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I See Tragic Things Before They Happen


I have decided to share my story in the hope that someone can give me some guidance.

All my life I have seen things before they happen, I have no idea when they will occur, it could be whilst I'm out shopping to when I'm dreaming.

One time I remember clearly was when I was around 12 years old, I was at the bottom of my grandmothers drive way waiting for my mum to back her car down the path so I could shut the gates. I remember it was a hot sunny day and I was looking out to the main road to make sure my mum could get the car out safely. As my mum took her time my eyes looked towards two cars driving and I got a random thought in my head saying there is going to be an accident I then couldn't take my eyes off these two bollards that were on a small concrete stand separating the road. I didn't know why I kept looking at the bollards, I looked back and the two cars passed safely then I saw another two cars and they passed safely then I saw two men on a motorcycle with a blue car behind them. I instantly felt my heart start pounding and my mind just told me them two are going to crash right by the bollards, then out of nowhere my mind told me the bike drivers leg would be hurt. For a moment I thought I was just being crazy, I kept thinking why do I think such dark things? I watched as the two approached the bollards and then the pair crashed. It was carnage and I was so horrified at what I knew was coming I couldn't believe my eyes. For a moment I froze in fear, then once I caught my breathe I ran over to the bike driver on the floor who was screaming. Another lady who pulled over ran over and I said I think his leg is hurt. By this point more people were coming and when the paramedics arrived they cut his jean trousers up the side and his bone had come through the skin on his leg. I was so frightened by the fact I knew this crash would happen, exactly where I thought it would with the two vehicles I said and then on top of that the exact leg injury that I knew was going to be there was there. I was so scared by what happened it took me several days to tell my mum. My mum then told me that my great grandmother was a medium, she also said my great grandmother had similar situations happen to her.

Another time I remember clearly was when I had a dream about the Japanese tsunami 7 months before it happened. I don't know why I had this dream it was like I was not there but I was just viewing what happened. I remembered seeing the tsunami and in particular a young teenage Japanese girl struggling for breathe holding onto a make shift raft of wood whilst having a man try to grab her and help her to safety. I woke up with the most awful feeling which made me cry, I went to my mum and told her what I was dreaming about. She told me not to worry and that it was a nightmare, then I told her something bad is going to happen in Japan I know it, I was so overwhelmed by what I saw in my dreams I cried as if it had already happened. What shocked me the most was when it actually happened I got a call from my mum who told me what I dreamed had happened. I was so freaked out I even told myself maybe it was just a coincidence but later that day when I got home I was watching the news and I saw the girl from my dream hanging on to her make shift raft then I saw the man try help her up. It was absolutely mind blowing, I saw it months before it happened and everything looked exactly the same. It left me thinking, how could this be possible?

Another time was when I was working, (I used to work as a promoter handing out flyers at a nightclub). One night I was bored staring across the road at some people who were drunk and partying, there was this one guy who kept catching my eye (not because he was attractive) I looked away several times but my eyes just kept going back. This guy was doing nothing out of the ordinary, I just couldn't stop myself peering back at him, I then turned my head to look at all the cars and taxis going by. All of a sudden I grew a nervous feeling in my stomach, I just felt like something bad was going to happen and to this guy in particular. I turned my head for a split second to hand a flyer to a passerby and I heard a loud thud then screams I look back and the guy got ran over by a taxi driver who mounted the curb. I felt physically sick, by now I had already seen the first crash, the tsunami come true and then this. I felt an almost kind of guilt for not doing something to prevent it from happening but I've always thought what if I'm wrong and I step in and look like I'm crazy.

Sometimes I find when I see things before they happen its small things, for instance I know story's people are going to tell me before they even call or come see me (not because someone else told me somehow I just know) an example would be, my sister says "you're never going to guess what happened in town tonight" and I literally say what I think happened and she is like "who told you?" and I just say I don't know it just came in my head. I also have a daily habit of looking at a phone seconds before it rings, I often know who is calling without looking to. Sometimes I see random things such as I had a dream about a TV show that didn't exist and a year later I saw it airing with the same actors and storyline from my dream. I get what I call Déjà-vu nearly every day too.

One other odd thing that I get is I sometimes sense when loved ones are in trouble. I got a horrid gut wrenching feeling out of the blue once and my mind kept telling me call your sister. I called my sister and she said that she and her boyfriend had been in a minor car crash, I don't know how or why I knew to call but I just felt she needed me. Another instance of this was worse, I woke up out of a dead sleep several years ago and I felt overwhelmed and teary, I had no idea why I felt so emotional, I felt scared and panicked and my heart was beating really fast. I went to grab my phone and as I did it started ringing, it was my best friend. I picked it up and he told me he had overdosed on drugs and couldn't barely move. I could barely make his words out, I luckily managed to find out where he was and send an ambulance. These situations keep happening to me, they started when I was very little I would say around 5/6, I never told anyone until I was older as I didn't really understand what was going on, I was also embarrassed to ask for help. I didn't want people to think I was crazy.

I was wondering what could this be? I don't think of myself as a medium like my great grandmother, she saw a lot more and was much more visual than I am. I have noticed most of my visions are of tragedy and pain, why does this happen? It always leaves me feeling upset and confused. I find myself being reclusive now, falling into depressions and spending too much time questioning why these things happen to me. I'm normally a lot happier and I used to be really out going but now I'm completely different.

