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Tired Of Running


My abilities first became known to me when I was roughly 8-years-old when our neighbors dog had escaped the home and went missing. I had a dream a few nights after the dog had initially disappeared, picturing her in a sinkhole near the lake in the woods.

At that age, I never thought anything of it when I decided to act upon my dream and I fortunately found the neighbors dog in time to save her leg which she had broken in the fall. My mother asked me how I knew where to find her, but she didn't believe me when I told her I dreamt of it.

It wasn't long after that I started experiencing cases of déjà vu on a routine basis. Things that I had been dreaming were all of sudden coming true all around me.

When I dreamt of my grandfather's passing, who appeared in excellent health at the time, and he suddenly died of a heart attack in the driveway. I started to beg and plead with my mother to make the dreams stop. She dismissed it as an overactive imagination or kind of guilt response.

The dreams did subside for awhile, until I reached high school. I had been taking an afternoon nap, dreaming of my high school sweetheart when the phone rang. It was her. She asked what I was doing and I told her I just had a dream of her by a local river, feeding the geese on the bank. I suddenly became curious when she started asking me specifics of the dream; what she was wearing, how her hair was done, whose vehicle she had taken.

After giving her all the details of the dream, I thought she was humoring me when she said 'unbelievable'. I had pegged every one of her questions on the nose.

Not too long after that, I had another dream of her while she was driving. Again, when I told her of the dream she began to inquire and I again was able to describe the event in detail.

Again, I grew confused or scared. It was like I was 8-years-old all over again. Although the dreams weren't bad, the very idea of being able to see things from a distance while sleeping seemed somewhat 'unnatural'.

So I did the only thing I could think of, if I found myself starting to dream, I would wake myself up. Over time, this became a habit and the dreams just stopped coming. Until a few months ago.

I had a dream about my brother-in-law, laying in a hospital bed and his heart monitor had flatlined. I did not tell my wife. I did not tell a soul. I thought, it's been so long, there's no way it is back.

Then in mid-June we received a phone call that he had been admitted to the hospital. I grew nervous, but remained quiet. I didn't want to create panic or doubt. But a couple of days went by and his condition was improving, he was sitting up in bed and eating regular meals. He was about to be dismissed from the hospital when he unexpectantly slipped into a coma due to cancerous tumors on his spine.

I couldn't hold it in any longer, so I told the one person I thought would understand. My wife. I told her about the dream, I told her I didn't think her brother was going to make it. It was just a day or two after he went into the coma, they tried to shrink the tumors down with radiation and chemotherapy. But by destroying his immune system, he contracted an infection in his brain which caused it swell and the doctors gave him no chance of recovery. He died a day later.

Now, again, just last night -- I dreamt of her aunt. Her face it appeared as though she had experienced a stroke. I'm unsure of what to do. I don't want my wife to freak out.

I am tired of running from this, whatever it is. The dreams seem to be happening again on a regular basis. I'm experiencing moments of deja vu again. I feel that whatever this is, it's just ramping up again. But I am tired of running from it. I'm willing to accept that this is what I am supposed to be, or I am supposed to do.

But I do not want to live in fear of it. If I am to accept it, I want to be able to manage it and cope with it. I want to be able to explain things to people without them treating it like a plague, a game or a party trick.

So, I guess the first step in my journey is just understanding what it is first of all. Are we talking out-of-body experiences? Remote viewing? And why do I only get these 'visions' while I'm sleeping? Can I tap into this ability while I'm awake?

What is the next step for me? I feel ready. Am I ready?

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MalkavianRaven (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-11)
I just wanted to share with everyone, that on Sept. 9th, three-days after I submitted this story, my wife's aunt did suffer a stroke.

She is out of the hospital now and currently in a rehabilitation facility.

I still have not told my wife about the dream beforehand.

But I am not 'weirded out' by it any longer.

~ Malk
Nagual (guest)
10 years ago (2012-09-10)
I wonder, what would your response be if I said no. Would you trust it, would you denied yourself the privilege of delving further into your own life?
You would probably disagree. But what if I slang some degrees from psychic schools, testimonials. Talking about abilities I posses etc. Would you have believed me then?
Self confidence is always achieved the same way, no matter how many responses you get. It will be your task to believe in yourself. However I will provide you with my thoughts 😊

If you have read about the aura, it is the field around us which contains everything Like our DNA from even a tiny hair gives a complete profile. Psychic is merely defined that way, because it is not explained by the mainstream science. Not all science. It were recently accepted that the universe consists of 95% energy

It is my perspective, that you are indeed reading their energy fields, therefore your mind can be quite capable of perceiving the results of their conditions/state, if they do not change. Which opens itself to you in a dream.

Why a dream, because your mind is open to everything within the world of dreams. Only when we are awake, does our mind create a concrete reality of definitions/labels.

The next step? Be open for it, embrace it. And your done. The rest is comes by itself 😁
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
10 years ago (2012-09-10)
Astral projection and remote viewing (not to mention bi-location) are just a few avenues in which your point of consciousness can exist or perceive a reality.

You are not just your physical body. When you yourself pass on, you will shed this and still be "you". Where do you think your spirit/consciousness reside? Once consciousness sheds all of its shells (even the astral body is a shell), it is still a consciousness.

Our consciousness is not tied to space and time. Our shells, especially the physical are. But occasionally, when we get into an altered state (meditation, sleeping, etc.) that rooted reality slips and we can transcend time and space. So whether it's an OBE or remote viewing, it's still the same thing; your spirit moving around and taking notice of what's interesting to it, whether positive or negative.

We label life good bad and this and that but life is just life. We all will pass from this dimension so while you look at these unfolding events as tragedies, they are also just a natural rhythm destined for us all. You label and worry over your ability as being viewed as a parlor trick and its evident your mother dismissed it so your avoidance type outlook is natural. Our society is still in the dark ages in terms of the soul's ability. And you know why? Because if we were truly enlighten we'd not need mainstream religion. And that's too powerful of a thing to give up for those in control so until recently we were burned at the stake. Fear is a perfect shackle. Christ and other masters were able to do amazing things ("Greater miracles than this, ye shall do." And "Ye are Gods") but that's all been shut down but it doesn't have to be, as you're slowly finding out. As we exit the spiritual dark ages, we'll slowly start to reclaim our power.

Yes, you can tap into this while you're awake but with all your old programming that will take some undoing. You may feel 'ready' (and even that is iffy with your immediate follow up question of "Am I ready?") but the evidence will be self evident once you start to try.

Remote viewing is a bit different than astral projection. Astral is obviously on the astral plane while a bi-location during remote viewing is more earth plane. I'd pick up a book on remote viewing and start there.

Also, you do have control in your sleep. If you're lucid enough to stop the dream state then why not develop yourself there as well? Don't be a bystander. You aren't in life so why be one in your dreams? Take control of the state and have a goal of something you'd like to see or do. You can get ideas for that on my sister site (or listen to an in depth interview I did here:

Some things I've done that you might find interesting are; time-travel (you've already proven to yourself repeatedly this is possible) - I won the daily lottery via this so I too have proof, send healing energy to you or others, ask to meet a guide, see an exotic location like Stonehenge or the great pyramids, activate not only your seven chakras but ones that extend outside of your body (there are 13 major ones), outer orbit travel, meeting non human life forms, etc.

Thanks for sharing and you're always free to send me a questions directly, should the desire arise - annemoss65 [at]


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