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Visions, Deva Vu, And Obe's


For the past six or so years, I've been having weird experiences. When I was seven, I started to have visions (during the day, wide awake and busy with something as they came suddenly without disturbing me too much) about some of my dead family, so I asked my mom about some of the stuff that had happens in them. They were all basically about their past, so she was able to either confirm or explain them all.

Later, I started to have Deja Vu, all the time. When I was eight, I started to pay more attention to strangers and other people I already knew, and got good feelings or bad feelings from them (which is why I lost and gained my best friends).

During the years, I've had (and yes, I've counted, too) seventy-four out of body experiences, mainly to my hometown to see my family and friends there, making sure they were alright. When I moved back, they decreased to one or two every few months.

After my step-father committed suicide, a few months went by without any experiences with dreams or visions, or any other form of of dead family members, until I had a dream about HIM one night. Then, my dreams turned to nightmares about his past. Once or twice, I even experienced one of his own nightmares.

My mother says she's had a few of these experiences in her life, but lately they've been getting worse, and I know I'm not supposed to post this on this particular sight, but for the past few weeks I've been hearing things, seeing things, and feeling things. This morning, I woke up to my stuff knocked over in my room.

It's really starting to freak me out!

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Cattydee (12 stories) (161 posts)
8 years ago (2012-08-26)
Oooh while you are having an obe do you see the people who have died? Maybe you are there to help them move on? Help them Lear this earth? I don't know that's just my idea. It makes sense because you see their past and maybe that's what they regret in their life? Okay well hope I helped, Bai.
observer (3 posts)
9 years ago (2012-07-10)
Maybe you have a very strong emotional side. Maybe you sense the inner of people. This is definately a very good skill to have and nothing to freak out about. Have you ever tested if you were right about people?

I have never been disturbed by weird happenings, but I do have a lot of déjà vus end very strong ones lately. I'm guessing these are 'wrong' connections in the brain. Meaning the brain fools you.

Those out of body experiences when you go check up on them, what is it exactly that you see/hear/know during and after them? Are they correct?

The more you believe, the more strange things will happen. Like if you are walking alone in the dark and you are thinking about beeing followed you will imagine someone is following you although there is no one near you.
Dreaming about your stephfather doesn't necessarily mean something. This can be a thought in your subconsciousness that makes it to the top in your dreams.

I don't believe in knocking things over by anything like deamons and stuff. If this happens again, maybe you should start to film to discover what is really going on. I recommend an hidden camera.

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