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Developing Psychic Abilities, What Are They?


I have been having odd experiences for over a year now. It started when I began meditating regularly, and strange things that I didn't understand kept happening to me. I recently had my boyfriend pass away around the same time that these things started happening. One time when I was meditating, I began hearing this train, and it sounded like it was right in my room. I went to my brother's room next door and asked him if he had heard a train, but he said that he hadn't. I hear ringing in my ears all the time, and I also feel a tingly sensation around my crown chakra sometimes too. It used to happen every day but I don't feel it as much now. When I meditate I sometimes get an intense pressure on my third eye. When I get a text message I often know what it says before I even read it, and I also know what people are going to say or do often. I hear voices in my mind when I meditate, though I forget what they say afterwards except for one time when someone in my mind said "are they still there? Still..." and then it just faded away. I'm a completely healthy, normal person and no I'm not crazy either. I can see nature spirits and sometimes orbs and I can sense whenever there's spirits around. My deceased boyfriend has visited me in my dreams and so have other deceased people. I can read people's feelings and when I ask them about it I'm spot on. Last week when I closed my eyes I saw a bright green circle with red in the middle, and another time when my eyes were closed I saw a vision of a dark skinned woman with black hair. What do you think my abilities are? Am I psychic?

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Bbrave (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-23)
Short answer yes you are and seem to have become more open to your abilities since you have begun meditating.
The more you meditate the stronger your abilities will grow.

It also sounds like you had an out of body experience.
As for the pressure felt on your crown chakra. It sounds as if you may have reached spiritual enlightenment. Or may have kundalini syndrome.

I can't say for sure since I do not remember much about either due to having epilepsy but I do remember that both cases can cause the pressure you felt
IslVoter (257 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-21)

The "train" noises or roaring which some describe as being inside a 747 plane--can be precursors to out of body experiences. It makes sense that you have this-and the voices, other things--as you meditate.

You might read up on OBEs / astral projection on the sister site here or just Google them. There is a whole list of pre-projection symptoms. Most really through people for a loop, scare them, and the projection ends.

If you are interested in pursuing it--in order to talk with your boyfriend, for instance, or for many other wonderful reasons--I recommend the book by William Buhlman called Adventures Beyond the Body. It's a no-nonsense how-to kind of book that makes you aware of these fear-inducing symptoms that can end them before they begin.

If not, just ignoring them and realizing it is your body's way of testing "Are you asleep?". Our brains/bodies do this as we approach sleep or deep relaxation. When our minds are still "awake" especially, it does lots of testing--like producing hypnagogic sounds to see if you respond. People hear footsteps, bells, music, animals, people talking--almost anything.

The people talking can also be that you have wandered into another dimension, where you are hearing the conversations.

The fact that your boyfriend passed recently makes sense too, in that they also can increase our connection to other dimensions.

And, in my personal opinion, waking yourself to these realities is the greatest gift your boyfriend could give you. Knowing you have the love and support of many "out there" makes this life more secure and rewarding --if we begin to understand what we're here for.

Isle - Lora
telekineticdude891 (1 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-20)
I have to say that I don't exactly know what the term for that ability is but it's not unheard of. Yes, this is a form of being psychic. And if you just started meditating then the ringing is common, however hearing a train is weird.

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