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I Don't Feel Like I'm Human, Not Meant For This World


My name is Tatiana, I'm 15 years old and I recently discovered my friend and I have this bond over a topic that has been in my life since I was really little.

I feel as if I am meant to do something different in this life, that I am meant to fulfill a destiny that normal humans do not even consider. The place that I am living in just does not feel like my actual home and I just feel as if there is something more for me to discover. It's weird to feel this way because I don't know many people who experience this, only my best friend.

I always find myself observing others reactions. Sometimes when people are engaged in a conversation, instead of joining in, I merely look at how they react to each others' responses and I just find it fascinating. It's really weird for me to feel this way sometimes because I have to always remind myself that this is not normal and that I should just interact with other people in a normal way. I always find that I can't though. I am always drawn to the interactions between humans and I never just feel like I 'fit in'.

Also, I experience déjà vu whenever I pass by open fields that have an air of mystery to them. I always get this sense of longing whenever I pass by anything nature-related or that just seems so peaceful to me. I get this sense that I've lived there before or that my déjà vu is hinting that I have lived in a different time. I really do feel like this era is not one that I am meant to live in, I just feel like there is so much that I have to accomplish in a different time.

Also, my best friend also experiences the same exact things that I do. We always agree about all our experiences and we have this sort of connection that connects us with almost everything in our lives. For example, she also gets déjà vu all the time and she always observes how people interact. We also have this weird association with the number one. We are born one day apart, in the month of January (first month) and there are many more coincidences that all lead back to the number one. Does anyone know if that number is significant in any way?

I feel like I'm perceived as a very quiet girl, but really, no one knows my story. I also always feel so much more mature than anyone else in my grade or just anyone in general. I do not find things interesting that they would and I do not regard them as significant. I just feel like everyone else is so focused on materialistic ideas or they just do not have the same 'depth' that my friend and I have.

I also have this inexplicable love for anything that is vintage. I am always drawn to vintage/ old fashioned items and I just get that sense of longing again. I always wish I was born in the Victorian times and I just do not feel like the time I am in is where I belong. Does anyone else feel remotely the same as I do?

Thank you for reading

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EnderBeta (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-18)
I've been on this rock for 37 years. One thing I have learned is that purpose is what you make of it. Listen to the inner voice and it will guide your way and keep you on the path.

The end is near. A third of the worlds water is already turned to wormwood. (Radiated) Everything was set in motion when Isreal became a state again and it will come to the conclusion before that generation perishes. (Baby Boomers)

