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I Think I'm An Empath?


To start off I'm 20 years old and I've always felt different. Just different from others, not abnormal but distant. I didn't have the same interest in things other kids did. I didn't have many friends. I believe I've had about a handful of friends my whole life that I still speak to. I don't see spirits but I feel things. When I'm alone I can feel one person looking at me. He's dark but not mean. I feel like he's been there all my life. For the longest time when I felt him I couldn't picture a face and I always thought he was angry but the more I get rid of the fear the more I think about him I see a face and I no longer feel anger. When he's around I feel pressure on my neck, like a hand resting. A year ago I was in a car accident and I have injuries in my neck. When I feel this pressure it's more of a relieving feeling. I think I'm an empath because I've always been "the one to talk to". I'm very good with feelings? Also I remember my dreams (weeks after I have them), and I've had a couple come true. Déjà vu happens a lot. I've had 3 paranormal experiences, 2 of them with the same spirits in 2 different locations a month between each other and then the man that "follows" me. With the spirit I saw at 2 different places was a pretty creepy story. I was at my friend Cassi's house sleeping on the futon. I've always been restless and waking up in the night. Well this night I awoke and saw a boy between 2yrs and 4. He was slightly transparent but also very real. He was actually petting my friends cat. I remember full detail what he was wearing, jeans, a vertically striped shirt and a round hat like a beanie. He didn't have any color but I could visualize it. I saw it for maybe 15 seconds I was so tired and slightly freaked I just rolled over. I woke up 30 minutes later and thought did I see that? I told my friend the next morning and she smiled and said go tell my mom that. After I told her the story she told me how the family that lived there before was murdered by the father. A mother, daughter and son were killed in the house. About a month later I went to Mississippi on a road trip to see my friends husband on an air force base. We stayed in a hotel. The rooms felt eerie, especially my friend Nancy's. She didn't want to sleep alone it was that bad. One day she said "that's it! I'm taking still pictures of my room!" I said ok lol go ahead. Of course she dragged me with her. As I'm sitting in the room I made sure to cover up all the shiny reflective things in the room. We put a sheet over the door and everything covered everything that could play tricks on us. So after the pictures were taken what do I see? The boy reaching up. I still have these pictures if anyone is interested. I also took a picture in front of a mirror. And you can see a boyish face but his eyes are huge and it doesn't look nice. That night my friend who was sharing the room with me said at first he thought I was calling his name and tugging on his sheets and I remember saying SHUT UP I'm sleeping stop playing around. Then I can literally feel him stand up and run across my bed and turn the lights on. He said he saw a man staring at me, the next morning we found glass (from a picture frame that broke in an entirely different room) under a fold in my blanket. Maybe I'm crazy, extremely imaginative Idk. I just want an answer am I just imagining or is it something else? I know I feel watched 24/7.

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Raven614 (2 stories) (3 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-12)
Also I don't know if this means anything but when I was in high school I studied in some Wicca never got far, I picked up tarot reading rather quickly supposedly. I couldn't do it now if I tried probably lol and I tried meditating but I'm very "add" I guess you could say haha
Raven614 (2 stories) (3 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-12)
[at] pablo actually depression yes but I did have a very unlucky life that involved a lot of sorrow. Not only have my dreams came true but when it happens I instantly remember the same day and night I had the dream and the feeling, why did I dream that? They were always odd dreams that lasted probably 15 seconds enough for me to remember certain detail. Also with knowing other peoples feelings, it's not strong but I can tell. I get a feeling like oh no what's going to happen next or I wonder if she's ok. I always know when someone is lying or hiding something and the closer relationship you have with me the worse it is. My fiancé before he can get a word out of and start an argument I get tense and am already angry. Then he says "how do you just change like that". What do you expect? When your angry I'm angry! Lol also plenty of times I would find myself feeling teary eyed. I'm not sad or watching or reading something sad but I just get extremely sad. And I don't know about the long distance I never really thought of it. Texting maybe.

[at] nagual thank you very much I will maybe some meditation will help.
Nagual (guest)
10 years ago (2012-09-10)
I can give you an answer, not a solution 😊
It is always a challenge to go into the world of "psychic", because you walking so close to imagination. To be honest, our society, our personality, fears, religion, everything is basically started out as imagination, if it's not already there beforehand.

If you have an idea, that there is something more to you, it's already an achievement because so many today do not dare to believe so.

I would advice you to work with it, nurture it, remain open minded for a while. Let the answers come reveal themselves, after all, a part of you wants it to be true right?. Then give it a chance 😁
Pablo (2 stories) (23 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-10)
You might be an empath but there are also other things you sound like you might have. Clairsentience & precognition, clairsentience goes hand in hand with empathic abilities so you might have that. Do your dreams ever come true? Also do you ever just know what somebody is feeling like wether they are your friend or a stranger? If you can do that can you do it long distance like over the phone, texting, or online? Do you have a history of depression, or often have a over-whelming feeling? These questions are important so please take your time in answering them 😊

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