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A Visit From My Lovely Grams


Oh my gosh. Last night was a very amazing night my grandmother came and visited me in my dreams. It was pretty amazing because my dream had nothing to do with her.

I was in the market shopping and all of a sudden out of nowhere this woman appears from a distance and I look at her and said to myself. Who could that woman be, she doesn't belong here. So I get closer, and closer and I noticed it was my grams. Oh my gosh, as soon as she noticed that I noticed her, she smiled because before I even noticed who she was, she had no emotional expression on her face. So, any who. I ran and she sort of flew towards me and we hugged each other and we told each other, how much we miss one another.

So she smiles at me and says, why the long face? Who died? (note: that she had a sense of humor when was alive) so after she says that, my grams starts to crack up, and I'm like [surprised] it's not funny and I said to myself; "you died".

There and then I knew I had to be dreaming and she was visiting. She certainly caught me by surprise. It's nice to know even after death we still have all of our physical aspects. Because she certainly did.

So after all of that happening, I woke up and everything was pitch black, but I knew and felt something was behind me standing by the door. So I'm trying to look for my remote control, so I can turn the television on. And I couldn't find it, I turned back and noticed this big bright light, right there in front of me. It was as if someone was holding a flash light and I turned back and kept looking for the remote and found it. I turned the television on and it was still there. But once the light of the television went on it start it to slowly go away. Until it was completely gone.

Well everyone, thank you for taking the time and reading my story. Until the next one. =)

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