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All Consuming Face


About a week ago, I was tanning on the deck of the beach house. I sat up to spray myself with my bottle of ocean water. It makes for a better and faster tan. As I am looking off the deck, an unusual face in the distance appears. It is a face (head only) with dark eyes, porcelain skin, no mouth or nose that I can remember and long dark hair. It jumps toward me in three jumps. First sight far away second jump closer and then third jump close and seems to jump into me. Like I have taken it on. It does this three times, then it's gone. I have had no other experiences like this before. I am not disturbed however very curious. Should I wait for more experiences or just let it go? I had not been drinking or anything of that nature. I do believe in spirits so to speak. I do not believe in a god. Somehow as this was happening, I sat through the first vision and calmly and waited to see what was next. When it came, it was a repeat of the first vision and the third time it was the same vision again. I feel as if this head is somehow inside me. Although I do not feel a threat or invaded by any means. Before this vision, I had been and still am, going through a form of self empowerment. I do not see how a fair faced raven with no mouth or nose has any bearing? It was like something from the twilight zone, almost cartoon like. Which is why I feel no fear. The way it jumped toward me in three jumps and repeated the same sequence three times. Is what makes me wonder more than anything else. Has anyone ever experienced anything similar? Lilli

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ShadowPanther (54 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-11)
Okay I'm back! Here are some sites I found explaining possible meanings for the number three. They are well worth a read and probably explain it better than I could 😜:


Summary- some historical-type meanings, triads, the mother goddess etc. Etc.


Summary- spiritual meaning of numbers


Summary- collection of interesting information

I hope that the information within these websites can help you in some way discover the significance of the number three 😊.

ShadowPanther (54 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-10)
Huh this is an unusual experience...
Firstly I'd just like to suggest other possible explanations besides what you saw being paranormal, just to see it from all angles basically. Since you were tanning by the beach one explanation could be that the sun reflecting off the salt water made an illusion appear, now this does happen especially on very hot days.
Ok now if this is a spirit or something then the number three must have some significance. I can't remember at the moment what that number's correspondence is, but I will write back when I do.


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