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I have had many spiritual experiences, but there is one I wish to discuss particularly interesting to me. I have not heard of people with this ability before and was hoping someone would know something about this. A while back when I was still in high-school, I wanted to be in an art class, but needed permission from my counselor. I was very eager to hear her response, suddenly I began to hear her speak in my mind, moments later she began to speak the exact words I heard in my mind. She was allowing me to take the class! I wasn't hearing her thoughts because people don't really think word for word before they speak, It was like I was hearing the future. I have no idea what really happened in that room

I get visited by entities a lot. I have had an entity play music many times that only I could hear in my mind. It was always very loud. Once I traveled to Africa with an entity and flew over a drum circle that had a fire, it was very beautiful.

Another time an evil entity attempted to eat my energy, he blew cold smoke on my body and I could not move. I astral projected across the room and watched everything. My physical body was so frightened. My astral body was helpless. My third self projected out of my body, it looked just like me but was see through, well it was me because I was conscious in three bodies at the same time. This projection of me knew exactly what to do, I fought the entity off with the same cold smoke he used against me. I blew it on him from out of my mouth, he blew more cold smoke on my physical projection ad quickly left.

I haven't had any experiences with nice spirits in a while now. I want to learn how to activate my abilities again one day.

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