Live every day as if it was your last. Enjoy it, follow the golden rule and don't take things for granted. Don't worry about not understanding people. That is inconsequential just treat them well like you would a kid.
Jhughs410 (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-06-24)
I don't know how I got here but I do know that everything written here is closer to how I feel than anything I've ever known. I'm 32 now and it's crazy how young most of you in these comments are, I remember realizing that I must be different at such a young age, third grade or so. I was painfully shy, I still have a hard time conversing with other people. I've come to terms with the feeling now. I love it. I don't know that I will ever find out what my great purpose is supposed to be while here on Earth, but I wait for it with open arms and that gives me hope. Maybe it won't come, maybe it will, but at this point I think having that possibility has to beat the alternative. I wouldn't want to be normal anymore. The world gets worse and worse. Anyway... I've always had an old soul. I'm certain that I must have lived a past life. I'm still amazed by the things (music, antiques, old pictures, nature, people) that give me deja Vu in a sense, such a strong connection that I can't figure out.
I have a strong draw to the number 3. Everything I do is in 3s. I don't understand that but I go with it. I don't have much choice.
My life has seemed to be led by some greater power, always something magical or miraculous happening around me if I pay attention. I don't deserve the honor.
The earliest feeling that I knew was strange as a little girl...I've always yearned to "go home". That sticks in my head and no matter where I've been, I have not found home yet. I find myself at the end of a trying or emotional day, yearning for home but I don't know how to get there. Not yet.
I've never known anyone that feels or thinks the same as me. Until my strange Google search this morning that turned up this page. What a long, strange trip. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one.
ellie23 (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-22)
I know I'm a little late to the party, but I just had to reach out. I just made an account to say: Yes, I feel this way all the time. My name's Ellie and I've felt this way as long as I can remember (I'm 21 now). I spend large chunks of my life pushing the feelings down and keeping busy with other things, but they always come back and end up making me miserable. If anyone relates to the following and wants to chat, email me at spammail199623 [at] (I do check it, despite the name)
- I've always had a sense that I was meant to fulfill a purpose in this life, but that I wouldn't find it in this world. Like I'm meant to be somewhere else, either in another time or another place. I get so melancholy because I haven't found it yet, and I feel like I'm wasting my youth just waiting around for something.
- I was always lost in fantasy as a kid, and obsessed with books like Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, etc. I just wanted a grand adventure like in the stories, and I felt like I was meant to go on one.
- I'm blessed in this life, but I still want something more. I have good parents and friends, but I feel like I'm not supposed to be here, and there's something more planned for me.
- I felt totally alone in this feeling until now, like no one understands the specifics of it. I love the people around me, but when I'm with them it's like I'm pretending to be someone I'm not.
- I've spent my whole life waiting for someone or something to come along and tell me what my purpose is, but it hasn't come.
- I've always been better at art, whether that be writing, painting, singing, etc. I'm terrible at math and science (not sure if this is important).
- I'm very sensitive and empathetic, and I feel like I'm meant to help people, but not the people that I know. Like there's a group of other people elsewhere that I belong with, but I don't know where.
- I see repeating numbers constantly; 11's, 22's, 33's, etc.
- I do feel very connected to nature, especially the ocean.
- I felt very connected to the Victorian period when I was younger, but not the period itself. Mostly just the aesthetic. I loved the clothes and furniture.
- I felt very connected to ships, too, like I was a sailor or something in a past life! Though I'm still skeptical about past lives...
- Despite my age, I've never been in love with anyone. It seems lots of men have tried to date me, but I haven't been interested in anyone, almost like I'm waiting for the person I'm meant to be with. (It feels like love goes along with my purpose, too, whatever that is.)
- I daydream ALL the time, to the point where it becomes a problem. I make up these wild, fantastical adventures for myself and then get depressed that nothing like that can happen in reality.
- I feel this overwhelming desire to find my purpose, but I've never even come close to figuring out what it is. I'm scared that I'll never find out, and I'll just spend my whole life wishing! But why would we all feel this way if we weren't supposed to realize our dreams?

If anyone feels like this and wants to talk, email me! Wishing you all the very, very best:)
lycan (5 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-07)
Hey [at] Starringsky email me at irfaan11 [at] I understand this completely and I feel the exact same way!
Starringsky (guest)
6 years ago (2018-02-18)
It's been so long wow, I used to look back and relate to this so much. I don't know if any one will see this but ever since I was very young I was attached to nature. The night always comforts me and I usually stay up in the night and when the day comes I feel uneasy. I've always had a very strong urge to just run away to the wild and be free. I live in the city and it's torture, I can bearly take it, I feel like I'm trapped. I've always had this past life feeling where I was free wild and happy. I don't want to live this horribly mundane life, forced to go to school and then work all the time, you get no breaks, how can anyone take it, it's not natural. I've always felt not right like I'm supposed to forfil something or do something important. I have had this feeling that I wasn't really human for so long. I feel like I'm observing people's converstaions and feelings but I can never relate, like everyone is living in their own bubble. This life bores me and I've felt depressed for so long, I always wonder if there is something else out there. When I first saw this post it reassured me to see all these people who could relate. I wish I could run away to a forest or the wild, but that might be probably near impossible.

