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Clairvoyant, sensitive, empathetic (whichever you'd like to use to describe one such as I) --- I have been since my near death as a child at 9 where I got my first glimpse of the others.

I was trained to use my skills at a secret resort at the age of 12. It was run by all blonde haired blue eyed people with odd accents (I will leave the part of who these people may have been up to you). I easily to absorb emotions and physical ailments. By the way, this part is not fun.

I now at the age of 51 spend most of late evening or early morning time communicating with interdimensional beings. Haven't quite mastered the language or understand much but do experience previous to the chattering, a high pitched frequency. (I saw a story regarding this issue via this website which is why I signed on.)

Our earth is changing, we are entering the 5th dimension. Others want to communicate with us more than ever before. After requesting a shield of protection, I ask the 'others' for a sign of being in the room, they are more than happy to touch me. I feel vibrations with each touch. My oh so many experiences have led to my writing a journal about all of it. One that I would love to see published. But just like others that are financially strapped. The funds just are not available 'yet'. I'll get there --- for whatever I need seems to present itself, so no rush.

I've been saved from accidents, saved from disease. So I know I am never alone. Most of us if not all have company, it's all just a matter of learning to reach out vs. Asking them to keep quiet or stay away. I hope my journal will provide insight on the how to. Two of my favorite experiences were the circle of vibrations around my head, making me feel energized and happy, and the other was lifting off the bed while meditating in a lying down position. Being in the present when this happened was truly terrific. And it all seems to be getting better since I learned to protect myself first, dismissing all fears of course.

What I would like you to take away from this the most is that WE ARE NOT ALONE and there are many different species and WE ARE NOT CRAZY, we are aware!

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-07)
If aliens are real, then why are there thousands of testimonies on internet and books, that if you see an alien, and say:"In the name of Jesus Christ, go away!", it will freak out, and dissapear, sometimes with a stench of rotten eggs, sometimes with a groan, a squeal, or a high pitched scream, or sometimes it will involuntarily reveal its true demonic face, and then dissapear!?! This teaches us that they truly are...aliens? NOT! They're evil demons DISGUISED AS FRIENDLY CUTE ALIENS... To get our trust LOL! Why would they react and flee, at the name of God/Jesus, like a wet cat, that was thrown into a bath tub full of hot water, if they were truly aliens?!? Sorry to burst your bubble... I know that we are all humans, and that we often make mistakes in our judgement, and that we are surrounded by spirits that were here, millions of years before us!... And ever since man was created, they've been studying us... That's why we need supernatural protection from the good spirits (who for me are: Jesus and His Holy Angels), to defend ourselves against the bad ones, who are: satan, and his sorry A$$ aliens, I mean demons! Maybe you all hate me for what I said, just like a child that hates its dad, for saying that santa claus, the tooth fairy and the easter bunny don't exist... Or the child that hates the doctor that sticks a needle in its arm. Medicine is bitter, and so is the truth. We ARE God's children, yes, but God doesn't want His children to be stupid, impressionable and gullible, like papa Adam, and mama Eve were... Especially when a dangerous and evil enemy like satan, is lurking in the shadows around us- and within us- ready to pounce at us when we're weak and vulnerable! (Just like a lion and a hyena, that go after the babies in a herd of animals, and the sick ones... Have you ever wondered why demons disguised as spirit guides, come to us mostly when we're around 13 and younger, or when we're sick, depressed and suicidal? Because that's when we're most vulnerable, and we take ANY help and comfort we can get. That's also when the Holy Angels come too... But it's up to us, who's help we will take... A glowing holy angel, or a handsome attractive demon, that will get into bed with us and cuddle us and... La la la...). I've drawn these observations from the awesome autobiographical books listed on my PROFILE page. Gotta go now..."ET call home"...sob, sigh, wimper (poor thing...). Stay safe. God bless+
Rain (4 stories) (191 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-25)
[at] RSterc
We are not alone 😊
It's still great to hear from others though.

[at] TwentyThree
The number four follows me around and associated numbers like thirteen 3+1. Fourty four. Sixteen. 256 is a common one 4^4. It doesn't really freak me out anymore, I just sort of take notice of it and then move on. As for your dreams, perhaps they are related to your past lives.
TwentyThree (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-25)
I am fifteen.
I have always been independent as a kid, very bright. I always felt different from everyone else, but I am social. People find me to be very real, I am not a fake person at all, I love being myself. I believe I think different from others, it's as if I just know things. I know who texted me, my dreams are ironic, or something happens the next day very similar to my dream. I think wayyy too much, I believe I can feel what others are feeling, only negative vibes though. For example, I have felt an achy feeling, depression, sadness...ect. Mainly the same type of deal, but the feeling itself is unexplainably different. I can also read people, I can just tell what kind of person they are before really knowing them?
I have lucid dreams, if I am not dreaming lucid it's very VERY vivid dreams- where I can taste, feel (to a huge extent), touch, smell... For example, I had a dream of my old roommate in my house back at home, she slit my throat & I swear, I have never felt nothing like that in my life. I actually thought I was going to die, I felt my blood gushing out of the slit in my neck... But lately I have been getting these dreams of some one & me... I know it's an adventure with me and this person, I don't know who it is, but when I wake up but can't remember anything, all that I know is that the person I was with, I have ΓΌber strong feelings for...&that I want to go back to sleep? It's been really getting to me lately. This may or may not have something top do with this, but I have felt something watching me for quite sometime. Especially when I'm alone. Could something be trying to contact me? (note: I am not paranoid, nor have any mental health issues!)
& one more thing... Ever since the beginning or the mid of July, I have started seeing 23 everywhere. It started out as sitting in the exact spot every night in my friends basement at 11:23pm, ever since then I've seen it on signs, tags, prices/price tags, lisence plates, expirey dates, battery %, the time when I recieve random texts,...& most frequently, THE TIME; when I get out of the shower, get done doing something, using the washroom... I check my phone and it's _:23...

