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It's Getting A Little Too Real Now


I'm having a very serious issue going on in my life. I'm having an abortion (please don't judge) with my girlfriend. It has been her decision all the way through, but I'm having more and more strange experiences of the paranormal sense. I tend to wake up and see a man looking at me as I sleep, and/or orb like things in my visual path just as I open my eyes. They seem to bounce away and go invisible, as soon as I see them.

I didn't think much about all of this until my episode last night. I've never been so terrified in my entire life. I opened my eyes and a bulb of white was blocking my vision. My girlfriend screamed as if she was cramping and I asked if she was ok. She said it was her stomach that was cramping, and as she said that, a shadowy figure against the wall extended an arm and pointed at her stomach.

I flipped out.

Thought it was me or her, but the only angle I could possibly get the arm to come out at is if I was near the end of my bed. My girlfriend tried to too but based on the positions we were in the beginning there is no way it was us.

I hardly slept at all last night, and I kept having strange orbs bounce away from me as I would keep on opening up my eyes. After this her and I switched spots. I could hear walking downstairs and upstairs but I wasn't sure if that was my roommates or if it was another form of this ghost.

My girlfriend woke up at 4 in the morning and had to go to the washroom. She said "don't freak out while I'm gone" and laughs. I laughed too then went back to sleep. I awoke suddenly and I could see "X" all over the ceiling and my painting wasn't in its original position. It was as if it had shifted to a new area, but when I noticed that it shifted back, I closed my eyes again, and everything went back to normal.

If anyone can figure out any of this or if I'm losing my mind please help me out. (I also practiced how to come out of body for about 3 months 2 years ago. It has never left me but I'm scared to go back into that state.)

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tammie5750 (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-11)
I am the boring one. What you are seeing is manifestation of your guilt. You are very "energetic" and building these things through your subconscious. You really need to deal with your feelings on this issue. If you are of a faith, pray, or meditate. Everything happens for a reason, most times its to teach us a life lesson. You are learning a rather big one.
IslVoter (257 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-23)

Just a comment: Even through Third Eye, I question if we are seeing the "true form" of any entity. It is a representation of an energy consciousness. Only in physical do we use five (rather poor) senses in order to be aware of energy.

So, anything that we can see, feel, smell, hear or taste--are just symbolic representations put into that form for us, in physical. The "true representation" of energy is energy.

When you reach dimensions that are not visual at all, it is probably closer to "true form" of energy. You only experience. You just know information, sense what is being conveyed.

At least that's how I "see" it.

Isle - Lora
calvinvalerian (guest)
12 years ago (2012-07-23)
forbe, everything that you see with your eyes are real. Orbs and shadow people. What's so scary? Hahahaha. Those are just spirit in their secondary form. They can shift shape to anything they want.

While it is their secondary form, with certain normal human eye technique you will be enable to see them quite clear.

But you cannot see their true form with your naked eye because we and them live at different realm. You need your third eye (non physical eye) to penetrate realm in order to see their true manifestation. People who had witnessed the true form of a spirit said that their face is very ugly and they have 2 horns and wings and they can fly.

When you can see orbs and shadows that doesn't mean your third eye is open. If your third eye is opened, you will be able to see someone else remotely, you will be able to see through realm so that you know what's going on in the spirit realm, you will be able to see future, you will be able to know the answer of any question before even knowing the question is. And you will feel like reading people is like reading a book with all text (their life history, personality, siblings, marriage status, etc) written very clearly.

If you will do astral projection, you will see everything that has always been in your house but unseen by your physical eye. This can be fun if you're a brave type of person. You're a man. Why act like a whipped puppy? If you really a true man you shouldn't be afraid by those weak beings. They are weak! Trust me.

If you chant holy words to them, they will flee like a horse race. Unlike human they don't flee when you chant holy words to them. This is why satan from human race than satan from spirit race much always been difficult to handle.

If the purpose of your article is to seek divine protection then I have a solution for you. You don't need visualization or talisman which don't work. Simply you need only your tongue and spiritual knowledge.

