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I Am Very Scared Of My Psychic Abilities


I'm 13 years of age, and I have just recently been confirmed that I have psychic abilities. From my mother a few weeks ago, who told me that she had went to a psychic one day and the psychic asked her (with no prior knowledge of me) if she had a daughter. My mother replied back with yes. And the psychic told her I have psychic abilities. I have since I was around 6 or 7. I don't know where I acquired them from I just have them.

It's mostly with spirits, and auras. I can feel many feelings in a room. I can also feel is something is behind me or following me. I've also been physically touched by one in an inappropriate matter. Mouth fill with TONS of blood. Sightings of ghosts. And I feel guarded sometimes. By something or someone.

Just recently, me and my family moved. During moving my mom told me about what the psychic had told her. But just starting a few days ago. This is what happened. I was on some lolsofunny website and I clicked on a picture of the PlayBoy Bunny Kendra. It was some joke about her on the website. I read it and it was nothing. But 20-30min later. I look up at the TV and her and her husband are on doing an interview. I didn't know AT ALL that they would be on TV. I thought it was actually pretty creepy. But this is even weirder. The next day

I watched Harold And Kumar down in the living room. I went upstairs into my parents room. Looking for my comp charger. To see Kumar's character giving a speech on the news. I don't know what this is. But it's weird. Can someone help me I am confused, and don't know anything about my ability. I think my abilities are starting to develop more. But since I do have things that connect with the "other-world" I tend to not be as open. Because I feel like something may happen to me. So will someone be willing to tell me what the Kumar and Kendra thing is about and more about my abilities, someone who would be willing to help me understand my abilities more. Since I am young. I don't know what to do?

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Jessy1987 (1 posts)
7 years ago (2014-11-13)
OK, so I'm writing this comment for the third time because my computer shut down unexpectedly twice then it told me I couldn't use the word a**, which I couldn't find the word in my previous comment. Maybe the third time is the charm lol. But anyways, I have abilities that I don't fully understand yet and it complicates my life sometimes. Ignoring what comes to me because people around me don't believe in what I say causes me to not say anything about what I see or feel. I have learned a lot thus far but I always want to learn more. I have received much knowledge about life in general from the otherside. The answer to this question is to go with the flow, your life will pan out the way it should and when your looking for answers when you have abilities, those answers will come to you in due time (when your ready). I've come to find there is no instruction booklet on how to use your abilities or why you have this gift that's different from everyone else. The only answer is patience and life lessons that will develop you into what you need to be in life. Nobody has the answers for you, you can search and search for them but in the end it's your journey in life and your the only one that can answer your questions. The process of developing and understanding your abilities is frustrating and confusing but patience is the only answer because life is a long journey. Believing in what you feel is right even when others don't, is the answer. Your instinct is your best knowledge and trusting it will bring you peace. Doubtfulness is a normal part of life so overcoming the doubt influenced by others helps you see things much better. Based on experience I will tell you that when you aren't influenced by things or people around, regarding anything your trying to read, it's easier. Reading someone you personally know can be vague, especially if your put on the spot. If your going into a home to help them with paranormal activity, not knowing any history is beneficial and will make your mind clearer when trying to figure out what's going on. Also, say your looking at a bunch of pictures; when looking at those pay attention to the feelings or senses you get from each one. The one that's important will have a different feeling then the rest, trust it. When your searching for answers when you become impatient, remember that once you find the answers to questions you'll realize you've had the answers all along. People with abilities always have the answers, it just takes listening and openness to see them. Find ways to tell people about the visions or things you see without letting them know you have abilities, this will decrease the amount of doubt you get from people. You can pretend that your just really knowledgeable and have suggestible answers to their questions, whether they listen to it or not. I have found that blurting out things to people has no evidence so most likely they rule it out and it's a waste of time or energy for you. Practice your abilities independently often, this will help strengthen you so developing the ability to acknowledge what is your own opinion and what other messages are becomes clearer. Don't be afraid of apparitions but don't allow unknown apparition to manipulate you. When an apparition is suspicious I don't see a solid version of a person, they often look like many different people scrambled up into one person (very confusing) that's how I know their identity can't be trusted. If you see a vision for someone don't pressure them to become or not become that vision; everyone is their own person and they have the free will to control their own life path. Theres nothing we can do to change anyone's path in life. If you see something negative about someone's life don't be quick to jump to conclusion with them, instead let life play itself out as intended. Having the ability to predict the future is a gift and a curse, using this ability to learn more about our own life in order to master our own lives is the gift. Choose wisely when giving people advise about their own lives because your opinion could affect necessary decisions in others life journey. We are given these gifts to help those who want it and to help educate ourselves on life in general. When negative or evil spirits are present I find it's easy to imagine pushing them away and then imagining a protective barrier around me, sound nuts but hey it works for me. Getting my mind off of the thought of an evil presence helps get rid of them some how so whatever it is that you can imagine that feels deep down like it's working is the answer to getting rid of negative energy. Don't ever try to believe that evil exists, this gives them more reason to stick around. It may sound crazy but eventually you'll discover believing in them makes them stronger. Embrace your gift and use the knowledge your given, it was given to you for a reason. You are spiritually inclined for success in learning the knowledge needed to complete your life here, that may be your purpose in life. The gift of having real knowledge from the otherside allows us to see things the way they are supposed to be and not how society or government says it should be. Society is frustrating but when we have the time we should find a way to educate others to be less greedy, stubborn, or hurtful. Our future here on earth may look grim at times but it's not unchangeable, people with abilities need to step up and stand up to this world as an example of our gift, strength, and knowledge. Positive change starts with one person and one idea, if plausible, people will support and help the idea for change. People with extraordinary gifts are meant to lead the crowd because we have access to useful information that others may not, we are the example and informer to others from the otherside. When life struggles come into play we need to remember that the things that we believe are struggles in life may not mean anything, material items shouldn't be a concern. I've lost everything after I worked so hard to gain but none of that matters right now because I feel that I can gain it all back, as well as learning a valuable lesson from all this. I tell you what, roughing it has a whole new meaning to me but now I've gained the personal strength to make it through many more situations. We can't control what life has in store for us but we can make the best of it. BOOM
Pyrokinesis13 (4 posts)
9 years ago (2013-03-27)
Hey there, I completely understand what your going through, Well as far as I can tell anyway, I had similar stuff Begin happening last year. I more or less stopped thinking about it until my Psychic Mom starts asking a bunch of Questions...Blab,Blab,Blab...Until she picked up on that stuff that had been happening (Only earlier this year did I discover my Many talents and begin training with afew family friends and her.) I discover what most of it means. Then afew sad stories about my Pyrokinesis come up... Not something I generally talk about... Just never put me in a room with lots of candles, afew matches, and a flamethrower (A family friend has weird habits) and get me Angry. 😉 😆
geneticaurora (2 posts)
9 years ago (2012-09-30)
I felt the same when was I younger but didn't know it was anything other than strange things happening. I had an apparent medium say he felt that I could have physic abilities but after that more strange things started to happen maybe because I had opened my mind a little and allowed it to develop. It scared me because I didn't know if it was me going mad, just the natural order of things or whether I did have this ability. I didn't completely believe this medium was a medium as something made me doubt them I was young at the time and felt like they were just trying to seduce me (didn't succeed lol)

