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Seeing Things As A Child


I'm arjay 19 years old. I want to share my story. To find a answer or mybe you can give me an advise. Or what is it

My first experience is when I was 5 or 6 years old we live in the province it was 9pm and have to pee that time so I go to the bathroom and when I was on the bathroom door I see a different shadows walking at the bathroom door and so I got scared so I went to my room and sleep shaking. And after few months we have to move because our house washout by the river.

After we move a few days later my father said to my mom that he saw a lady in white dress in our back. Yard. And when the night comes I'm the only one that still awake I hear our dog barking when I look at it I saw the lady in white. And I told to my parents what I saw last night. And they just ignored me. They think that I'm just making story.

A few night come and it was raining I woke up in my cousin's voice the voice is coming from the front door he was calling me to open the door. So I just ignore him because I'm so tired that time. In my mind my mom will probably her him and she will pen the door. By the way my cousin was living in manila. So I think he comes to visit us. In the morning comes I asked my mom where is my cousin and my mom said in manila. And I stared at him and said I hear his voice last night calling me that's all I remember that day.

A few night comes may mom is not home my dad is beside me and that time I remember we are going to sleep. And when a fall a sleep a few hours a woke up and I'm crying I'm so scared that time because I'm alone in the house I'm crying because I'm alone and I feel like someones watching me. So I go outside the house and out side I dint see any people when I go to our neighbors there's no one there I'm all alone I feel like I'm the only one on the earh. So came back home hoping that my mom already there so when I got home still there's no one in the home I so scared that time so I'm go back to bed and sleep crying. And when I woke up and I realized its already morning. My mother is already there too. I asked my father where is he last night and he was sleeping me all night. And now that I'm 19 years old I just realized that what I did that time is astroproject.

And when I was on grade4. I was alone in my room I saw a flying shadow in front of me its just a shadow and its exactly in front of me I can't tell what shadow is that but I'm sure its not human shadow so run outside my room call my mother and tell here what I saw, she just said its just a human shadow. So she went to my room with me and she lie beside me. After a few moments the shadow a pared in front of us so my mom call our house maid. And when our our maid in is already in my room my mom said get a salt my maid spread a salt into my room I saw the shadow exit the room quickly.

After a few months I saw a boy and a girl in front our door staring at ne and there face is like they are long dead in Filipino word it "naagnas na mga muka". And there's a day that I sitting in fron of my table I saw my reflection in the tv the tv is off and there a old man standing beside me looking at me I'm panic and run outside. And that they I saw a lady in white walking out side the window I saw it two time

When I was on grade 6 we live at my moms friend in caloocan city my moms friends die a few days so we have to move and t night I heard a man voice calling my name and it happen 3 time during the night so tell my mom because its so freaking scared.

When I was on high school I live at my step brothers house. I saw a feet a hanging up stairs baby feet. And then one time I heard my brother and his friend talking about the house that sometime my brother said he heard someone is on running on the second floor.

And when I was on my 3rd year I have to move a house because my brother go to other country to work and live there. In that new house when my door is slightly open I saw a old man standing there and slowly disappeared. And there a time that I walk up I saw someone is lying next to me.

And now that I'm on collage I live at quezon ciity. In the new house first I saw 2 black shadow standing in my room door and the other night I walk up because someone calling my name again the voice is coming from outside the house from the window he said my name and he telling me something but I can't understand what he saying becuose he saying it too fast.

Everything I saw ill always said it to my parents and they are so worried. They tell me that when I was a child always see a thing or what ever you call it

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aznmagic (1 stories) (8 posts)
9 years ago (2012-09-20)
Kumusta Arjay!

I am also filipino, but moved away to the states. I have had similar experiences when I moved to Guam, and noticed a lot more demonic spirits around islands and I think you are seeing the same thing. You are a very special person to be seeing all these things, I saw them around your age and I am 23 now. The worst I saw was a Grim Reaper with a scythe standing over me and it was in the middle of the night. I assume it was 3:00AM because a lot of evil lurks at that time and likes to mock God (because of the number 3). Anyway, you are something very special and very different from everyone else because you can notice these things a lot more and are more receptive to the spiritual world, and they are afraid of you. God gave you power over these entities and these evil things, but they do not want you to know that. Once you get right with God and have that mountain moving faith then you will be able to cast away these demons or evil spirits with no fear. That's what I do now, when they try to cast fear in me, you cannot let them know you are afraid, for if you do they will use that against you. Build your relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and don't try to communicate with the spirits. Some actually are spirits (make it clear to them you don't want to deal with them), but MOST are demons or evil spirits that pretend to be good things. Its best to stay away. Fight the good fight my brother, and once you get right with God and build that relationship with Him and talk to Him as if He was actually there, you will see an amazing gift each and everyday
AnneV (4 stories) (1056 posts) mod
9 years ago (2012-09-19)
We all have some psychic ability because we are all spirits. A spirit is free of time and space and though we're vibrationally confined to this physical shell while we're living, we are still able to do spiritual things, especially while in an altered state of consciousness. So when a psychic tells us we have a special gift, that's kind of a given.

If you are terrified then you should probably think about what that very negative emotion would invite in if you did "open the door" as you put it. Everything in this universe is some form of vibration; light, sound, emotion, etc. Fear attracts low level beings because they resonate at the same frequency. If you cannot get a handle on your fear then I'd probably advise pursuing this very slowly. A person who truly starts down the path of the paranormal or metaphysical will inevitably come up against the unknown (that in itself is scary), or some negative being (even scarier). If despite all this you still want to pursue this, then work on your attitude about fear first. Build your knowledge. Don't even think about being a medium, encountering negative beings or any of that. Instead, work on learning about the aura, your chakras and things of a positive nature. Work on learning how to meditate, filling your house with unconditional love, and other things of a high nature. More advanced things will unfold latter, when you are ready. Always keep in mind, like attracts like.

On a side note, in terms of fear and advancement, we also must realize, when we walk out the door every single day of our lives, we are going to, knowingly or not, pass rapist, child molesters, people with murderous intentions, unconscious souls inhabiting a physical shell and so on. If we were to live in fear of those people (who by the way die just like the rest of us and end up being what you fear in the subtle plans) then we'd not leave our house. If we let fear run our lives then we start to atrophy. We become cripples in many ways. So while I encourage you to keep your efforts positive and low level in the near future, at some point, in this lifetime or the next or the next after that, we do all have to confront our fear to grow.


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