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Cloaking Myself in Darkness


Hi my name... Well I don't know if it's even my name since I discovered something about myself. I can't seem to find any archives of these abilities. I'm your regular 20 year old on the outside. Inside is something else. About 2 years ago I got ahold of an illegal substance. (I quit to study it more) I will leave it unnamed for I believe it effects the part of the brain where psychic control is located.

My story starts by taking this substance. I noticed I acted differently than other users. But I had to quit because I noticed it was taking a toll on me. Exactly four months go by, I decided to start using again. But this time I had more control over it, and could start and stop anytime I felt like it. Even though medically it's very difficult. After taking what I now call catalyst (illegal substance) I would sit in the dark. Now being the son of a white witch who's also psychic as am I, I was always fascinated by the unseen.

I started relaxing in little to no light in my living room. I started seeing easier in the night. For years I actually sat in the dark at night just looking all night until noon. I lit a candle one night. The only light in the room. I stared into its flickering flame. For exactly three days in a row every night. From sundown to rise. Trying to manipulate the flame. I became obsessed. Until one night I tried it. I attempted to tap into my mind concentrating on producing a flame in the palm of my hands. I didn't see it. Then a little later I began to see perfectly in the dark as if I was granted vision of night. I see the flame! Only why is it blue and not red. It doesn't hurt it's not hot but cold very cold as if your hands were actually ice cubes. The only thing is the blue flames I witnessed were vaguely transparent and not an actual flame. So I began my own trials using the illegal substance. I was intrigued. I could fill the power of knowing what I can do and have steadily progressed with wanting to know or see more.

Well I got my wish as every light in my house was off but the overhead stove light to my left, I seen what I wanted. I produced a blue non transparent flame in my hand. It was the most excited feeling I have ever had. Only there's more, lot more. It will come later. After all this is only the beginning. I studied under my own command never using any computer references neither books to aid me. I was becoming stronger but something changed, it will always change. I couldn't do it again, produce a non transparent flame.

But while concentrating one night after I noticed my flame but something else both of my hands turn black until this day when I try producing a flame. It appeared to me making me think I was wearing black gloves. But I wasn't. My hands were black invisible in the shadows. I was curious.

So the next day I began as always, took the catalyst I made mixed of illegal and non illegal substances. That is how I started my "sessions".Then took my shirt off, stood up and watched. I turned on my "shadow hands" and began to concentrate. I didn't know if it would work. But to my surprise I did it! I spread the shadows from my black hands to my arms, then the stomach, and then my entire body. I still wonder why I have been given the gift to cloak myself in darkness. Sometimes in the dark (by the way I'm so white) just for fun I stick my hand in a shadow just to watch my hands turn from white to black, and just so everyone knows do not try this I was lucky. It changes you completely. Also I'm sober and have stopped these trials... For now. But until my next true experience which I can write a book on my self found knowledge of the supernatural.

So you know what's next, I never said this was the only thing I have found out about the mind I actually have thousands upon thousands of theories to control gifts the mind may hold or can perform.

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GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
14 years ago (2008-01-27)
Shadow - had to think about this a few days. I'm a pet owner. Sometimes my pets seems to respond to things that I don't sense or see. Being able to "see" clearly is a true gift for people because we can understand. If your mind isn't functioning fully, the gift is wasted. It's the joining that makes us special. Now and then, I enjoy a glass of wine (shhh! Don't tell). I have never had an astral voyage afterwards. Ever. If I want to really fly, I avoid it. Most psychics do. Don't mess with damaging one of your best assets, your brain. Up to you.
Dude (guest)
14 years ago (2008-01-26)
Wow, I have to agree with Edmund. I've read about stuff like this, so please, he knows what he's talking about!
KimSouthO (2 stories) (11 posts)
14 years ago (2008-01-25)
I just read abut nightshade, if this is what you are using, STOP! It is not just illegal, but it is DEADLY.

You sound fairly young, please talk with your parents or another trusted individual about this and STOP USING IT!

God Bless!
Edmund (578 posts)
14 years ago (2008-01-25)
shadow_pyro... The flame was blue and not red because the fire wasn't organic you managed to burn off the light source of what we are in other words you kind of burnt your spirit. Thats why you can hide in the shadows now because you traded being a being of light for a being of shadow. Its not called nightshade for nothing.
KimSouthO (2 stories) (11 posts)
14 years ago (2008-01-25)
Wow, I never expected to find any stories of this nature on this sight.

Illegal substances? Are you sure you are not hallucinating?

God Bless!

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