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One night I checked into a Motel for my Birthday. My boyfriend was supposed to meet me there so we could go out and have a romantic dinner. But he called and canceled. I was very depressed I felt bad I started crying. I stayed up all the way until 2:30am. When, I fell asleep, this is where it gets very weird. I remember waking up but feeling very light. My vision was vivid but wavy. I remember looking at the alarm clock. Then, I look to the left of the room and saw a Lady in a gray dress sitting down looking at me. Her face was covered and she was smoking a cigarette. I remember yelling at her and saying: Get out of my room! And she didn't move. Then I felt as though I was falling down. When I woke up the first thing I did was look to left of the room and the chair was empty. I believed to this day that I saw a ghost on the a different plane. It still bring chills to me. Another time I spent a night at my mother's house. I fell asleep and was awoken by something holding me down and I couldn't get up. Then I managed to get out of its grip and I floated up on the ceiling. Then it grab me again and threw me against the wall. It is sort of embarrassing what I am about to say but, I am going to say it anyway. Whatever it was it sexually assaulted me. It was a force that was so strong it was stronger than any human man. I remember yelling for my mother to help me but no one came. Then I remember running slowly in my mother's room standing over and saying: mom mom please help me! But she just kept sleeping. Then all I remember I was being pulled by a force falling down. When I woke up I told my mom. She believed me because she like believes in these things. And I come from a family with psychic abilities. I need help because I don't know what this entity was.

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The-Astral-Peace-Soldier (1 stories) (18 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-21)
The important thing in life is to never ever be sad or negative. Things like anger, depression, hostility will NOT help in an Astral Environment.

If you picture an angel sitting on the clouds, you'd guess immediately that they are never angry or sad, but have a peaceful approach to everything.
Tenkhee (1 stories) (9 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-11)
those are bad spirits, entity you right. The do get pleasure by raping you, or by a fear. If this happens next time don't be afraid tell him I'm not afraid of you, I'm way powerful, why because I'm still alive bot dead like you!, after this he, or she will leave you alone. A lots of people have had similar story' like you, and they're all for real so be BRAVE!

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