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Am I Able To Sense Things?


I found out I have this strange experience back 15 years ago when at secondary school having my exam. Sitting right lane about front 5 seats ahead I looked at one of my friend back, I immediately got a picture running in my mind like a slot movie that she's struggle with a strangulation on the ground seem like a rape scene. I thought that I've been thinking/imagine too much. But after 3 days I got to know that, this friend of mine is dead from rape and murder (strangled to death). I was shock and keep this in silence because I felt like they will judge me or call me crazy. Until recently someone told me that he can sense me having this ability. I was very happy at least having someone that can listen & understand me. I was queries about my ability, so one day I read on a story from paper stating that a 5 years old girl had been went missing or kidnapped. A few days after this story came out again, her mum stating that she know her girl still out there and ask to find her. I immediately sense that this little girl is dead. Then there's a question in my head asking how is she died? The next day when I'm getting into my car ready to work, I smell something burning. I look around but can't find anywhere or anyone burn anything around. So I left it alone but I had this gut feeling that this few days there will be some news stating that someone or something regarding burnt in the news. Until the next 2-3 days, newspaper came out that the charred body of the missing child had been found. I feel shock and pale at that time. I can't imagine that the sign of smelling something burnt link with this case. It seems like a puzzle for me. Then the murderer can't be found. After a while I continue to ask myself, who is the murderer? At that point there was some kind of answer with something come out with the letter M and I on it. Not just one M. Just can't pronounce out very blur and quite long. It came out on the paper the murderer name was Muidin Mydin. Secondly, one night I dreamt about a long and big snake seem like an anaconda type in a busy city street. The scene seems like the street fill with water (quite big gush of water). The next day, paper out a 5 feet long snake had been caught in the city centre after a heavy rain. I honestly felt like my mind is controlling me and I was non-stop thinking but when someone ask me what am I thinking about, I can't figure out what I'm been thinking. It is dangerous for me while I'm driving cause too much thinking leading me to going to somewhere out of my destination. Now I dare not to ask myself question or focus on anything again. Sometimes I feel like I might be going crazy like I need to have some type of validation. Some good advice for my story!

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Sfairy27 (3 stories) (41 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-30)
You are not crazy. If you are then I am because I can sense Troubles in people. This has happened to me but with me it was with this teenager who was passing me. All of a sudden I just knew that they were going to go and do something that would destroy their life. Around 2 days later news went around that they had committed suicide. Don't be afraid. It is an ability that far surpasses the feature of 'normal'. All will be fine. That, for some random reason, I can strongly 'sense'. 😊
Ently (guest)
11 years ago (2012-03-29)
You have premonitions of things happening around. Maybe with time, you will be control them and use them to help people. Fyi, you're not crazy. Don't mull over the need for validation from everybody because most people think "psychic" stuff is plain hoax.

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