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Psychic Experiences The Hard Way


THIS IS PART OF A LETTER THAT I WROTE TO A FRIEND, IT'S TOO LONG TO RE-WRITE SO HERE YOU GO. Although they first came to me without my prompting, I had maybe 15 years of time when I was pretty good at Lucid and psychic dreams, 45 years total but it was in the last 15 years that I made some substantial progress in both of them. Although the last 3 years have produced nothing, I still attempt to initiate a process towards the same goal every night. The process of initiating "psychic" dream or "vision" (I don't know the definitions well, but I think clairvoyant would be more accurate) has three parts. After laying down for the night the first part starts with concentration and visualization and once you've done enough of that it takes over and carries you on from there (I'm not a New Ager or anything like that, if anything I'm a Christian wannabe who thought of how to accomplish this on my own). If the first part was successful, and it always was, it then leads you into the second part which is composed of three stages, 1st stage) you have the sensation of becoming infinitely small (this sensation is very disconcerting and odd). 2nd stage) heavy gravity or a sense of being pulled or drawn downward occurs (this is when your fight or flight mech. Starts to get very, very uptight). 3rd stage) It starts out with an ugly sensation coupled w/intuitive knowledge of proceeding into what the mind comprehends as death and then proceeds to a greater intensity until it gets to an almost unbearable level, continuing this far was possible only on my best days by psyching myself up before hand, the sensation of slipping further and further into perceived certain death is of course a very ugly sensation to say the least. I made peace with God directly before forcing myself to engage and complete the 3rd stage, and that must have helped because I was than successful in obtaining the 3rd part. This is the 3rd part) All ugly sensations cease, all thought ceases, it is a lot like slipping into any regular dream that most of us our age have done thousands upon thousands of times. The visual clarity of the psychic/clairvoyant dream can rival our regular everyday eyesight only minus the stimulus that our other four senses provide to our mind. That's not to say that our other senses help us see better but they do support or contradict how our mind reads what our eyes are seeing. Also the players in the "visions" are not cartoonish, their actions/movements are of real life people, in every way. The time that it takes whole process is about is about 10 sec. The "visions" or dreams which come after the process last maybe 1 or 2 seconds (my best guess) .So as you can see it's not like viewing a whole play at your local theater, it's more like standing in the gathering area and then opening the door for a second or two to view the play, and that's all you get. Usually though, those few seconds are the most important part of the dream/vision call it what you like, and not always but usually it's about someone's demise either through accident, natural causes or planned. I don't have a long list of "visions" but I do have some. And the one that was most on my mind when I was writing to you before involved a little girl (I believe her to be dead so there was no reason for immediate action on my part regarding her, had there been any indication otherwise I can assure you I would have physically moved toward her position, if I knew of it, and nothing including any repercussions to myself in any way, shape or form would have stopped me).

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BAK777 (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-28)
Thank you for your positive feedback, I thought that I would receive something in my email alerting my of any response but that didn't happen.
You only have part of the picture, these were events that happened in my dream like state at night and than after I had awakened the next morning I saw them broadcast on the news.
The girl, not a spirit guide,she's dead in all probability and I got a good idea who it was, I think. And that opinion is based on the other dream like events of my night time visions. Like the airline pilot of years ago who died at the wheel, or like the airline that crashed in shark infested water years ago, or like the sniper that was shooting arbitrary individuals. Always about death, for the most part. Overcoming my fears!? Don't down play this, I walked directly into death many times just to get there, yes it took awhile but if you have never done that than just to say "overcoming your fears" is pretty frigin understated. What I went into was hardcore to put it mildly, to put it realistically it was from the devil, how do I know this? Because on the last occasion for these dreams He (the devil) was there. I was standing before him, He said nothing, He wasn't scary and I was not afraid. I was full of total resignation to my fate, and I didn't like knowing that I was in Hell. Than the Holy Spirt came to me... Anybody here besides myself ever experience the Holy Spirit 4 or 5 times over the corse of their life?...And told me as only the Holy Spirt can tell you anything, he said "Tell him Jesus is Lord". And with that I was given a light because it was pitch black, and as I walked out of that place the brightness from the light that I was given kept away the ones that were there to lay their hands on me.
No,this isn't your run of the mill type of psychic dreams, There a lot more to it but I'm a very bad communicator and I am not doing my experience justice.
PathR (4 stories) (1268 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-18)
BAK777 really enjoyed your story!
I only wish to encourage you.

Keep moving forward for these dreams do and can
Move into complete scenes to intervene.
The dream moves and stops and restarts with our

Look forward to hearing other stories.

Eagleclaw (386 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-17)
Congratulations! It seems that you have overcome your fears. You are now having short visions. As time goes on the visions will become longer and more precise. The little girl may be there to assist you in your journeys. She could well be your guide. Fear of the unknown is scary for anyone. But you have decided to face it. I'm happy for you. Remember, as long as you are at peace, calm and have a positive vibrational energy you will be fine. Always start with loving, positive and peaceful intentions. You should have no fear and the possibilities will be endless for you.
I wish you many happy journeys for many years.

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