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I Almost Died


Before I start my story, I should supplement the following with some information, of which may be important as to helping somebody, anybody, explain what happened to me. According to numerology I am a 33/6, I was born at 8:11 a.m., I am a Capricorn. I am male, and at the time of the experience I was 21 years old.

Throughout my life I was always considered a little different, but as I grew older I found social situations increasingly difficult. I was always the emotional type, and longed for the perfect relationship with the girl of my dreams. For many years I felt unfulfilled, not knowing where my life would take me, and unable to see myself experiencing life past my 21st birthday.

I was a college dropout and working a minimum wage job while living with my parents. I had a friend who told me about a gathering in the woods that was going on, and that it would be the perfect time to experience true reality through psychedelic means.

We had arrived at the woods and set up camp, it was just my friend Carlos (name changed for story purposes) and I. Now Carlos and I were 'normal' kids, into partying and all that, and weren't really aware of the true nature of the Gathering. We had made friends, never started trouble, and observed as much as we could.

Well, one night, I had been sitting with Carlos and several other strangers around a campfire, drinking coffee and talking about life and love, etc. All of a sudden a stranger came out of nowhere and made me feel anxious. His name was Normal, and he seemed to be quite knowledgeable. At that time I started hearing voices, and seeing people move in the brush around me. I became very frightened and tried to locate these people, but every time I shined my flashlight on them, they merely turned around and disappeared. I could feel hands touching me, in my genital areas, which made me extremely uncomfortable. While this was going on, the people at the campfire are laughing at me, thinking I'm making all of this up. I know this was real. I will never forget it.

I told Carlos I wanted to go home, I did not want to be there. He refused and wanted to stay, he was having fun. I would freak out and assume people had guns and cameras pointed at me and people were throwing grenades and such. Carlos decided it was best if we called it a night and went to sleep, and continued the fun tomorrow. I did not want to sleep, however. I kept getting the impression that I was going to die, and at that moment the voices in my head said 'HOW DOES HE KNOW?!?!'. These voices sounded very familiar, like other strangers I had met throughout my time there. I had so much fear it was driving me mad, so Carlos told me I would get through it if I just focused on my breathing. I kept my eyes open the entire night and focused on my breathing, longing for the warm embrace of the Sun.

As the tent begins to illuminate close to sunrise, I exit the tent and head back to the campfire where the craziness had began. Everyone was asleep, so I just sat there and waited for the Sun. I had the urge to take off my shoes and walk around barefoot and explore. I came across another camp where a man had asked me to chop wood for him. I was somewhat successful, but having no shoes on and an ax in my hand made me extra cautious. He told me to smoke this herb, which was not MJ, to change my head. It made it somewhat more difficult, but I feel like I did not pass this test of 'cutting-wood'. After that I had another urge to walk off the path and into the brush around noon time. I had taken off my shirt, and didn't know why. I then picked up a fallen tree and put it on my back, across my shoulders. I walked for a quarter-mile then collapsed. I felt like people were looking for me, dogs sniffing me out and people wanting to kill me. At one point I heard the sound of a revolver cocking back. After an hour I got back up and found myself on the forest path once more.

I felt the need to cleanse myself, and strangers spoke of a watering hole not far from the main camps. I got in my car and drove to the watering hole. Once there, I had found seclusion and undressed completely. I went into the murky waters and fully submerged my body. I exited the water after about ten minutes and left my material belongings in the seclusion near the water. Now, in a car the trip to the watering hole takes about 12-15 minutes. I would say the road is about 5 miles or so.

So here I am, buck-naked, walking down a dirt path when I have a car and clothes and everything. I have no idea why, but I was aware of my decisions. I felt like I had to give up the material belongings of my life in order to continue on in life. Walking and walking further, I look back and notice a police car heading my direction, so I jump in the surrounding brush. I wait for the patrol car to pass, then I continue down the path. Night falls, as I had began my barefooted journey around 5 p.m. The temperature drops considerably, and I begin to shiver. Hours pass and I realize there is no moon in the sky. There are many stars, some of which seemed to move. I wander off path and find an open field where the trees are aligned in a circle, with a tree placed in the middle, and a large rock in front of the tree. I look across the trail, and on the other side I see an even larger circle of trees with intersecting lines within it. I couldn't explain how they became like that, or why I was shown this. I began to dig in the dirt, and I realized the dirt beneath the surface was warm! I crawled into my hole and tried to sleep, but I could not. I continued down the path and found my way back at the main camp, and stumbled upon some clothes along the way.

Following the exodus out of the forest, I had extreme headaches for days, and my body ached greatly. I heard strange noises for 2 days, and felt like my eyeballs were very swollen. The pain was right in the center of my forehead.

Can anybody help me out here?!

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Rockypelt (1 stories) (66 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-29)
This is how I almost died: MY friends and I were at the river. But I dived and something pushed against my back and held me under, I looked up and saw nothing! I kept teying to gt up but I could not. It stopped and the water was shallow so I came back up, my lungs FULL of water, I sorta blacked out on shore and saw a rainbow like wormhole with a white light at the end, as it got closer, I got more concious. I opened my eyes and felt someone hitting my back to get the water out of me. I finally was alright, but it shook me.

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