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Dreaming Or Thinking Things And Later It Happens


So my name is Megan and I'm 13 years old ever since I was 8 years old my dreams been coming true. Either it was by a couple days or even months, but mostly it's just a week, now. So when I was 8, I remember this because it was a traumatic day because I had a feeling to go to check on the new house we bought but my dad said later and I told him no I want to go now I had this weird feeling that told me to go there so we did and we found out that a car crashed to the gate. Another experience was last Tuesday I had a dream of a skunk (yes I know weird, but I never dream about that so it was creepy and I paid attention to it more than any dream I had) later that week, on Saturday while I was visiting my friend I saw a skunk.

I also think about something and it happens later. Like a think about a song while going to a store and later on like about three minutes after I get there it happens.

I also get feelings like something's going to happen. And when my teachers is about to call me I already know it before they do call me and I get ready to stand up.

Also I can feel what people are feeling or when is someone close.

I also know where people are. My best friend told me once it's like I have a tracker on people. One day we had to line up to go home and I said when I get up to sit on the mpr stage across of us (it was like 3.5 ft away) your parents are going to come and then it did happen. Then they said wow Megan. Then that same day my dad picked me up and I got up before he turned the block.

I don't know what is happening or what is it called but researchers say it's just that my mind process things when I go to sleep so I think clearer I don't know? But one thing is for sure and that is that I'm not creeped out by this anymore

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Alcyone (3 stories) (17 posts)
11 years ago (2012-10-14)
I have this from time to time. It began when I was young, I couldn't remember when but I was too young. Whenever I think of things or daydream then after few days it will happen usually not to me but to someone else.
girl_with_the_shadow (3 stories) (11 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-23)
Hi, my name is Megan too. All the things you described happens to me aswell. The first few times it happened I totally freaked out and wanted to know what was going on. Maybe it's something us "Megans" have in common, but your definately gifted, I know it! Its so weird how your story relates to mine... I was going to write a story asking about my experience but something told me to wait. I'm glad I did because your story describes everything! 😁
lavenderhope (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-22)
that has happened to me I had a dream that I was in this suburb like area and a couple months later me and my mom drove to a place outside the city and we passed by the same suburb. Exactly how I had dreamed it.

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