I'm tired I just want to go home.
MoonInsideMe (2 stories) (34 posts)
7 years ago (2018-01-02)
I actually can relate a lot to you, I also feel more mature than the rest of the people at my age, and I love vintage too! My dream is to have a classic car, and idk, if you could email me at AresWulf911 [at] would be amazing!
lycan (5 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-19)
Hey Diana! I'm also a teen who relates to this thread more than anything, I literally typed my thoughts on the internet and I was led to this page. I love it when someone comments something on this thread, just knowing there's people out there who feel the same way you do.
Diana we have so much in common, I typically don't enjoy socialising with people I'm surrounded by and I have a great appreciation towards wild animals, as well as having no clue about my future. I can promise you that there is nothing "wrong" with you, you just think different to the majority of people which makes us unique because we seem to have our own understanding of things rather than following what everyone else believes. We have this thing inside of us that reminds that we are not like the people around us so we shouldn't strive to be like society if we ever feel like we're drifting away. The urge to be different is strong but we don't know whether we're right or wrong. Hopefully I've reassured you a bit and you can email me at- irfaan11 [at]
BlackFoxDragon (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-09-10)
I feel like I have remnate feelings of a past life. I know it may sound cliche but I don't feel like I identify as a human being and not because I wish to be something else but because of constantly observing my emotions and observing people around me and how social settings and society seems to work as I have grown up. Its hard for me to comprehend how the flow of society works. I feel like an old soul sometimes. I beileve my dreams speak to me of my past lives and because of my dreams I feel as though I used to be a wild beast roaming the woods and forests. When I have those dreams it feels natrual to me and ill have times where I long to go back to that feeling of freedom of running wild and being strong and being truly free and alive. Ill dream sometimes of hunting and the feel of tearing through flesh and bone with my teeth and shredding flesh with my claws and it feels amazing. I dream of running through bare trees chasing the moon and feeling the ground and my stride and the cool calm night air...

I never felt as though I had a place in society. I don't like the cities and would rather live closer to the country side closer to the wild. I would like to learn to hunt and not with a traditional gun but archery and traping something more rustic I want to learn to skin and prepare my own meats to use the fur for clothing or blankets. I enjoy to cook using bones for broth I would use as much of the animal as I could. Its the closest I can get to those feelings.
SarinVX (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-10)
Thankfully I discovered this post through Google.
Just registered so that I could write this.

I've related to almost everyone in the comments it's scary. I've never been able to put that feeling into words (I'm terrible when it comes to feelings, emotions & writing) but everybody here did a great job.

I hope anyone relates to how I feel.

I'm 16 almost 17.I'm an INTJ-A.
I've been feeling this way for about 3-2 years now. Never really expected anyone to understand me so I've never tried letting it out. I think my family would've thought I'm mentally unstable or something, we also don't usually discuss our feelings & such.

So here's how it is for me:

1-I often get that feeling that I have no idea how to describe, it's like a mix of slight Nostalgia ((but it isn't,I don't know what I'm nostlagic for?)), bitter-sweet sadness, insatisfaction & belonging.
It's usually when I see or hear certain things, or when I'm around old people. & also when I look at stars or landscapes of nature.

2-I'm generally great with animals (a cat person). I love them endlessly & I feel like they feel the same way.

3-I think I'm mature for my age (I hate sounding so arrogant but comapared to people my age, It seems true enough) I think I've also went through this "I hate my family/Nobody understands me" phase pretty early, when I was 11-12 y.o.

4-I've felt like I belong to earlier times, such as the Renaissance. But now that I think about it, I feel like I don't even belong here at all, it's like I belong somewhere in a past life or in a whole other universe.

5- I feel like I need to master every and each Subject there is, from Rocket science to baking biscuits. I'm also a chronoic procrastinator who is a complete perfectionist that suffers from Anxiety, which doesn't really help.

6-I like everything and anything old-fashioned, be it a Saxophone or a typewriter. Also anything made of wood.

7-I'm a big fan of classical music, even though I listen to a lot of upbeat EDM, which is just a strange mix.

8-I really like looking at people's faces & studying their reactions to eachother's talk while mentally analyzing what they must be feeling at the moment. I actually do this so much that my mum's friend once told me that I "need to talk more".
I think this's all but just for the sake of it; I'm going to include extra info with the hope that someone shares some of the traits I have (I'd just love to know if there's anything in common between people who share the exact same thought):

-My favorite season is winter.

