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Ever since I was little I could sense spirits around me. I was afraid of them at first since everyone said they were scary growing up. I never felt like I was in danger though. There was always a feeling of safety and security.

My mom said I talked to myself as a kid and I would sing songs about random people she didn't understand. I went to a funeral when I was around 6 and my mom was giving her condolences to the family. She wasn't paying much attention to me and an old man in a black suite and white hair came up to me and gave me a white rose to throw in when we buried the body of a young girl. He didn't say a word to me but I understood him somehow. My mom asked me where I got the white rose and when I described the man she asked if there was someone like that by the person organizing the burial but apparently no one like that was present or seen by anyone else. I saw him again between 2 people on the other side of the casket after I threw in the rose but never again.

When I was around 11 I was attacked by an incubus. It was soft and gentle with me. It never came back after that one night. Last week another incubus came at night that was more rough and different from before. I remember screaming in my mind "why are you here?" and he laughed saying I invited him, but I yelled back "hell no I didn't invite you!" suddenly there was this bright light behind him and I could see it pulling him away from me until he vanished completely along with the light.

Is there someone or something out there protect me? Is it a spirit guide? How can I know what it is? How can I become more familiar and know my protector more personally? Can anyone else's spirit guide tell me about my protector?

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Arroyn (2 stories) (12 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-26)
I'm not talking about actual light and dark... But light being good and dark being evil. I think your guide has been with you a long time. As we age we become more intuitive and more aware of things around us. I think he made his presence more aware because you were in danger. That's part of his job.
ayase (2 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-25)
My mom thinks I have someone, but I'm not strong enough to talk to them yet since my sister dropped me from 6 feet up onto marble floors when I was a baby but I was perfectly fine afterwards.

The other night I remember struggling cause the incubus was finally on top of me but he wasn't talking just with his stupid smirk and something pulled him away but I saw no light. I went back to sleep.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-24)
Regarding Incubus.
Some of the myths are they tempt people whom have
Choosen celibacy.
They also take energy from the human they
Interact with. They seem to interact very close
In our earth plane and need the human energy
Siphened off from the kundalini energy of the human being.
They seem to carry a deceptive face of presenting themselve as beauty and desirable. But to view their essence is totally different and is the form of energy
Can take on a few forms: as a bullet, or energy form.

I also think they must have our consent when tapping into this energy, hence
The reason for their disguise.

What you did on an unconscious level of replying in your mind, to the incubus that you did not invite them!
Enforced your guardian to take dominion and
Send it into flight.

Others wake themselves by rolling themself out of bed
To awaken to enforce their will saying, "No to the Incubus".

It just appears that when we are asleep our subconsious mind is vulnerable.

For an element of protection you could put a glass of water under the bed which has words/prayer of protection, dispose of the water into the toilet holding with the non dominate hand, sayiing I release.

A saying use a broom by the bed can deter the Incubus.
Because it pulls their attention away from the human target.

To me the energy pulling this away was your guardian.
Knowing our protector is an individual scenario.
But by spending time in meditation, or pray can help open the connection by just saying for 5 or 10 minutes
I am here and I am present, help me to heal and let go of all that does not serve Creator.
Also by asking for solutions to everyday problems.
You will find yourself drawn toward other information,
Or have a good cry, to let go of the troubles and find
Peace or balance. These are indicators we are in a walk with spirit helpers or guardians.

Most of the emphasize is on us to work with our own judgement. Spirit helpers just make impressions, or try to guide us to a better way in life and spirit.

Good journey
Arroyn (2 stories) (12 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-23)
In the spirit world... There is light and there is darkness. In this world you have to decide which side you stand on. When you do you get a spirit guide. I believe in God and believe that He sends help or a guide for those like you and I, but when it gets reallllly overwhelming He steps in. A spirit guide is a spirit that stays with you all the time. They help you when you need it and keeps you on your spiritual path.

I believe that what you experienced was a truly pure spirit. Some call them angels. They don't look like what you think they do. All I can tell you is to trust your gut and always ask questions.

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