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Cloud Reading, Dead Relatives And Predictions


Just recently I got onto the topic of psychic experiences with my parents, and since the age of 8, my Mother had noticed some strange things of which I would like to confirm are psychic experiences.

Initially, I used to come to her two to three times a week and I would tell her in the morning of how I spoke to her Grandmother, my Great Grandmother, in my sleep. This was not a vague experience at all, I apparently identified exact traits about her, like her clothing choices and how she would wear nicely patterned dresses. I also identified mannerisms and how she would tell me to "make sure I say please and thank you" and to always be nice to my Mother. I talked to her quite frequently, often coming down with a different story for my Mother each time. My Mother at the time did not believe this was a psychic experience, but simply a childish dream, although she remained suspicious.

My second experience was a little later, and I remember this a little more clearly myself, as it was closer to my current age, but still in my preteens I believe. My Grandmother on my Father's side of my family had died, and went to a funeral, and I remember seeing her in many dreams afterwards, although I have not met her many times, but this time I knew it was her. The conversations I had with her are a blur now, but according to my parents, they were related to older family events. At this point my Mother and Father were more concerned.

Thirdly, I have experienced dreams after wondering things, for example I knew that my family and I were going to America for a holiday, and I asked myself where we would go while there, I experienced in a dream that night many places, and told my parents of caves full of stalagmites when we were at the location, and would say a lot of times "I have been here, Mum" and nobody in my family would have ever been to the location. I also visited my friend's house in a dream a few days before going there myself, I asked her what her house looked like and when I went there, it was as I saw it in my dream, this dream was of her running through the house, I was walking after her.

On a final note, the last thing my parents told me was that I used to look into the sky, and see a shape, and tell them something. Our dog was sick at home, and we were away for a few days, somebody was supposed to be looking after the dog, but neglected to do so. I begged my Mother to take us home to visit our dog, as I saw him in the clouds and I needed to get to him. We went home and our dog was sick and hungry and needed attention. This was the only major event that I can remember, other than coming down one morning, my Mother looking up at an overcast sky, I followed her out and heard her say "It's going to rain today" and I told her that it certainly would not, and the weather predictions (although they are never very trustworthy) predicted that there was to be showers and storms all throughout the week.

Another small detail I will add is that I was and still am proficient in languages and subjects that require a lot of thinking, but I don't know how I manage to do it, I would hear a word in a language, and the sentence will be played out in English in my head before I have any time to think. I also seem to be able to understand people who speak in languages that are foreign to me, I don't know if this is purely body language, or something supernatural, I debated on whether to mention this or not.

I'm hoping to find some sort of answer on a more legitimate site like this, as I shared my experience elsewhere and got answers varying from predictions that I am a potential shaman or I am telepathic, to that my parents just wanted me to be special. I know there will be varying answers, but I would just like a proper answer, as it bothers me.

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Misticc (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-28)
Dont know more about readings and all, my turf is dreams but I think whatever gift you have is not given to you incidentally or freely, the price you have to pay is to use your gift for the good of all.
ShadowPanther (54 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-26)
The ability to read/interpret clouds is called Aeromancy if I remember correctly, it's a form of divination in which the person observes the weather and other atmospheric phenomena. I have this skill as well and while I'm sure that other people can do this too, I have to say that it's strange meeting a fellow Aussie that can...
Also with you being able to understand different languages that are as you put it "foreign" to you, my thought is that it might possibly be that in a past life of yours you could have either come from a country that spoke those languages or learnt about them then.
Alcyone (3 stories) (17 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-22)
I think you can learn to speak in tongue if you can improve this, that's why you can understand a different language.That's a spiritual gift.
Maybe while you were dreaming you were currently having an out of the body experience that's why you saw your friend in her house.
In our dream, departed loved ones and even entities can come to our dreams to give a message or just talk to us. Dreaming is one of our most relaxing state and I think it's easy for them to communicate with us through our dreams.
I think it's more of a very strong intuition that's why you can predict what's going to happen or what is happening.

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