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My Gifts And A Spirit Friend


It's quite a story since from the days of my youth. Since I was a little girl I have experienced seeing and hearing things. I had a little spirit friend that used to leave a strong fish smell in my bedroom, not me of course. Only come when I was angry or going a away for a few weeks at a time.

I was a terrible teenager, very naughty. I think the spirit used to play on my moods. I then began to see things move before they actually did, like the plate off the side. I would tell my mother that plates going to fall and smash and she would say no its not its secure on the side but then it would fall.

When I became very angry the lights would flicker on and off. So then a few years later when I was 18 years old I was set to be married and had a 2 year old little boy from a previous relationship.

Anyway we was in bed arguing and I said to my fiancé don't shout at night or feel angry as it would bring badness to the room, he carried on and then I was just staring into thin air when I saw a brick wall with a key in a brick, I was tempted to open the key but then felt scared and told not to by a voice in my head then all of a sudden a black eye appeared from the corner of the room and shot right threw me. My dog was growling and very aggressive towards this thing.

So then a few weeks later I started looking in the mirror and could see a half human/werewolf face besides me and then it would appear to be my own face. I told my family about all what had happened and she said my father had experienced the same thing when he was younger with the black eye. I questioned him and he said I had to leave that alone and then questioned my husband saying was I on drugs, no I was not he was pretending the fact it had happened to him but he was scared.

Ok so a few years later and I'm pregnant with my fourth son and getting divorced as my ex husband was very violent and into drug dealing and a lot of bad stuff. My beautiful baby boy had arrived to this world on august 22 of 2009. I started seeing more things hearing more things and sensing things around me. I had been tortured by a few entities the year before which had scared me, being scratched and woken up with loud banging. Friends and family witnessed this as well just make sure I was not suffering with a form of depression or mental health.

I then started seeing people past lives and seeing many more terrible things. I could see their past so clear and when I would tell them they would look at me as if to say how did you know. I asked myself the same thing. I was asked to go to a club and help them with the strange things that were happening, There was an entity there not human form and it growled loud, all the door staff ran out and I felt myself stuck like I couldn't more, like something had gone into my body. I had seen this entity before. I eventually went out the room and we checked all cameras and could see on there, there were orbs everywhere. So since then I have been passing messages on to people with voices in my head and they don't make sense to me but they do to the people that they are for. When people or bad things happen to me I just say sometimes in my head let something bad happen to them and 9 times out of 10 it does. Why? How? A lot more has happened and it's just a long story but I'm confused and really feel I should be doing something about this, I feel drawn into more the deeper darker sides, why is this? I just want my children protected if I do.

I feel there is someone with me all the time, I look around and the areas I look are where I feel deep emotion and that's how I know where it is. I feel peoples pain and emotions, it can be very horrible as a lot are negative energies. I try to turn them into positive ones just to change the mood. Sorry my story is long but I just don't know where to go or talk to. Don't want a fake wannabe person that lies about them doing what I do. I need someone who is real. Don't know if this makes any sense but I feel I need to go to Italy to the Vatican. Why?

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