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My Friend's Baby Who Passed


One of my best friends that I grew up with found a man whom she loved and they had their problems like all couples do, but they loved each other and wanted the same things in life. The one thing they wanted most of all was a son. Shortly thereafter, my friend became pregnant and ended up having a premature birth. It wasn't looking too good for the baby. Something was wrong with his brain function, among many other things. I was living in the city, far from where me and my best friend grew up and far from where she had the baby. The baby was transferred to a specialty Children's Hospital in my city. I tried to be there for her as much as I could when she was there with the baby, as my friend was pregnant again with her second child. The baby had many surgeries and I went into the hospital to visit him. About a month later, I had a dream about a deceased child who knew me by name. I was cleaning my apartment in the city. I heard my name being called out the window. Normally if I look out the window, there would just be other buildings, flat Florida landscape and eventually the ocean. But when I looked out the window to my name being called in this particular dream, I only saw vast hills with willow trees in a graveyard-like atmosphere. My name being called, I searched the hills for signs of life. I spotted a baby under a tree and my vision zoomed-in, out of body to a close up of a face of a baby who was deceased. I awoke sweating, screaming and crying to a phone call from my friend who was also crying and screaming that her baby had passed away that morning. As soon as I heard those words, I knew it was him in my dream. He came to me, but I wasn't able to know what he wanted or even who he was until I learned from his mother and put the pieces together. In my dream I was in shock because I was caught off guard, but I knew he wasn't trying to scare me. This wasn't the first time I was visited in a dream by the deceased, just the first child I encountered on this kind of experience. I told another friend of my dream and she told me never to tell the mother because it would upset her too much. Every time I see her and her new child, I feel his presence and they tell me stories of how the deceased child and speaks to his new brother and I know that he is very much alive and with them every day.

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