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Do I Really Have A Gift? Dreams, Shadows


I grew up in a religious family & my grandfather was a preacher - so nothing that ever happened to me was ever acknowledged and I didn't know if it was real or not because of the religion that I was in. When I was young, I had a lot of dreams. Once, I dreamed of the people in my church - half of them went to the bottom level of the church and the other half stayed on top & then I went outside to talk to my cousin and she didn't look human. She had became a pile of dirt, earth - but, I could see her face in it. 6 months later the church split down the middle over some disagreements and one year later my cousin died. (she was diabetic) - I had that dream at least twice a week until after my cousin died, then it stopped.

I had dreams ever so often that would have something that would come to some truth. I never thought I had any gift. In 2004, my cousin was staying with me just before being deployed to Iraq in the war. She would never wake up that night. I remember being asleep on the couch (she slept upstairs in my bed) and I had this amazingly real dream about her. I saw her face in the dark and it was fading away and she was yelling very loudly for me to help her. She was comatose and died in the early morning hours. I have seen shadow figures throughout my life just from the corner of my eye. I wake up often to one standing at the foot of my bed staring at me and when I look at it for so long, it will simply vanish. I wake about 2 times a week and see a black stringy/smoky ball that floats in my room.

Am I gifted? Or just crazy. Should I try to unlock or use or just acknowledge whatever this is?

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Humindigold (guest)
10 years ago (2012-05-11)
Fact:YOU'RE NOT CRAZY! Judging from the content of your detailed story,i'll tell you that you're moderately advanced in your natural abilities, as you've yet to really "control" them.Don't "try" to unlock what lays latent and ready within you.Instead,focus on contacting your inner holy higher self (or selves), for evidently, you need guidiance in the process of "fully awakening the God within you".My suggestion would be to find a quiet area where you're always well at ease, breathe deeply, and feel yourself tuned gradually into your unique element. When you do this,you're at absolute peace with your being, and it's easy for you to connect with your true self (the god within). You should do this constantly, but with a lot of patience my dear, and i'm confident in the fact that you'll gradually realise into this physical,more,far more than what you consciously seek. One more thing. Fear is useless, so never accomodate it. Blessed be!

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