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Use For My Hot Energy?


I've noticed in the past couple of years that my body is abnormally warm. My temperature is so high my friends actually use me as a heater sometimes when they are cold. Within a minute or two I can make somebody who was previously cold hot. Last summer I realized that my body actually radiates hot energy. Even in 2 or 3 winter coats people can feel the heat coming from my body. If I concentrate hard enough I can actually control the flow of energy inside of me. I've tried making the energy leave my body and this usually manifest as "white smoke" coming from my hands. Sometimes when I'm angry or after I meditate my body warms up and I can see massive amounts of energy coming out of my hands.

After doing some research, I've been thinking I might be pyrokinetic. I hate cold and wet things because I tend to feel weak when I'm near or in them. When I stand in the sunlight I feel energized and powerful. However, this sensation fades if I stand in the shade for a while. I can't really test myself for pyrokinesis though, because my parents won't let me light any candles or use a match or two. I tolerate cold weather better than others, but after a while I get irritable and tired.

I also thought that I could have healing abilities. When I entered 8th grade, I noticed I can use my energy to ease my physical pain as well as others'. I have to place my hands close to or on the part of the body I wish to heal, and sometimes it doesn't work. I also have a high resistance to illness and I heal rather quickly. I think that my healing works best on others, but I have a difficult time testing this theory due to the fact that my friends freak out at my healing touch.

Does anybody have any suggestions or ideas for me?

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awkwardmoment57 (5 posts)
9 years ago (2013-06-09)
Wow, lucky! My energy is definetly not that powerful, yet. (im working on it) Heat like that is really cool, and your obviously a pyro, (your element is fire) this means that you get more power/energy from fire and things like it (sun) I'm a pyro too, but your clearly way more powerful. 13/8th grade-ish is when stuff like this starts to pop up, so that part mostly makes sense, and I can do that healing thing as well. I just focus my energy and picture it washing over whatever I'm trying to heal and the pain will stop, temporarily. Sorry if it doesn't tell you much, that's all i've got for ya, but good luck!
Ladfyhawke (1 stories) (103 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-02)
MM12,If you feel this energy comming from way inside (sleep with it, wake with it) it is my suggestion to channel it to God, or your concept of higher power. Then from your heart of hearts ask how it would be used, and to please teach you what you need to know. If it is in deed healing youll know very soon, if its fire only that will also be known. Responsibility is often a four lettered word to young people,but, with great gifts comes great responsibility.Yet...under every responsibility fullfilled lies a treasure. Get busy, we need you. Blessed be, Ladyhawke ❤
Kazuhiko (6 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-01)
I'm not a pyrokinetic, so I can't help a whole lot there... But as for your healing powers, it sounds like it's one of those things that suddenly show up. For some reason, everyone I've talked to always say 2 things;
1- around 8th grade they say they developed extra powers
2- it's all the sudden they had them
I find this rather strange... Don't you?

Sorry I wasn't a whole lot of help, but like I said, I'm not fire I'm air.
Best wishes! -kazi

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