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I have had the ability to see spirits since I was about 10 years old. I have always dreamed of things before they happen (within 48 hrs). For the last 5 or 6 years spirits also talk to me. I have also had them touch me at times. My first experience was when my grandfather passed away. The day before he passed away I cried to my mom I needed to go see him in the hospital that day and she said no to wait because he was going home the next day and I told her no he was not and she did not understand I had to see him that day. She did not take me to see him and he passed at 3 the following morning. She was probably thinking I was just a spoiled 10 year old and wanted my way. The second big experience I had was when I was 14 and my mom was sick and in ICU. My dad and I went home to get a good nights sleep and I told him momma was not going to wake up. He told me to hush talking like that. Well we got a call about 5 that morning to get to the hospital ASAP so we headed out. After about 10 minutes into our drive I told my dad she had passed away and he got angry and said for me to stop talking Iike that. Well when we arrived at the hospital she was already deceased. About 3 months after her death I saw her many times. She would sit on my bed at night beside me until I went to sleep. When I was 16 I had a horrific experience though. I was awaken from my sleep to see 2 male spirits standing above me and when I tried to move they grabbed me and held me down to the bed then my deceased grandfather appeared and the men disappeared. My sister is now 16 and a few weeks ago experienced the same frightening thing. I also have a 10 year old daughter that experiences spirit encounters. She has a best friend that was killed in a car accident over a year ago that speaks to her. She also speaks to a man and a woman. My sister has been seeing spirits a lot lately as well. I have one named Mary that speaks to me often. This past weekend I was up late (around 1 am) with my 16 year old sister and we were talking and all of a sudden the room got cold and I asked her do you feel that and we both looked at each other and got chills for about 10 minutes. During this time period someone sat in our recliner and started rocking, we see a tall male spirit, a child spirit and I heard a male voice call out our names and say come please follow me come. I'm trying to help my sister and my child deal with this and understand it but I honestly don't know how. Could the spirits be so strong because we all live together and apparently all have a special gift? What can I do to make it stronger and help these spirits? I often talk to them. I told the male voice the other night that we could not go with him and he was deceased and needed to cross over. How do I handle these things?

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Show_Me (guest)
9 years ago (2012-05-30)
To protect your family, house and you, you can get a jet black gem and pure white gem or a black/jet and white egg stone/gem.

Like Yin and Yang, White protects, purifies, and fights against evil, while it's Yang, black, fights against evil. Evil against evil, negative against negative. The black egg/gem also protects against attacks. Also a medium (a foot or 2) sword of your liking to that will protect you in the spirit world and attacks. Copper swords or stainless steel.

There seeds you can buy at the store that spirits/ghost hates. You crush them into little pieces and put them where you want to protect you. Ghost/spirits hate the smell. I will have to get back to you because I forgot the name of it.

I hope this helps.
Mommyof2 (2 stories) (4 posts)
9 years ago (2012-05-30)
Ty for your input. I know I have an evil spirit also bc it attacked me during a nap. I woke up with scratches on both of my arms. How can I get rid of it? I also talk to a physic and she said I'm surrounded by evil and need to get rid of it but didn't tell me how and I spoke with her a few weeks ago but now I've been attacked.
Show_Me (guest)
9 years ago (2012-05-30)
First, you are bright light to spirits/ghost. Whoever has a gift from god, or who ever you believe in, can see them, and they can see you. You will attract a lot of good and bad spirits. Don't worry I do all the time so you guys are not alone. You are their connection to this world.

My recommendation is to not help the spirit/ghost. Why? You never know if they are bad or good. When you help them you use your energy, which will be draining. In some case you may help them but mostly I would say no.

Most spirits linger on earth is because they have unfinished business, guilt, other spirits blocking their path and etc... There is a place called waiting to be judged. A step before you reach hell. There are a lot of people waiting to be judged and it's a long line. According to my Friend, she was powerful enough to enter hell. She had her guides, protectors, and angels with her plus her spirit sword. She was on a journey (3 to 6 Hours) to find my great great great grandfather. He died by having his head cut off back 3 generations ago by enemies and that his grand kids from the future request her to release him. He was in a cell waiting in line to be judged. First she had to find him, then take him to be judged in front of god or who ever you believe in, then release him from all wrong, purify him, and then release him to be reborn and start a new life.

The more advance mediums/shamans have the ability to do this. It is a dangerous journey. It requires a lot of energy and if you do not have a lot of protectors, you will be stuck in the spirit world forever, unless another strong medium or shaman helps you. There are dangers of visiting the spirit world and none for the spirits/ghost here on earth that's why they linger around. Not all mediums/psychics/shamans/ gifted people can do this and it is not something to mess with without guidance who know the worlds (Past, Present/ Future, realms, doors, heaven, hell, dimensions, and etc...).

To the point: First you have to protect your family, yourself and your house first. Then if you want to help spirits/ghost (which I recommend not to) you can. But your #1 concern right now is protection before you make any connection/contact.

I hope this helps and does not scare you away. This is not a joke. Take things seriously, especially with the spirit world.
JamesM (2 posts)
9 years ago (2012-05-30)
I was born a highly sensitive intuitive and have worked as a psychic medium for years so I can related to your situation. I want you to know that there are rules we can follow to keep ourselves and others safe.

The first rule is that we all have a being that oversees our life and can participate when we request it. Some call this being an Angel. Many cultures believe in Angels or Angel like beings. I suggest that you invoke your Angel, you do not need to know their name, and ask them to protect you. This can help empower you and allow you to learn more about the Spirit world.

The second rule is that ignorance grows into fear. You are probably operating on guesses, hearsay and misinformation. I suggest you acknowledge your fear in these situations but don't let your fear control you. When involved in trying situations call in the Angels and if you believe in a higher power such as the Christ Consciousness you can call on that also. Something that has worked for many even though it may sound hokey is to surround onesself with the Universal White Light. Some believe this to be the true essence of our beings, the Angels and the entire Universe.

The third rule is to learn about your gifts or curses, however you see them, so that you control them instead of the reverse.

You can see more at my website:

In the mean time I will continue to post my advices on your concern as well as others on this site. It is my giving back or gifting to others.

Blessings, James

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