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My name is Carlyn Hough. I've had quite a few experiences with my life. When I was little mum told me that I said to her "mum there's a spider on the wall" mum said there wasn't but there was that's all I remember at the time. Now that I have grown up a little I'm seeing more. Remember that spider I always see it when I wake up in the middle of the night and it's not just spiders I see. I have also seen a young lady walking on my bedroom ceiling she was pretty as she walking she turned and when she turned these great big pair of wings came out from back of her. I didn't say anything I just laid there and watched her. Before my grandpa pasted away I think in 2009 I had seen objects just floating in the air I didn't know what they were I would of only been 16 at the time. I'm now going 21 this year and after my grandpa past away the first time I saw him I was in my room sleeping and I woke up for some reason and I turned my head and I saw a photo of my grandpa and on the corner of the photo was pa he turned his side ways looking at me with a smile. I was that scared I pulled the sheets up over my head lol. It comes to terms when I saw pa again but this time I was sick. I had the whooping cough I could not sleep in bed I had to sleep on the recliner chair I was coughing my bum off. I had trouble breathing I thought I was going to die. Anyway I laying on the chair and I could hear cracks on the floor and this once when I fell asleep a big gush of wind past me I flew straight up on chair and I knew who it was Pa lol I knew he scaring me and I always felt he was right beside me. This one morning I woke up at 5:00am it was a little dark. I noticed something odd in front me I seen 2 gazed strips running down beside one another and moments later I saw pa appearing he had his ponny hat on blue striped checkered shirt he always wear these clothing with a pair of stubbie shorts and he had he hands on his hips shaking his head laughing at me I knew too what he was laughing at. Scaring me lol.

As I started getting better I went back to sleeping in my bed and I dream 'n't of me as a little at grandmas and pa's place. Grandma was playing with her gameboy and I was sitting on pa's chair at the veranda and I looked down the hallway and pa's door opened. I said to grandma "grandma pa's door opened" and she said "well go and see" so I walked the hallway and as I turned in his room there was pa across from the bed and said "Gday" and I said back "hello pa". Now before this dream me and mum were talking the end of the world stuff and this appeared in my dream. I said to pa "i saw you in the kitchen laughing at me" he said back "yes I know and you had whooping cough" that stunned me and then I "is it true the world is going to end?" and he didn't answer me and I woke up.

Now I think I am a clairvoyant I have started seeing stars they are so beautiful sometimes at night they spread apart and it's like looking up to the sky at night. MUM told me "THEY" came to her she can't tell me their names but they said I said have a psychic ability. They said that spider I see is my gardening angel and she here to protect me they also said I should carry rock salt and basil with me to keep any enemies. At our old place when I very young we lived in a haunted house and "THEY" said if we would of stayed they any longer it would of killed me gotten inside of me. I was actully talking to the little boy (the ghost).

Ever since mum told me I started seeing more things like the stars as I said before and these things I have also white aruas around mum and I think it was my sisters chakra's as the "throat" chakra the colour was purplish blue colour. I wanted these books mum and I went in the angus and robinson shop and they had the "you are a CLAIROYANT" book mum thought I was going insane with all so I stopped like I gave up and I put the book back on the shelf and walked out. Then I had this dream I was in the kitchen mum just came home from buying food she had in her the book I wanted and she opened it up and the first sentence I read out was seeing spiders "my angel" I couldn't believe it and then walked out of kitchen and I stopped and this was a feeling for me I stood still and I saw my third eye opened up and I saw my angel she was beauitful a big smile on her face her skin was like an Indian skin colour and she disappeared and I woke up. I told mum straight away what I saw she was ok with it amazed I think. Did this mean I had to get the book? I couldn't believe I saw my angel. When I was at work on my lunch break I walked to the shop and I brought the book. I read it and that's how I found out I'm clairoyant means "clear seeing". When I go bed I know they are with me. I talk them and my angel. Sometimes my bed shakes and I tell them "i know your here you don't have to do that" lol. Also when I just fall asleep I hear radio channels and also jolts like someone touched me. I feel their warmth too. Just recently I'm seen symbols like the number 9 a circle with the colour orange going around it, it looked flames I don't know well that's about it I know would love to hear what you have got to say.

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IslVoter (257 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-25)

Well, you make for very interesting reading! Your "spider" sounds charming. Everyone should have one! But you do --for a particular reason. Your mom said she was a gardening-type angel? I wonder if she's what are referred to as elementals. I think I might have them too--since I started gardening. I see these golden-pearlescent orbs in a string coming in the door from the garden.

You have so much going on that it's hard to comment. I think clairvoyant is only one of the things you are. Keep reading --all the "clairs"! You will find some others, I bet.

Your Pa sounds like a hoot too. And, once he's stops messin' about, he can probably help you in your progress.

Read all you can and whatever rings true for you, find out more.

Happy hunting.

Isle - Lora
C (1 stories) (4 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-25)
thanks it sure has. I just had my birthday recently and I woke up that morning and straight away I saw a cross on my door I couldn't believe it. And yeah I also always see the white arua on objects, people, trees, animals. I even look up to the sky and I see the white sparkles floating about everywhere then I see a rainbow. I have spoken aloud to my angels and spirit guides and spirits. I am also seeing people eyes and faces on our curtins and blankets on the chairs its sometimes weird and they look at me and all the faces change and most of the eyes arnt people either I have evenseen a deer face like the actual hole head of a deer. I have also seen a man with glasses looking at me I said to mum there's a man with glasses looking. And she said it's probably poppy hough my grandpa. Anyway there was a pyshic fair on at ipswich and me and mum went to it and me and mum names got called out for a free reading. Well I couldn't believe it the first thing she said was "do you love animals because there's a lot of them"i said "we had a few pets"and she said "theres a woman coming in"and I said "ok" she said "looks like your grandma/ great gran"i said "great granny!"she said "yep" she also told me "that she is with you to help and she knows about me what I can see and that she knows I am scared sometimes and granny said if they scare you leave them where they are don't let them follow you" and the lady also said I that I can see the spirit world relam she couldn't believe it and the man with the glasses is my poppy hough my grandpa the lady told mum what I am and that poppy is watching over me and that I have 2 spirit guides names are william and ka? Idont know the other name it started with a K shes a lady and william is a man and the lady told that I shared a life with them before I was here "indains" I'm also see feathers in my vision with sparkles and I also see a heatwave moving too and also I woke up one night I was watching this pretty little multi coloured ball floating and it turned into a fairie or elf? And my whole room turned GREEN I have no idea what that was? I have researched and researched and buying books after books I am waiting forsome books to come in the mail its called "clairoyant powers" there's another one to I don't know what the other is called lol I have brought them on ebay. I'm seeing a blue straight line and also a pink one too?
Rosetta (1 stories) (52 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-05)
9 symbolizes eternity or continuation. That's all know for that.

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