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Sensing Energy And Ability To Control Fire


I'm Jennifer from New Zealand. I never actually believed in this stuff but. When I was 5 (As far as I can remember) I was able to feel others energies for example: When I'm in my room and my family is in a different room I can sense every muscle they move! I ignored that I STILL think it's my mind but it's getting weird. When I was 9 me and my best friend used to think that stuff is true that I can control fire and she can control water since it's our natural element (I'm an Aries & she's a cancer) eventually we got older and we forgot about it. But this stuff still happens. Today I was burning a paper it was burning slowly I thought I'd try our old imagination again for fun. Then I focused on the fire and closed my fist really hard the fire turned red and the paper burnt faster and when I stopped it became slow and normal again! And a week ago there was a tissue on the oven I was scared it'd burn and a problem will happen badly, it touched the fire so I had to catch it I swear the fire ate all of the tissue except the part where my finger were and I had to drop it on the floor. I was too scared I'd burn. It fell on the carpet &.it didn't burn I kept blowing air but the fire became stronger. I had to put water on it to stop and finally it did. I just don't know! I thought I'd post it here to seek for help I never actually believed in this stuff at all! Except when I was young. I just don't know I'm confused and sometimes when an event happens I feel that I've seen it before even though I didn't! Am I special? Or blessed? All events happened on this story are real! I am not crazy I tell you I never believed in this stuff! And I still don't! I just thought I'd share the story. What do you think? Feel free to e-mail me! I'm

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Owlbarn360 (3 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-04)
Me too, is this all true? Or an illusion? I have almost the exact same problem. Help!
mynne_thecat (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-09)
No,i don't feel others emotions... Its just their body... I guess its because i'm pyrokinetic...
fizzlepopbang (guest)
12 years ago (2012-05-09)
Oh god, how can you not believe in this stuff when you clearly have a blessing. Apparently it seems to come naturally to you, so you should be proud. What you are experiencing with the energy feeling is called clairsentience (clear feeling), I have it also. Do you also feel others emotions? Feel them as your own? If so you could also be classified as an empath.
I totally believe in your fire ability, and yes, you would actually be stronger in manipulating fire because of your sign. I have also tried this, and, like you am good at manipulating fire (I'm a leo). You should try your hand at the other elements, you will find the natural elements are easiest, because they are at a similar vibrational pace to us (more connected to spirit self).

Don't worry Jennifer, you're definitely not crazy, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Trust me, I go down that road everyday. You should try to advance as much as possible, I tell everyone this because we are in a ascension period now, and you should embrace your gifts. In the future 5d, you will be manifesting fire instead of manipulating it.
Embrace it, control it, and above all, ENJOY it.
😁 ❤

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