-I'm a morning person.

-I get kind of sad when it's Nighttime/when the sun sets.

-I hate almost everything posted by everyone on social media except Animals, recipes & Chess puzzles.

-I feel like I think like men; maybe it has to do with the fact that I've only got brothers.

-I like participating in debates, no matter the subject.

-I only attract younger people, I bet it's because I look 12.

-I'm child-like most of the time even though I hate admitting it. I adore Disney comics & "Fairy Odd Parents" Cartoon-series.

-My resting face looks kind of Angry/disgusted (R.B.F?). Even though I may be totally content on the inside, people will still often comment on how I need to smile a bit. I also have this kind odf Death-stare whenever I'm thinking about something.

-I hate small-talks, or talking about other people in general.

-Travelling to new places/countries makes me anxious.

-I dislike feminists,Boxers,Politicians & Negative people.

-I'm terribly afraid of failure/being ordinary.

-I get straight A's at school.

-I play videogames.

Sorry for the long comment. I Hope someone studies/does some research about these sort of feelings people in this post share & present us a proper scientific explanation or something. 😁
Klarlak (2 stories) (13 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-07)
Hi Tatiana, I'm suprised to found someone like me here. And the fact is we're not so alone after all. All I can say is most of the feelings you described above 80℅ is totally me. Such a shame I found your post this late. As for me I knew I'm different since I was around 8 I feel like I was born to carry some kind of mission in this world and to get something done. It tells me that I'm going to make big things that either good or bad. But it's going to be significant and impact the others. In short, yes I feel like I'm going either to make world a better place or put it at its worst instead. I also feel that there's something apart from human realm but not really is. I always believe and know that place for someone like me is really does exist and someday I would go there and live my real life. The feeling of belong to somewhere I don't know vibrates strong deep in my heart and soul. I feel like stuck in wrong realm and life. I don't meant for this world. Something big about me is coming I know it. Either it's on my early 20's or a bit later on.
We have 20℅ of difference anyway. I do also observe how human interacts to each other, but not in sense you've described. It's more like I can connect with their thoughts, like reading it. Almost. But not quite. I also have distinct feeling of what they really feel inside when they tell truth of the deeper side of theirs. It's just something I can't quite lay my fingers on.
I can't relate with your personal association with number 1, since I have none of it. But I have unconscious distinct feeling that somehow this kind of stuff of mine is somehow related to each other and have the same ground of everything. They make some random yet patterned web in their own way. Something is coming on my way I can tell, but I can't see what it is.
Actually I still have much to say, but it's 2:30 am here and my fingers don't cooperate too well either.
If you or anyone else here feel the same way about particular things or just want to make friends and/or share their experiences, please let me know. You can contact me by email at hborstze[at]
Stenisen (1 stories) (5 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-12)
Three years later and I come back to this. When I wrote the reply I did for this post I was 15 and now I'm 18. Still feel the same way though.

For the most part I've been pretty good at pushing the feelings away and forgetting them. I got busy with stuff so I wouldn't need to think. But hey, once a weirdo always a weirdo right?
Not that I think any of us are weird for feeling like this. I just think the world we live in isn't designed for us.

A few weeks ago I was in a little shop we have where I live that's all about psychic things. The woman there told me that I'm a person who attract a lot of supernatural creatures and that mostly when I fantasise there's something real behind it. She also told me that there are two sorts of people in this world. Collecters and hunters. Our society today is built for collectors. They settle with what they have and stay in one place. She said I'm a hunter and that I can't let myself settle. That I need to get out there and live a life where every day is different. And I think that's something we should all take to our hearts. We might feel like we don't belong in this world and want to go home, but we should still do what we can with what we have, right?

