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My New Best Friend After Passing


My new best friend and I had gotten very close in our sophomore year of high school. We were very affectionate with each other. We would cuddle after school, hug each other, roll around laughing just like little kids. She had turned sixteen before I did.

She had told me that she was having trouble when getting her license and car and it was like someone watching over her didn't want her to drive. But she was so excited when she got her car, a Jetta her dad got a good deal on at the car dealership he worked at. Those worries an superstitions went out the window, along with her life shortly thereafter. She was ejected from the car and then the car landed on top of her. She died of asphyxiation. It was an accident, but it was almost as if she knew she wouldn't live much longer because that night she gave our friends things that were important possessions. A psychic medium told our friends that "her soul just flew out of the window with her body and just kept going up toward God." But this contradicted what she showed me in my dreams.

She came to me three times after she passed.

The first dream was her cuddling, hugging me, us rolling around and laughing like we used to. I suppose she showed me this first as not to alarm me, but to keep me open to receiving her. I remember waking up with overwhelming feeling of love from her and I was crying with tears of joy. She was the only one I really knew and connected with on a spiritual level both in this world and in the others. I was so happy to know that she wasn't really gone in the spiritual sense.

The next day I dreamed that we were in a room made of an aquarium. It was so clear and bright with white floors and beautiful colored fish swimming by us. She was on a red couch. We were talking about her death. I asked her, "What's it like?" She answered, "Well, it's kind of like life, but..." and then static noise, but I couldn't hear her. It was as if someone turned the frequency dial on a radio station and tuned me out as she told me the answer to this life mystery. I asked, "What was that? I didn't hear you." She answered again, "It's kind of like life, but..." and again the radio static noise. "What?" I asked again. Then her face dropped. She stood up and said, "We got to go, come on," and started running. We ran down hallways and through twists and turns until I lost her and opened a door to a brick wall. I woke up sweating and in a shock. I knew it was her and I knew it was real. I felt like we were in another dimension or like almost a waiting room.

The third dream was the last and most saddening of all. I was driving her around in my new car. She was crying the entire dream and it was because she missed her family. She begged me to take her to by her parents house, "just to see them." I told her we could only drive by because she had to go. I drove her to her house and she begged me to see her mom and dad and little brother and sister, but I said she knew she couldn't do that. We sat there in front of her house for what felt like hours while she sobbed and I comforted her. Then I told her it was time. I drove her to the airport and walked her to the gate and we said goodbye to each other. We cried and I was so sad to see her get on the plane. I never had a dream about her again after that.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-06)
Nice that you had closure with your friend.
Life is close to the spirit world.

I had seen my Grandmother there in the astral plane.
Some people say there are various layers and that
Death is between the etheric and astral plane.
Over the years I have found many rooms: a
Room of just pure energy, which had various shades of color and vibration.
Another would be place of learning and a visit
From a discarnate soul.
Another place my mothers mother prayed with her
Family whom had crossed over in a different language
To the sun.

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