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Tonight I had a really bad car accident. I was doing about 70 - 75 mph when my car swerved to the right. I tried to pull it to the left but it started to spin out of control. I hit a lampost, cutting it clean in half, and my car rolled and landed in a field and the lampost came down on the back of my car. I just remember relaxing and feeling unusually calm and just waited for the car to stop rolling. The panic didn't set in until I'd stopped and realized what a lucky escape I'd had.

Surprisingly I came out of it relatively unharmed apart from minor cuts on my face, arms and chest and a deep gash on my arm. My car is a write off though. Paramedics, police and nurses said I'm extremely lucky to walk out of a crash like that alive. The weird thing is, right before the crash I imagined myself having a car crash, then literally seconds later it happened.

Do you think my guardian angel was there warning me what was about to happen so I was prepared for it and they kept me safe? My grandparents died 5 years ago and I like to think they're taking care of me. I visited a psychic a year ago who warned me about how fast I drive. He also said my grandparents were there in the room with me.

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Harries (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-19)
I Had a similar expereince, nearly 4 years ago, I had a car crash, I was stopped and a car speeding behind me for some reason did not see me, smahed the back end of the car, the 2 cars landed in the middle of a busy main road! The police were called to the scene, the police man said to me you are lucky you didn't go through the windscreen, especailly the speed the other vehicle was doing, The car was a right off, never seen nothing like it! I believe my Angel looked after me then, and feel strongly that it wasn't time for me to leave this life! ❤
meg007 (1 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-08)
Yes, I believe you have some lovely spirits looking out for you. I think that everyone has a guardian angel and the more you believe they are there, the more you start to notice their presence. It's like the saying goes, Believing is seeing. If you acknowledge them, they will guard you. The dead hold on to those who hold back.
x_miss_kelly_x (1 stories) (1 posts)
15 years ago (2008-02-21)
Thanks for all your replies. Yeah it has definitely taught me a lesson! I'll never put my life and other people's lives at risks again. And it's so nice to think that I have somebody looking out for me. Whoever they are, I owe them sooooo much!
Katie (guest)
15 years ago (2008-02-19)
yeah I think maybe it was or a spirit telling you. Yeah you did have a lucky escape I had loads of them. They could of got worse but there's someone who saves us. Like I nearly had a car crash in the taxi and we nearly died but something helped us. Guardian angels usually come when you have a car crash to help you find your way to heaven. You should slow down I guess they might of taught you a lesson in a way telling you if you went any faster then you wouldn't of been so lucky. Your guardian angel night of been there watching and seeing if were alive. Your guardian angel saved your life! 😊 how nice is that!
pinkbabe63 (guest)
15 years ago (2008-02-16)
Woh! That does sound spooky and I think they are looking after you. Your really lucky to be alive so I think that they are. 😁
Camillarose (guest)
15 years ago (2008-02-16)
i believe in guardian angels and I believe that you are being looked after! ❤
colt (guest)
15 years ago (2008-02-15)
I think that your grandparents did have a major role in the vision you had. Enties choose to stay and guide or protect there loved ones. I also believe that we all do have guardian angels and enties following us all time. Some may even have pets it sounds wierd, but true. I had an accident similar to yours I was in my bmw doing about 80 hit a hugh patch of water and hydro plane, spun out of control, then rolled 4 times. When rolling I was not wearing my seatbelt and I never do. I took out a fire hydrant and a light pole. Walk away with no a scrap or scar. I knew before I wreaked something bad was going to happen, but out of the bad came also wisdom and more grateful than ever. People really don't know how fragile life is when you temp it.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
15 years ago (2008-02-13)
hmmm just remembered this. My daughter moved to Ohio from SC a year ago. Remember it was Februrary and the roads were bad. I had my mom's original wedding ring, she later got a bigger diamond, and planned to give it to my daughter at 30 or 40. She's still a little ditsy, 19 now so 18 then. Well, had a feeling, a voice, tell me to give it to her. I did. Told her to always keep it, it had grandma kharma on it and my mom was protective. Two hours later was talking to my daughter on her cell phone. I didn't know she was driving when she called. I heard her scream. Well, she had a wreck. She was unharmed. The car wasn't great, but not totalled. I just wondered if the grandma thing helped.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
15 years ago (2008-02-13)
p.s. When I prayed, I knew what was about to happen. Had felt the sensation before, but felt that peace. I just knew that whatever happened was okay. Had told a lady at my job when we left on this trip, "I've been in two bad wrecks before and not one stitch. Wonder if I'm due in a third one?" It popped out. I thought ouch, hated those words. She looked at me funny and I just shook my head and left. Then I didn't think about it anymore because it was too scary. I was ready I guess.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
15 years ago (2008-02-13)
Cute name. Very creative. I do think you had your Angel around you. I was ten in my first car accident. Had bugged my dad all day about car accidents. Odd, because never had thought of them or mentioned them before. He finally told me to shut up which he had never done or never did after that. That night in my uncle's truck we had our wreck. Rolled three times. No one was hurt. The last wreck was five years ago. My youngest was 10 like me in my first one. Hope that doesn't mean he will have others. I knew it was about to happen, not driving so no time, so just prayed for protection for everyone. Rolled again. My son's foot was badly hurt, but fine after a few months and a skin graft. One fraction of one millimeter longer cut, he would have lost his foot. There are two main arterties that feed blood to it and it was close. The first hospital sent us to a big one a hundred miles away. Children's Hospital in Little Rock, AR. We were visiting, going to my x-uncle's, my best friends funeral. I cracked jokes in the emergency room and my hurt son laughed and stayed calm. Not my best jokes. My husband and the two other kids almost passed out and cried. My daughter had 40 stitches but that was nothing compared to my youngest son's foot. God keeps us safe. But, I told him, if you want my son's foot, for whatever reason, take it. I'll adjust. Nice that he didn't though. I'm grateful. I'm grateful you are fine. Many aren't, but we grow with pain too and it can be good in the long run I guess. I'm a soft heart and hate pain.
Flutterofwings (28 stories) (257 posts)
15 years ago (2008-02-13)
Well first of all you should slow down when driving. But I think something more powerful then you know was, on the watch out for you when this happen. It could of been an Angel trying to stop the accident from happening and you didn't listen, and so it happen.
I think it was a warning of sorts from some Heavenly power for you to realize, your still wanted on this earth a little longer so slow down.

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