My really bad visions don't happen too often, sometimes it happens every month or two, sometimes I can only see one big tragedy in a year then lots of smaller issues. It just depends what my mind throws me. I hope someone can give me guidance, thank you

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mrbox1757 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-21)
Hi, I can relate to you! I have those things where I see something throughout the day or in my dreams! The real things can happen with me the same day, after a few days or even weeks.

I had an extreme one 5 minutes ago where I was looking at the bottom of the screen, my mum saying the word 'explicit' and a specific advert. It hit me like a tonne of bricks and I freaked out!

I had another one when I was about 7 where I was being chased through a forest I had never seen before and when I woke up it was on TV. I'm 13 but I remember it like it was yesterday.

I have things like this quite often. My 'things' aren't dark but I can relate to you. Contact me on mitch [at]
truely-unknown (10 stories) (106 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-28)
[at] pisciesmale
If that was an attempt to get many of us to become religious, it certainly didn't work on me. You kind of screwed the pooch on that one with the "do not be afriad!' and the "Many of you find yourselves aware beyond human comprehension' yet we are all still human regardless of our gifts, including you, even though you talk like you would comprehend. To me it seems as if you don't even comprehend the typical human, much less this. A shooting is not the place to find faith, keep religion out of these matters. I no longer care of your further words, but watch them carefully as I have a very efficient way of turning them to bite your backside due to this awareness and common sense. Oh and I doubt anybody here tries to tell the future, at least for me it comes whenever. This comment was due to you trying to mention faith just after a shooting and not even asking that a prayer be said for the victims.
IslVoter (257 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-27)
[at] luciddreamer82--

What, pray tell, were the five reasons he had. What was the high--for him?

No one else knows what motivated him.

Isle - Lora
luciddreamer83 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-27)
I also dreamed of the shooting as it was happening. I was standing in the center of a theatre. And the song drifted into my head, "brother's got a quick hand, he's looking round the room, no telling his plan, ("Pumped Up Kicks" by The Foster People). Then in the right exit a male all in black (swat uniform) couldn't see his face (didn't see any smoke though) busted into the room. Then all of a sudden I'm standing next to him. Then I turn into this light. My body disappeared. And I was in the shooter. I could feel everything he felt. I could hear all his thoughts. There were about 5 different thoughts in his head. It was the biggest high. I had ever felt. I saw the people running and I started to shoot. Then I started to have a partial seizure in my dream (I have them in real life), and I woke up having a seizure. I woke my husband up and told him about the dream. After the seizure of course. This was around 2:35cst when I woke up by the way. I fell back to sleep. Woke up at 5cst to check to see if any shootings happened in a theatre and sure enough it did. At the same time I was more than likely dreaming it. Or did I really travel there? Here's an interesting link...


Here's another of why it wasn't stopped? BTW I am a Taurus (do do do do;) )

pisciesmale (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-22)
Many of you find yourselves aware beyond human comprehension.
Do not be afraid!
Learn to slow your mind, breath (and breath slowly 7 seconds in and 7 seconds out) start a journal, keep track of the exact time and day each event occurs and of the details as well.

I began at a young age to have similar dreams and experiences and as a young adult I experienced the death of my grandmother from 350 miles away as if I was dieing myself. Two other people witnessed the incident so I knew I wasn't crazy.

My Grandmother helped many people with her gift and one woman is still alive today at the age of 90.

I work with her and others across the country to develop knowledge and understanding.

You will never be able to develop this gift to gain anything for yourself and you must only approach it with the intent to do good. This is a very powerful state of being you are attempting to enter into and can do damage to you on a scale no words can describe.

Many people throughout history have had this gift and the examples that are out there never tried to tell the future only help to guide those seeking the truth.

Remember, Jesus said "No man cometh unto the father but by me"... I encourage you to read and study before you go any further. Seek the wisdom of the Bible... Look beyond what you see and learn, learn, learn.
Best of wishes to you all where ever you may be.
dreamgirl21 (10 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-22)
Man I'm new the to this website. But I'm glad there other people like me... And unknownland I also have a dream of a t.v show before it air or a news I saw in a dream before it happen... Like with the Colorado when I saw that on the news with my boyfriend I thought to myself I saw this news already years ago in my dream.
Tenkhee (1 stories) (9 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-22)
You have a gift!

Make sure believe in yourself, it's also genetic, you are one of the humans that need this time, and use your powers for our FUTURE. People like you, or with other ability's etc they are all over the world, but not believing them self. YOu have gifted for a reason, try to find out what is your role in this world! We will save the world for our Future!

New unknown ERA is starting next year

truely-unknown (10 stories) (106 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-21)
It was a smoke bomb, tear gas. He had a gas mask AR15, a 12 guage, and 2 glock. 40 cal. I don't usually draw guns but I did two days before the shooting, I live in Colorado springs. I have only drawn guns twice in my life.
godpsychic54 (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-20)
I don't know if you've heard or not, but early AM today in Denver, Colorado, USA there was a fatal shooting. Last night, I was dreaming that I was in a movie theater and then heard a loud gunshot and I woke up. I didn't know where it was. I had no clue what I would find out the next day.

I come to find out later that day, that at the Midnight premiere of Batman: The Dark Night Rises, a man set off a bomb and killed several people.

I live on the Eastern US Coast, and it was (about) 3:00AM when I woke up from the nightmare here, and that means that three hours behind, in Colorado that it would've been around Midnight.

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