Go to YouTube and search "La illah ila Allah" with the meaning "There is no deity but Allah". Learn how to pronounce it. After you spoken the phrase, check your aura color. They will turn to a white bright light. All bad spirits are very very very afraid of this light. It burns them.

None from the spirit race that has bad energy could ever touch you. They will flee even before knowing who was that person with fiery hot aura is.

This white bright light aura comes from our God (Allah). Jesus is not a God. He is one of Allah's servant.

A message from me to those people who are able to see what normal human can't, always remember this:

"You have the vision to see the true reality. Unlike normal human they are blind. Not physically blind - but they are blind from the truth. You have the vision of seeing the true reality which enable you to choose the right decision. You must have been regretted to have this kind of vision because you didn't know how to protect yourself and thought that spirit can eat you and kill you which they never can. Always remember that you have the vision to see the true reality."
tmanning (4 stories) (26 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-22)
Okay, So I wasn't as detailed as I probably should have been. I am completely pro choice, its up to you. Sounds like your having doubts about an abortion, which is okay. I have had four. After each one, I couldn't stop thinking about what my kids would have looked like or been like and I felt terrible but at the same time, I was backed into a corner and basically left no choice but to abort on all four. After the last one I promised god I would NEVER abort again. I have stuck to my word and he has been by my side the entire time helping with my four kids. If I need help with something or some money - it ALWAYS happens. End of story. And you are the father of the child so if your gut is telling you to keep the baby then do whatever you need to do to have the baby, you will have peace in your heart. If you still feel the need to abort baby just remember that the only one that can judge you is god and you are merely sending the soul back home for him to watch over.
giftorcurse68 (8 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-21)
your story really touched home with me, 22 years ago I was all set to have an abortion, I felt it was the best thing. The night before the appointment I had terrifying experiance, I went to sleep, I believe what I had was not a dream, but a strong message, this is what I saw, 2 dark shadow figures were dragging me down a white corridor, hospital I think, toward to double doors, I was fighting to get away, I kept yelling were are you taking me? One answered, "were taking you to be aborted" Then you will know what it feels like! I woke up so terrified!, I was not in volved in a church, not against it, really freaked me out, long story short, I cancelled, my son is 22, and married to a girl from his church, that he took himself to when he was 5!I never told him about this, but he found God, or should I say God claimed him, I believe it was a message. He is awesome young man. But what is right for one person may not be for another, I am still pro choice, I am happy with the choice I made. Not to mention I was scared out of my mind over that!oh, I had had an abortion once before that, but nothing happened like what I descibed. So this is why I saw it as a message. Best of luck to you both! Its not an easy choice.
IslVoter (257 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-19)

It sounds to me like you are seeing through your Third Eye. I often see orbs--really just small pencil-sized dots of energy that move across the field.

At first I didn't understand. I would see them whenever I was waking or going to sleep. If I did a meditation when I visualized energy coming down through my crown, the orb would get larger. Sometimes I see the light moving through this area of "sight" like an elevator.

I researched something called the Blue Pearl because the orbs were blue sometimes. Sometimes I see them outside in "normal" vision--usually to the side of the TV as I am spacing out thinking about something else.

You are awakening in many ways and it might very well have to do with this child. These are real, honest decisions that no one but the two of you can make, and none of us can make it for you. But consider what your gut is telling you about her decision. Be honest with her about it. Talk about the realities, and what you both feel in your hearts. Then make your decision.

Regardless of what it is, trust that you have opened up to a new level of awareness. It will stay with you if you stay open to it. You will see more, experience more. And it is there to guide you, help you.

You are not going crazy, your vibrational level has raised and you are experiencing more of what is out there. Pay attention to it and then make your life choices. We all have choices to make. It is part of being human.

Isle - Lora
tmanning (4 stories) (26 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-19)
I have had a number of abortions myself for several different reasons and you should never be judged. It is up to you to make that decision but one thing I will ask of you is don't put all the pressure on her to make the decision herself. Maybe what your experiencing is someone trying to contact you about the baby. You just make the right choice.

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