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Aunt Talking?


I'm Austin, and I have been experiencing spirits since I was young; but in the last year everything's became odd.

I have seen a couple ghosties. Very very scary. When I was younger, but this year everything has changed.

Heres what I can do: If I'm fully relaxed then I have clairaudience, I can do this form of awake astral projection. Where I leave my body and go through one of my memories. I can see spirits, I can feel them.

Recently, my Aunt Judy's cancer has gotten extremely bad. She's dying. I went to her house with my grandma on Tuesday, and while I was with everyone I talked to her mother (I met her. She's also alive). Now her mother has Alzheimer's, and doesn't remember any one, she's in a retirement home) Her mother said she would be with "us" soon. And not to worry. And the next day she told me to tell her spouse that it was alright and not to worry. Now is this possible?

My Aunt Judy was still awake the day her mother talked to ne. I haven't said anything to anyone, but what do I do?

I have to write more, so i'll describe this in further detail. I don't understand. I thought that your spirit doesn't leave your body like that until you die. I also have this weird gift I was curious about. 3 months ago this negative entity had followed me home from school that day it made me really depressed and I had to cut myself. Well I got really sick of it and with my clairaudience I told it to go! Once I said it, and I felt so much positive energy. And the second time I said it, it left. And later that day my mom won two contest for like band passes. Now is there anything about me making that mean thing leave that had to do with her winning all that stuff? Thanks:) For reading this.

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Cattydee (12 stories) (161 posts)
11 years ago (2012-08-26)
Here's the thing. There's this thing, obe, called out of body experience. It happens to people and it's where your spirit leaves your body for a while. It doesn't only happen to those who die.

Your story is a little confusing too, the one with alzheimers is the one who said Someone was goin to be with you guys? Maybe she has obes too?

Also because you sent the demon away doesn't mean your mother or the tickets ecause of that but it could have something to do with it.

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