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Gary Cried and Jeff Died


One night after having the experience of salvation, with my prayer life awakened, I dreamt my nephew Gary was crying, really sobbing hysterically. It woke me up and I knew right then something was very wrong with my family. We are a very dysfunctional family and that includes child abuse from all the adults and sexual assault by my father. There was so much hate flowing through all of us. My salvation showed me some love, great acceptance, and forgiveness.

I was living in Maine they were all in Connecticut. The very next day I sold my silver, engraved, baby cup and bought 2 bus tickets to Hartford. I called my mother that evening and told her I was coming there as I had a dream and felt very strongly that something was wrong and I needed to be there.

She said it was just a dream and to save the tickets for a few weeks and I can visit her on her vacation that was coming up. So I did, I listened to her and put the tickets away in my purse. Big mistake! But I continued to pray for my family.

Two days later I got a phone call from my estranged father who lived in Kentucky. He called to tell me that my nephew Jeffrey had hung himself. I thought it was a very mean joke on my father's part. I hadn't heard from him in years. So I hung up from him and called my mother. She said that it was true and he was in the hospital in a coma. Well, I was freaked.

I told her I was going to get on the bus and be there as soon as I could. I would meet someone at the bus station in Hartford, can't remember the timing. While on the bus with my son (same age as Gary) I prayed all the way that Jeff would still be alive when I arrived to see him in the hospital (I was his God-mother).

Well, Pat and Pam (Jeff's mom) came to the station to get us. They brought me straight to the hospital as it was only a short distance away. When we got to the ICU I asked Pam if I could pray for Jeff at his side. She said I could and they waited outside the room. I prayed out loud for him and talked to him and while I prayed and talked his pulse monitor sped up. I told him about Jesus's salvation and that God loved him, probably the first time he had ever heard anyone loved him. Coma patients can still hear.

Well, I spent that night at my mother's house and at bed time, I knelt and prayed for Jeff and his soul. I asked God if he were to take Jeff home to give me a sign. He did. I received a poem and wrote it down and knew then and there that Jeff died.

Next morning the call came that he was gone. In my dream it was Gary who was crying, he was the one who found Jeff hanging himself in the basement of their home. This happened over 22 years ago and I am crying as I write this down. I feel guilty that I didn't follow my dream and leave immediately, maybe I could have witnessed to Jeff Jesus's love before he decided to do what he did.

The only reason I am sharing this is that maybe it will help someone else. Child abuse is a disease and it destroys just as HIV or cancer does. Love can cure most everything.

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GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-01-10)
The loss might have happened anyway. Your being there might have made it harder, more painful. Just a thought - not sure. Sure that we all just do our best and kicking ourselves is not great.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-01-10)
Mary, my sister's name, all of us carry guilt. I don't think it's good. A person's last day is their choice and we are where we should be. I've been there a lot and missed some. Those I've missed were probably suppose to be missed. Nothing is by accident. Listening is good - go with your feelings. I think, personally, that the best thing you can do is pray afterwards. This isn't widely done, but I think it helps in some way. Thank-you for sharing this though it was hard for you.

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