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The Random Moments


I'm a average teenage kid that unfortunately has had some quite interesting experiences. First of all, when I was very young, I had a disturbing dream of me being dragged out of my bed by a dark being (couldn't see its features well) with my whole room on fire. But what was weird was when I looked back at the bed, I saw my physical self, scared. After that specific dream, I would have nightmares of the same proportions and I felt like a total wreck with no sleep due to this.

This had been going on for about two years and during those two years, I saw the ghost of my grandma walking into my room. It's happened twice and every time I see her, I would rush down the hall to find no one in my room. Eventually all of this stopped out of the blue as I lived a normal life after that. But soon I Every so often I would have premonitions of my everyday life in my dreams and they would become reality the very next day!

It amazes me how after every time I have these, I would say in my head, "This already happened!". Many of these are very random for the title of this story holds true. I've never had any major premonitions in the sense that they came true at that moment or soon after and where many people died. But I have had multiple minor ones in my everyday life that is truly and to be honest, quite exciting to have.

I guess to finish this off, I'll tell of my most recent experience to where I may have seen my aura. I walked up to my closet mirror and started to start in between my head and shoulder. I would breathe deeply and sway slightly. Eventually my eyes gave out from staring and as I closed my eyes, I saw a circle of changing colors. It was the weirdest thing I've experienced other than my minor premonitions.

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