My email is in my reply from three years sgo if anyone wants to talk.
zman29 (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-27)
I'm 29 years old and have felt like that my entire life and still do even more so to this day... I always thought I was the only one. When I tried to explain how I feel to family and friends they don't listen or understand...I'm glad I am not the only one and would like to be able to communicate with others like me... Zachr2593 [at] is my email
CRIM50N (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-07-29)
Hello Tatiana. My name is Destin. I am 16 years old, and I expect that you'd be about 18 as I am writing this. I, too, have experienced this feeling, and I urge you and anyone else viewing amd commenting on this post to join my forum at My goal is to create a community which will be able to help others like us and to events that DO, in fact, happen. If I am correct in my hunch, it will be vital in the coming years. Thank you for listening.
Clistal (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-07-16)
Oh and I forgot, listening to certain songs, like really mystical ones make me feel like I'm connected to something. For example, "Dead Hearts" by Stars seem like a really nice song that makes me think deeply. Does this happen to anyone else? Sometimes I also think too deep about life. Like why we are here, what's the purpose of us living, why we do education and work, and why suddenly a creature of true smartness (humans)?
Clistal (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-07-16)
❤ OMG This is literally me. I'm 13 and I have felt this way since I was 8-9. I'm extremely attached to nature, mostly plains without man-made things and the natural forests. I also feel like I don't belong here, like my destiny is somewhere else or another time. It's a complicated feeling and I thought I was the only one!
I'm also incredibly shy/quiet and mature for my age. Attached to Medieval times too. I feel like I'm meant for something that I'm missing out on, like I'm away from my destiny.
Seeing so many people with the same feeling, I wonder if this is normal or something weird/special? It seems more than Clairsentience... And oddly the same things, nature,medieval/history, oddball...
-Grace 😊
emilyhaaley (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-31)
Oh my goodness! I'm so glad I saw your post. I googled "I don't feel like I belong in this world" and your story popped up. You completely described my life in your story, and I mean it when I say this... I actually felt like I belonged somewhere when I began reading all these comments. My whole life I never felt like I belonged anywhere, I look at things different I process things differently and when I'm outside I just feel at peace like that's where I should be. I often find myself just lost in thought about the world and everything in it. And just like you I've always felt more mature than people my age as I was growing up. I would rather watch people interact and observe them then actually be apart of the conversation, I always analyze everything and wonder why a lot. The world just doesn't fit me, or I just don't fit the world. Either way there's this weird connection between me and the world. It feels so amazing knowing there is other people like me, I don't feel so alone anymore. I created an account just so I could tell you this! Thanks for sharing this really changed my life.
Trinity_Paladin293 (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-24)
this is amazing since I was little I have always felt out of place with everyone as you have said I to felt like the black sheep in my family. I have always felt different from normal humans even to the point of not calling myself human if that makes any sense. I have had people tell me that they think I was born in the wrong time period because of how I act, of course I joke with them about it but the truth is I do believe that I don't fit into this time period mostly because of the fact I believe in shivelry I know that's probably the wrong way to spell it but nevermind, and all I have a natural talent with a sword to the point of infuriating my sparring buddy, and I have no formal training with one. Also when I see a open field or a mountain, or forest I feel almost like a longing to explore and search as well as to have adventure. Its also odd because recently I had almost like a flash back and when I looked in a mirror right after words for a split second I saw someone else, it took me by surprise. Also certain things like music or movies and the like will bring up a feeling like I have done that I have been there and its almost painful sometimes because I feel like I wish to go back and the best way to describe it is to say i'm longing for something.
aliceh (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-12)
Oh. My. Lord. I know this is pretty "old" story if we talk about human time, but, OH MY LORD, I feel the same. Actually I have fell in a really big lake of depression because of feeling like this, but now I know i'm not alone and it makes me happy.
By the way, i'm 15. Don't You all think it's kind of strange how so many of us find this in year of 15?
And thanks You SO MUCH for this story. I feel a lot better. ❤
LyraRose (guest)
9 years ago (2015-02-20)
I undeniably identify with all who have posted on this. It is comforting to know that there are others in this world who are disappointed by the almost shallow existence of so many people around them. But have faith in all who are around you; some people can surprise you. If we look deeper than face value at all times, we may find that some of them are less shallow than originally thought. Sometimes I lose hope in humanity, but I just need to remind myself that humans are incredible, even though I've never felt like one myself.
