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Dreaming About My Future


I was dreaming about this guy before meeting him. These vivid dreams of a guy I had no idea who he was. And I dreamed of him many times. I met him 8 years ago. I saw one of my dreams happen in real life of him at the train station. We lost contact. I would move on with my life, but for the fact that I did dream about him and met him, and the fact that I still dream of him. I had more dreams happen in real life, so I know that time will tell that I will see him again. I can feel him kissing and hugging me in my dreams. I had a dream that I was reading and he sent me an I'm asking me to give him my phone number, and I ask who are you and he tells me. And I start crying, because I am so happy that he contacted me. I had dreams of sitting at my grandmother's with him that seem so real. Or at the beach.

I know its my fault, I left him on that pouch, because he was just standing there looking at me. I did tell him to call me when he got him. But he didn't hear me. I had a dream where he was talking about that day and said that he didn't think I said anything to him that I just left him on the porch.

What am I going to do if I never see him again? Am I going to spend the rest of my life dreaming about a guy that I only saw two days? Really it sounds crazy. You could say that I should find someone new, but how would the new guy feel knowing I have these vivid dream about that other guy. I thought about it, but I'm like I can't forget that guy because of the dreams. I also think I may have said his name in my sleep.

I have had dreams of the places I moved to. Before I moved to the condo I use to live at, I dreamed of being there. Going out the door of the place and being around it. Than I had a dream about where I lived next. Walking up the street at night and stuff.

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