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Almost Astral Projection, Heard Music


My name's Genevieve and I am a 26-year-old female. First, a little bit about me. After the passing of an ex-boyfriend in January of 2010, I've become extremely interested in the Other Side and wanting to communicate with my passed loved ones. I've read books by Concetta Bertoldi and Sylvia Browne and had a session with a Psychic Medium in which I got much needed answers from my ex who passed. I was Agnostic before, but now I fully believe in the existence of the Other Side, what happens when you die, and that our loved ones are around us always.

Ever since then, I noticed some weird things going on with my emotions. I've always been an emotionally sensitive person but just recently noticed it taking control. The past couple times I have driven past a funeral procession on the road, I immediately start to cry and seem to FEEL the sadness of the people in their cars. I don't stop to think about 'oh how sad it must be', it just sort of happens. I cry when I'm around other people who are sad without even realizing it, and sometimes it gets so intense that its embarrassing. Once I went to see a musical in a local playhouse. The subject matter was sad, but within the first 5 minutes I was already crying uncontrollably and had a hard time stopping. I have to think that in addition to my own emotions, I was picking up on everyone else's sadness as well.

I did some research and decided that I may be an Empath or Clairempathic. I can tell when people are lying to me or being deceitful. I've had a hard time remaining friends with one of my girlfriends because I can detect her odd mannerisms and behaviorisms and I call her out on it - and she gets mad. I'm extremely intuitive and sometimes desperately want to leave certain places or situations because I don't like the way it 'feels'.

Anyway, I've read about Astral Projection and have always wanted it to happen to me, but didn't really go any further than that. Until two nights ago, when I'm pretty sure it finally (sort of) happened. I had come home from a late night of bartending and hanging out with my coworkers. I felt tired but knew that my mind wasn't going to let me sleep easily - sometimes I have sleep issues and have to take ZzQuil or Benadryl to knock myself out. I thought about doing that but the second my head hit the pillow I felt relaxed and decided to just go with it.

I was laying on my back (which I try to do if I want to Astral Project since I read about it) and I started to feel like I was moving very fast. My cheeks kind of opened up as if very fast air was pushing them, but I knew I was still in my room. I could hear my boyfriend snoring next to me, and the fan at the other end of the room. Eventually I started to feel like I was actually floating. I couldn't feel the bed beneath me and it was an amazing sensation. I was fully conscious, and excited/nervous about what was going on. I felt as if a bubble was enveloping me, starting from my feet and going toward my head. I felt like I knew that once I was completely 'submerged' in this 'bubble' that something very special would happen, but I had a hard time getting my head to go 'under' - which I read about your head being the last part of you to detach.

Regardless, I still felt as if I was floating a couple inches above the bed. It was so tranquil and relaxing, and it started to feel as if I was floating on water, gently bobbing with the shallow waves. I knew I was experiencing something special and asked for my loved ones to communicate with me. I never 'saw' anyone or anything, but I started to hear music in the background. I almost thought it could be coming from outside my window, but I knew it wasn't. I live in a retirement community and nobody blasts music. It started out almost sounding like metal music with really fast drumming, but the melody was like a Baroque Fugue and there were male choral voices singing the complicated melodies. It was very fast - no human could sing it that fast. It was sped up, but not distorted. I heard some hissing and static, as if I was 'tuning in', and that shortly went away. The drumming stopped but the complicated melody went on, constantly changing and evolving. I was listening for the end of the 'song' but it just kept going and going. I felt like I was truly listening rather than creating this melody in my head. I started to hear random trumpet blasts that seemed unrelated to the choral voices and their song. Then the song kind of slowed down and evolved into a slower melody, which then evolved into tones.

Eventually I got up to go to the bathroom. I decided that since I didn't get anywhere I was ok to not try again for the night, so I laid on my side. A little bit later (I have no idea how much time went by) I had a startling experience. You know when you're laying in bed with your eyes closed how you can still 'see' the daylight through your eyelids? And I could still hear my boyfriend snoring and my fan... All of a sudden everything went pitch black. My eyes and ears just went to blackness. Almost like a 'shutdown' of some sort. It scared me so I jolted awake, and that was the end of my adventures that night. Anybody have any similar experiences with the music?

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fossilera (4 stories) (124 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-24)
I have - for me, it was one of the most beautiful melodies I have ever heard, nothing on the physical (here) has ever come close to repeating the sounds.

If you'd like a history lesson - back in the Middle Ages, the phenomenon was known as "faerie music", because the people that heard the melodies couldn't figure out where the music was coming from, and from the descriptions, it was too beautiful to recreate (it also went by the term "devil's tune", because some of the composers such as Paganini could only make a weak reproduction of what they heard - and it was claimed that the only person that could play the song right was the devil himself).

Technically, the phenomenon falls under the "vibrations" category (these are the unusual sensory hallucinations that are often experienced before an OBE). The part where you experienced a sense of "blackness" is another common one. If you can, try to remember the music as you go to sleep, it may help with another projection.


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