GeorgiaMOM (guest)
10 years ago (2014-11-19)
It's amazing how as a child I was the "black sheep of the family" the "odd ball" as others called it, but reading the words of a young lady awaken the very things I felt in aw over at that age. You are so very brave, I myself was scared to share things like this with my family due to judgment that I anticipated. And yes I did have a special connection with nature and I was drawn to old fashion clothes and items from the victorian period. Loved it, felt a connection with every thing that I touched from that time period. I still do to this day. Over the years a great deal of pain has come my way but the special connections that I've found are divine blessings. Something no others can have. With our abilities to open up to others and truly connect, it allows us to see things as we are meant to. I just pity others that can't see the world through our eyes and have the simple joys of life. They stay too busy to take time for nature or others' feelings. They will never feel as deeply as we so that connection will never be as meaningful. And they will never know love as we. Although they will never know pain as we either. Divine blessings come with great pain as well. It's just the balance. But my love carries me through the evil hurts of this world. Our purpose is to show what is possible to those that are oblivious to simple joys of this world. When we leave this world our legacy will be base on how much we loved and are loved. The others may have the huge homes and cars and what ever. I personally prefer my life to theirs any time.
Swordsoflight (6 stories) (90 posts)
10 years ago (2014-11-19)
Thats the same as me! I personally notice more of the details of everyone's eyes and face, and I look at everyone's reactions around me and its like a soap opera occasionally. Whenever I look up at the sky, I always feel lonely. I never truly fit in at school. When I was little and we moved a lot I always caught myself thinking "This isn't even close to home." But I thought "Hey I live here this is supposed to be home". It was a real struggle for me in middle school. Kids tripped me in the halls and treated me like a freak just because I was different from anyone else... I remember now why I started to get possessed in the first place. I wanted revenge... My heart turned cold and if it wasn't for a helpful spirit saving me I...I'd be a monster. I took things too literally, and I never really understood why I was there. When I gave up, the next day we moved to where we are now. It was a big change, suddenly I was surrounded by different people! I didn't know what to think... I observed everyone and stayed quiet, for the most part. I finally felt like I was supposed to be here, and I still feel that, even though we might move when our lease runs out. I've met so many people, and learned so much. Every night (Unless its overcast) I look up at this one star (Handle of the big dipper, not sure.) and think "One day i'll be back home with you." Before Bennis moved away, he was the only person who I thought really got me. When I was around him, I felt at home. He isn't too interested in this kind of thing yet, but he has potential from the ESP test. I know that others feel the same way, but whenever someone lashes out at them or me I feel like "How DARE you?! You don't know what they're (I'm) Going through!" And I just try to protect my friends as much as I can. Its like a need to, which I don't mind at all. I'm not alone, but I'm not around everyone, either. I'm not broken, but i'm just bent. There's a balance to the world that I can't understand why some terrible people have this "great" life and hardworking people like my family have to work hard to just get by. It annoys me that I can't go on trips sometimes or I can't afford this... It isn't right, but on a deeper level to me than most people.
I think I might be a "Starseed" but i'm unsure. I'm just beginning, after all 😊
Thanks for reading my story, Yours is awesome.
lovinight (2 posts)
10 years ago (2014-11-19)
I have come to the conclusion, we in ourselves are not messed up, it is having to live in this world surrounded by "normal" people. We are more sensitive emotionally but only to a smaller number of things that bother normal people, but because of our oversensitivity, we do overreact when we are hurt (though in my case it is like pulling teeth to get me to admit it), we tend to be honest to a fault (it is only a fault because being honest in the normal peoples world is not conducive to anyone's well being ALL THE TIME and we tell the truth even when we know the only thing that will come from it is coming back to us in a negative way.)
We are the people that will tell our girlfriends when their man is hitting on us behind their back only to end up being dumped because she thinks dumping the friend will solve the problem with the man, but see we (IMHO) will continue to be who we are because we feel that is the way the world should be.
I believe we suffer from such depression and are so highly prone to suicide and need all these dam anti-depressants because we have to live in a world were just about everything about us, is not designed to make it in this fake, plastic, money worshiping, step on whomever it takes to get to the top world, I think we would do so much better surrounded by our own kind, I would love to see what that would be like.
lovinight (2 posts)
10 years ago (2014-11-19)
At age 13, I knew I was not meant to be here, nor did I want to be here, and I was not wanted.