My apparent abilities seem to getting stronger in stages not years with sudden jumps now and again. Most recently they have been very strong but again I might be going completely bonkers lol.

If your scared its totally natural but don't feel pushed into it that's what scared me more. Feel tearful now lol. I have thought why me and not others and when I found out I was a blue baby and was dead for a few minutes and lucky to be alive and learned apparently this is when some of us get our abilities; it did offer an answer. I use the words maybe apparently and other sit on the fence terms because I don't know for sure 100% and wouldn't want to put idea's into anyone's head without knowing for sure. So this is my story so far. I hope it's helped a little, the scariest thing is feeling alone and I know this more than others so listen your not alone.
reindeers (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2012-09-12)
Just the other day I was about to wear some jeans, but decided to take them off, then when I went to school. A girl I disliked had them on. Then I was at my friends house after school and asked what time it was she said 6:06. But her little tablet's time was off. It was actually 4pm, or so. But my dad came to pick me up and told me we were going somewhere. And we got there exactly at 6:06. Which I found weird. But yes I'm glad some people have been experiencing the same thing, makes me feel like I can come and open up to people more. Thanks for replying and trying to help me.
SearcherSeeker (2 posts)
9 years ago (2012-09-12)
I was actually so relieved to see this story! I have secretly referred to myself as a tv psychic for many years because of having the types of incidents like you describe. I can think of a specific episode of a specific show that isn't even on tv any more and within a day or two I will happen across that show and episode without looking for it. This happens all the time. I joined this site because after thinking I had some good instinct or intuition all my life in the past 6 months I have been having actual psychic episodes. So I think you can develop these things at any time in life although I don't know how or why. I have no idea whether there is a way to learn to intentionally focus and develop these skills, but I would love to know. I will keep an eye out for the answers you receive here. Good luck!
ally_26 (2 stories) (50 posts)
9 years ago (2012-09-09)
That can actually be normal with psychics. For example someone might be thinking of a person when all of a sudden that person calls or someone might be thinking of song when it all of a sudden comes on the radio.

Since this started to happen a few days ago, this might be the start of a new ability. For example, I started to notice my abilities through little deja vu moments which came through my dreams. Those were mere signs of a new beginning of what will come for me because after that I started to sense more.
So maybe this ability will develop more, probably into precognitions which can be foreknowledge of an event, esp. Foreknowledge of a paranormal kind or premonitions a strong feeling of something about to happen, esp. Something unpleasant. Hope this helps 😊
reindeers (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2012-09-09)
Recently what has been happening? Well. I'll explain the best I can. I would watch something in another room, that had certain people in it. Like the movie Harold and Kumar 3. Then go upstairs and see another TV, and see the same character that was in the movie on the other TV. Or see/read a/about celebrity on the computer then 30minutes later the same celebrity was on the news, doing an interview. I don't know if its just coincedence but its really weird.
Lottus2 (3 posts)
9 years ago (2012-09-08)
The ability to sense other people's emotions is Empathy. I could help you a bit more if you could explain what you have been experiencing in a bit more detail?

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