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Am I Going Crazy Or Is There Something Going On?


I moved in with my mother in her apt in Oct of last year in Dec. I woke up to hear someone say in my ear Kim open your eyes so I did and I seen this big black shadow thing floating down from the ceiling.

I was able to feel its breath, breathing on my face at the end of Dec we moved into a larger apartment people that have stayed with us have said they hear noises coming from my closet we've heard cabinet doors open and close with no one or thing there to cause it that's not the weird thing In my room there is a smell that has no cause to be there.

Me and my family have stripped my room and still haven't found a source to the decaying smell like rotted meat ever since the time of seeing that shadow people have said I have changed.

I am more of a loner now, I have no more friends my taste in video games and movies have changed dramatically from being romantic to horror I seem to be drawn in somehow to a darker side of me. I don't know what's going on or if I am just going insane. I can't hardly sleep any more I have had mood swings that is kind of mean. I am always tired even if I did sleep it's like no matter what I am always tired. I can see shadows everywhere I go no matter where I am I have seen things that can show for a second or two and vanish and these images I see are not so friendly. I have a new found sex drive that has became bothersome. I have been getting into some severe fights with my family when I used to be so loving and kind to all of them now

I seem to became hostile with them. My cat went from a normal cat to climbing up the walls and chasing something and meowing so weird it's more of a meow growl sound. I have had a deep depression to strike me. I have wanted to end my life a couple of times my family has told me my eyes look sunken in and my eyes look void of life. My appetite has changed a lot I went from being a vegetarian to eating meat I suddenly love to eat red meat. I used to love to clean and keep the house tidy now days I just don't really care to. Can someone help me out in finding out what's going on.

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Lisapisa (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-26)
I have always felt something was around me. I work in nursing and I swear I bring then home. My husband and I lived a block from the ocean and I swear it charged a sprit in my house. It smelled of eggs and would watch us sleep. Play with covers. It drained me I felt angry all the time and very sleepy. I went and got sage sticks from a Indian tribe and told the sprit it wasn't welcome. Everything was fine for a few months but when I had my daughter this angered this sprit started stomping on the roof running up and down in the attic. When my daughter would feed I could tell she was watching them and would start screaming. It got to the point where I wanted to burn the house down. So my family packed up and moved 5 hours away. I bless our new house and stay positive but I am praying this ghost don't find us. It was very angry. I would do something before it gets to out if hand.
Tenkhee (1 stories) (9 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-22)
Dear Kim,

You're in danger, bad spirits have attacked you, and on your body already.
But your brain is the strongest of them all, so be strong, sage yourself, have a bath with a milk, get outside during the day, feel the sun ray, light destroying all the bad's in you. Make sure you feel it, feel the palms of your hand if they are feel warm that means you're gutting recharged by the sun like chargeable battery, use your mind as a weapon. YOu can do this!

Make sure Thank the GOD, Sun, Mother earth etc for helping you to fight the bad spirits, don't let them win over you!

I know it's a Fairy tale world that weird stuff happens.

Good luck,

Take care,

P.S The Sky, SUn likes some milk, so sprit some milk towards the sky in the little cup.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-20)
Your story is depicting a haunting.
Showing the classic symptoms not feeling like yourself, depression, mood swings, un-natural smells,
Shadow people, feeling being watched.
Because of the emphasize of change in personal habits,
The area should be check to see if there is a portal.
Or other locations which would allow all the activity
You are speaking about.

In a sense it sounds as if one of the spirits is aligning with and affecting you, portraying a spirit

Another are for checking is for any geopathic stress.
Geopathic stress: your cat would normally sit in the same location.
Another indicator is if there are cracks outside of the home.
Both items would should Geopathic stress.

Do you have anyone whom works in House clearing?
They can do the work! Not a house blessing.

If you get desperate you can email me.
But my pre-requisit is communication and following through. Sorry but I do not work fast, just to let you know. I have to check out things from various aspects.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-07-19)
Sleep deprivation will cause depression. And if your eyes are sunken, that's definitely not enough sleep. You can't think clearly, your chakras cannot recharge and a downward spiral you go. This in turn affects many things from our health to our personality, and neither in a positive way. Why did you stop being a vegetarian, especially if the time-frame matched your more loving nature? To a small degree, the terror an animal feels is imprinted in its flesh when it is killed. We eat that and our own vibrations are lowered.

There very well may be a negative being attached to you. But you do have power. They cannot attach to what doesn't resonate with this, but this takes some work to undue your current circumstances.

At some point, you've got to start making decisions. You obviously, and with full consciousness, started playing horror games, eating meat and know what unloving behavior is (if you didn't recognize that, you'd not point it out yourself). Wanting to kill yourself is no way to go through life. Unless you find it "cool" to be attracted to your darker side, then push for some changes. It doesn't matter what we don't like about ourselves (and we all have things we want to change), we still have to take some responsibility for our lives (or don't as some people elect not to do; life is all about free will).

I'm assuming you came here for help. If you have a death smell in your house, and you're looking a little too much like Edgar Allen Poe, maybe it's time for yet another move. Somewhere brighter, hopefully close to a park and turn this bleak existence around. But good for you for trying to get to the bottom of this. I am sorry you're slowly losing those around you, including yourself. It's not too late though to change things around.


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