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What's My Psychic Potential?


I have often been told I had "great potential". I always laughed at this because I am the first to ask clairvoyants what is about to happen to me, lol! I thought I felt nothing at all. But recently, I don't know why right now, memories have been piecing together and I am just wondering at a series of very special events in my life, and whether I could be psychic, in the sense of making things happen.

I will tell all from the start. Today I am 59 years old.

When I was a kid, I was always seeing hooded figures in the corners of rooms, as soon as I would turn to look at them, they would disappear. It stopped when I was around 20, and it was as well, because it scared the daylights out of me.

At 18, there was a strange thing too. I didn't want to go to school the next day because there was a test, and I knew I wouldn't make it. I invented a tummy ache, thinking "they can always search for what is wrong, tummy's are big places, lol!" so I started telling mom that I had tummy ache. She took my temperature, and incredibly it was at 38.9°. It was ridiculous, because there was nothing wrong with me at all. At the end of the afternoon, she took it again and it had gone up to 39.9° and I was still feeling fine. She called the doctor in and he diagnosed acute appendicitis and wanted to send me to hospital. I decided to come clean and told him I was fine, it was all pretence, nothing else. He wouldn't believe it, and sent me to test in hospital. They operated that night not withstanding my protests, and I woke up to a very ugly appendix floating in a little pot next to my bedside, full of kysts!

I didn't believe in the possibility of willing things to happen at that point, although I never dared do it again.

But then years later, and still today, when I feel I need a rest, I just think "would need a small flu for around 10 days so I can rest" and you can be sure I get it within days! Every time. I can also cancel it, if I do it straight away, I can wish it away, it is difficult to explain it, but I know what I am doing.

So I started getting wary. And then strange things were happening too. My grandma died and a few weeks later, I couldn't sleep. I went into the living room and started watching television. Suddenly there was an icy cold feeling and her scent all around me. I flew to my bed, and cuddled up to my then companion, and was terrified. Trembling all over the place.

I went through severe break-up, I was devastated. My friend kept silent for 8 months. And during those months, I thought I was freaking out. There were times when I could feel him next to me. When I was playing Monopoly with the kids, he was definitely there, on an imaginary chair, holding my hand. Later still, when watching television, I could feel him cuddle up behind me. The day we were watching Nemo with the kids, I knew he was there. Cuddling up. I felt better than I had felt for years. Body at the right temperature, and all the fear had gone. The sensation lasted around 15 minutes, but the well being lasted 5 days.

I also had a flash concerning him. Like a dream that you can't stop, you click into it somehow. He was proposing on a very wet spring day after it had rained.

These things never came true although we saw each other again, and had some good times together after all that. I started wondering.

I had several déjà vu experiences as a kid too.

And then recently, it had to be the most fun experience I ever had. I have almost finished training as a fully fledged homeopath. And I was talking to that same friend, going through a professional homeopathic visit with him, and I suddenly started to talk like a psychologist, with very professional language, which I don't even know! I was explaining very deep rooted stuff to him which I knew nothing about, I mean I couldn't do it again, because I don't have that knowledge, it was that deep!

It must have made sense, because he was listening to this and thanked me for having helped him see things he had never seen for himself.

Two months ago, same thing happened with another patient. It is like there is a psychologist talking through me. Like I was just a channel for somebody else who decided to help my patients. It is really weird, and the first time it happened, I didn't dare look at my friend until the end, neither could I stop talking. I had to take it through to the very end. And I was amazed to see how impressed he had been (and he is not easy to impress at all). I still think it was huge fun, but it is freaky too, I mean if the person using me to talk suddenly stops in the middle of what they are saying, I really don't know if I can get away with it. At the same time I was talking, I knew that I was not talking rubbish, although I would not be able to do it again probably. The strange thing is that those two sessions were a lesson to me. I learnt things I never knew and am still using it now.

What do you think of all this?

Many thanks for your thoughts.


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dom1953 (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-16)
Many thanks for your comments, Anne...

The psychic experience... Well you are right of course, it is stronger in childhood and tones down as you become adult, until there is very deep suffering, and then it comes back again...

Also if I am channelling for a therapist, I mean how did he/she find me? Is it going to happen every time and is there a risk of them stopping the channelling right in the middle of a consultation? Will they ever manifest otherwise? Will I ever "see" or "meet" the person I am channelling for?

Is the same person I channel for every time?

Thank you for your kind comment on the homeopathy, but life has strange paths... Although the school keeps on saying they train homeopaths for humans and not for animals, my patients are consistently in the animal world, lol! I have human patients of course, but I know that I should be with animals... Can feel it when I am with them... Feel soooooooooooooo good when helping them...

I started with my own animals, and as my daughter in law is a vet and it continued with her... And her vet buddies and so on...
I just love it... Basically because I think it so unfair that they should not access such beautiful stuff just because they can't talk... And also because a lot of animal pathology stems from the same roots as ours, plus the constraints of going against their own instinct to live up to what their owners expect of them, which can make them very, very sick... Like a life of frustration ending in cancer.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-04-26)
Oh wait, you didn't say it was your birthday, only your age. So consider this an early (or late) wish! 😊
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-04-26)
Happy birthday!
All humans have psychic potential so any medium is going to be "right" when they tell you this. It starts out strong in children but diminishes over time due to social conditioning.

Well, you certainly can manifest! I wrote a book called "Creating Your Reality" and our thoughts and beliefs do indeed create our reality, though not typically in that short a time. You must have a strong will center chakra.

You sound like you are indeed either channeling a therapist or your higher self is just coming through. Regardless, good work! I know I have opened the line to my higher self and the information is just amazing.

Completing your Homeopath goals is fantastic. You will be such a value to so many humans!

Thanks for sharing.

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