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Was I Touched By A Spirit?


One time I was alone in my room just working on my homework, when all of a sudden I felt something touch my leg. It was like a cold, tingly feeling that lasted for at least five seconds before it went away. I didn't think too much of it, until it happened again a few minutes later, and it was the same cold tingly feeling but this time it was on my face, on my left cheek. My boyfriend just passed away a couple of months ago, so I was thinking that it might have been him touching me to let me know that he was there? When he was alive he used to touch my leg and my face, so I think it's possible that it might have been him. When I was at his family's house, I felt his presence there every time I was there. I also have dreams of him and in my dreams we sometimes have long conversations. He even told me in my dream that he's still with me, and I've seen things happen at his best friend's house when we were all sitting down and something fell off the TV by itself. It's happened before and we all think it's his spirit because he spent the majority of his time at his best friend's place. What do you think, is my boyfriend still around and letting me know he's there? Was that his spirit that touched me or could it have been another spirit? My house isn't haunted, but I've seen a flash of white light in my room before. What do you think?

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Haileymariee (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-25)
Im a indriscluna. A indriscluna can hear feel and sense ghosts and also is a physcic. I have a colorful aura basicly rainbowish. Ever have
A imaginary friend? Possibly that imaginary friend is real. Not only had you came up with it something gave you the idea to come up with your imaginary friend. Possibly your imaginary friend
Is a ghost that died in your house years befoure. 😁

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