This is not the Jim Carey thing at all, I didn't even know about that movie until I told my friend about this 23 thing, he made me watch it, which was ironic & most definitely weird!

I really hope someone can respond to me! I gave as much info as I could...
I've always felt there's so much more out there, and how I feel totally different from everyone else. Fill me in? πŸ˜• πŸ˜• πŸ˜•
ChildrenofAres (7 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-22)
Its the dropping of "The Veil" a old "magic" the makes it hard for humans to see that which is not tangible (magic ability, other beings) We should not be scared but excited we are on the front of a new way of life. This is important.
-May the 12 guide us all-
The Children of Ares-
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-03-22)
RSterc, I read through your other posts and there are so many similarities. What's interesting is my totem is the Raven (I see it is your spirit guide). They are in my dreams and I have so much of them in my home in the form of art.

I offer my own book through LuLu (Creating Your Reality) though I give it to anyone who asks a free copy in pdf format. Yes, they do take their large chunk but it is convenient because they will print it per copy. Most make you order a bunch and then you are responsible for selling it yourself.

Anyway, your background is quite interesting. Would you mind sharing a bit of correspondance offline? I'd like to share a few things with you. If not, I undertand the whole privacy thing with e-mail and such.

Have a great day,
Anne - eclecticraven [at]
RSterc (1 stories) (9 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-22)
AnneV / Eclectic Raven

I'm not sure if when I wrote you back earlier they went directly to you --- I'm new at this whole thing but this being my 3rd msg. I thought I would mention this. I did check out LULU and can't thank you enough for directing me there. Still need a computer that is functioning at home, but definitely worth pursuing with more gusto now! 😁
RSterc (1 stories) (9 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-22)
Thank you Mysterion. I would now like to read up on you. Yes absolutely as far as the Sirian Race. They seem to be good, at least they were to me.
Mysterion (2 stories) (6 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-22)
I believe the people with blue eyes and blond hair were a race called Sirians who live in the Sirius constellation. I read about them in a book once. Your story interested me A LOT!
RSterc (1 stories) (9 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-22)
Safer to speak from here since I'm borrowing my office computer. But I genuinely value the offer. The pc at home, now needs replacing which is why I have not attempted to publish my own journal. Research has proven these do it your self sites for publishing charge a lot and not much comes out of it. A publisher would have to pay me. You are so correct in saying the ET's are interdemensional. I've seen them put gadgets in me and remove them. One was mistaken for a brain tumor and it did cause me to have seizures for years before I was told no more. I've been watched for many years. I've seen a total of 9 UFOs in my lifetime. Our DNA is of some value, almost as much if not more than the gold on earth. I also dremt of UFO Rescue, I saw the years 2011 and 2012 written across the heavens about 30 years ago. I knew I'd be alive and a witness of things to come. I even tried to put my lights out in the early years but they wouldn't have it. Still here. Still dealing but now thanks to you, I know I'm not alone.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-03-22)
I think this is a great message and post. When I did a brief remote viewing stint for an extraterrestrial disclosure group, I saw that not only are there ETs around us but they are interdimensional. But then, so are we. I have also sent a telepathic message that I wanted to meet one, and it was a mere day or so before one appeared by the side of my bed.

No, we are not crazy but much of society would have us feel this way. There are many people in high and respected social places that know full well we are not alone. And there isn't just one, but several species in our midst (Nordics like the ones you describe).

It may have been my post that talked about high pitched frequencies and visitations. My husband set up infrared motion detectors in our room to help light the way when I would get up in the middle of the night, and when I'd wake because of those frequencies - very much non human sounding or man made, sure enough, the motion detector would go off not only in the room, but trigger the one by my side of the bed.

What I find hard to get information on (probably because people are too afraid to talk about it, or it's just more rare than I realize) but I've astrally removed a device from my ear, been visited multiple times by interdimensional beings, like you was saved time and time again from negative things (rapists, accidents, etc.) I was also told that there was something in my dna, which was why this protection was being given (hybrid jumps to mind). I've morphed into something non human while out of body and the list goes on and on but finding anyone outside of myself that has any background in this area is scarce indeed. The only stories I see on-line are primarily abduction but mine are outside of that. And speaking of 5th dimension, I had a dream a few years ago where I was being returned "home" via an ET craft and I asked them what year it was and they said, 2012. Odd considering this dream was years ago and the whole 2012 hadn't been hyped yet.

Why wait for a publisher on your book? You can use something like LuLu or even make it available for download via a homemade webpage or whatever. I'd happily put a link to your e-book if you like on this website (maybe in exchange for a copy!).

I'd love to hear more if you're so inclined whether it's here or to me personally at eclecticraven [at]
It's hard to meet people with a background that is anywhere similar to my own.

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