedness of the local, 'people'. In my high school years I had really long shiny wavy hair several foot in length. Wore 'grunge' clothes because I couldn't care less about fashion. (Actually I was just poor, so I passed it off as intentional. Worked for me.)

There were no shortage of goofy rumors about me. I kept to myself, and did my best to stay 'out' of orbit as much as possible for a lot of reasons. A good one fourth of each grade class, eventually more, assumed I was gay for having long hair. "WHY" I could never figure out except maybe the dudes thought my long golden locks were pretty and it confused them.

The flip side to my long hair, the ladies liked it too, so, not that bad a trade aside from the stupid a thug type would cat call, I "Whatever'd" and waved it off. Though I still kept out of orbit of everyone, just wasn't personally interested in knowing other people then, my own things going on.

From what you've said, particularly the 'knowing through touch' as well as 'hearing and knowing' you have Clairvoyance, or sub-bits of Clair-something. It's a normal route of Psi and most awakening persons get at least two or so of the different versions of it.

I typically suggest the learning of one's spirit guides. Everyone gets a few, and having an inner spiritual/psychic support group eases the transition.

Another saying I've learned is "There is no such thing as a coincidence in this world, there is only the inevitable." To accept these odd happenings of serendipity.

Along with my other magic word. "Whatever." To brush them off as non-events if I'm too busy or not interested in looking into it. Some days, Psi can go to it's room and play video games rather than be all precog. Or to blaze by the mundane, a lot of people I 'knew' back when basically don't exist now - they're off being gas station attendants I figure. (True or not, makes me feel better. Hee~)

Hope this helps you. Best Wishes.

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