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My Average Life 2


A couple years ago when I was in high school I started to see events unfold/dreams come true, I had dreams of people close to me disappearing/dying, of course I thought it was just a dream but they weren't, my grandpa had passed away when I was a sophomore at my high school and the night before his death I had a dream about it. The next day I had a weird feeling when I woke up, and I was right to feel that way because my grandpa had just died that morning, and that feeling I had from waking up intensified because I could feel so much pain and sorrow from right outside my room which happened to be my mom and brother right outside the door waiting for me, after that weird morning I went to school with the feeling of a dark cloud over my head. After those eight boring hours of school I get home to my mom and brother telling me that my grandpa had recently died from the cancer in his throat, that's when I realized that dream wasn't just a dream and that feeling I had was also real and I had a feeling that they were hiding something that morning. Then after only eight months that feeling returned and I knew that they would try to hide something again so I just went along with they're lie and later that day they tell me that my aunt had died. I've had this feeling twice after that and I've pretty much got the hang of how it works but I just hate how bad the feeling is and I already have enough bad feelings in my life. And on March 3rd of this new year I have finally seen something that even I can't believe I saw a ghost, which is one thing I thought I would have never seen, and it's crazy because I've never seen one before. It's just kind of hard to get used to. For all who comment thank you for your feedback

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