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An Angel, A Soul Sister And A Crab


I have been dreaming of the dead or dying since I was five years old. The first instance was a sort of out of body, clairvoyant, remote viewing experience. I remember not being able to move. I was awake yet in a, what I now know as transcendental meditative state of consciousness. Two women were being murdered a hundred miles away, near the house I would live in fifteen years later after this dream (now I know places have a soul as well). They were twenty-something Lantina dancers, the murderers were two men from a gang. I was five years old and never heard of anything like death, and couldn't have imagined on my own what was being done to these victims. I remember witnessing the murders and asked why I was being shown this horrible offense. An angel spoke to me and told me not to be afraid and it was with me and told me their name. The angel said that I was to see this because now one of the women who died will be watching me throughout my life and would protect me, kind of like a soul sister. As soon as she passed away, she came to me and she wasn't sad that she had died, but her soul knew what she was to do with me. I asked my guardian angel if this was just a dream. The angel sent a crab to my feet. I picked it up and it bit me on the fingernail and it hurt worse than anything I ever felt before. I asked the angel why he sent the crab and he said because now I will always remember. I woke up and looked at my fingernail, which had blood under the nail and didn't go away for months and I will never forget it.

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Angel_Lady12 (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-08)
Your story amazes me. I have a lot of experiences with dreaming about things that happen to me later but yours is incredible. So very interesting...

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