I am not designed to make it in this step on whomever it takes to get to the top, plastic, fake, money chasing world and I won't give up who I am to become one of them.

I always considered myself a natural psychologist, I always try to figure out people and am pretty good at knowing who are good and who aren't as well as predict responses with others, except in my own personal life, that radar seems broken and I always trust the wrong people and want to believe people are good, and not be responsible for misjudging others.

Don't want to "get through this life" I want to live, I want to sleep when I am tired, I like to be awake when the world is asleep, I can drag all day and the minute the sun is low in the sky, I come alive. I have often looked at the "normal" people as they go about their lives and thought, "WHY"? What is the point? Everything is so mundane, how can people go through life so ----------all the time? We are creative, we are colorful, we are emotional but we are feeling and living, we are actually living our lives, and they say we are the ones with the problem, I think our biggest problem is having to live in their world, the normal world is all about conformation, and the last thing we are ever going to do is conform to anything that does not feel natural to us. We know pain, we know it very well and the last thing we want to do is to be the cause of pain to others (all living things) we want to connect, we know that that is what life is supposed to be about, connections with animals and humans alike, sometimes I feel like I am suffocating, I want to paint with all the colors in the rainbow but all I am allowed to paint is in gray. I am 44 now and I still feel this way, I want out and yet I am not suicidal, I want to simply go home.

leongzixin (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-22)
Omg. I was on Google searching for people who also don't feel human, and I found THIS.
I'm 14 turning 15 this year and also feel the same way. I feel like I have this crazy connection with open fields and certain trees, like I'll change or transform into something else if I go into the field. But I have never been able to do that because I can't ask my parents or the driver to stop in the middle of the road just for me to get to the field.
I have told my close friends that I dislike studying and this life but actually I hate it. It's just so... Human. And they laugh at me and say no miracle is going to happen and look at me like I'm weird, which I probably am. Sigh.
There's this other thing. My mom absolutely love plants and my dad likes outer space things, for example aliens. I think he feels the same way as me too, but not as much. Is any of your parents the same?
Just one last thing. I like reading books. Especially books relating to adventure or fantasy. Maybe this is why I'm feeling like this? Because I want to be the book's character?
P.s. I also like listening to conversations. I never thought it's weird until now...
Silver4900 (5 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-21)
Wow. So I feel these things too. Like there is more out there. Sometimes I think there has to be. I do not feel like I belong in this time or place. I too look sometimes at how frivolous people are. I also predict minor things in dreams. I am very glad that there are others like me here. You should be glad that you have a friend like you. I don't. Sometimes I look at my friends and get annoyed about how simple and shallow they are.
Stenisen (1 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-10)
It's been almost a year since this was posted, but I'll write this anyway.
I feel the same way. That I'm different and there's something I'm here to do. I just don't know what.
I'm completely obsessed with the thought of time travel. I want to go back to the Victorian or Medieval time. That would feel more like home, I think.
I experience déjà vu all the time. In periods it comes up to five times a day.
And while I still like being social, I don't. I often look at peoples reactions when they talk to each other. I find it fascinating.
Oh, and I'm 15, if that matters.

Even though it's been almost a year since this was posted I hope that someone sees this because if others experience it I would really like to talk to them.
Stinaml98 [at] is my email. *fingers crossed*:P
PatrixieKuchiki (guest)
12 years ago (2012-11-13)
Exactly how I felt these past years!:)
Have you ever tried taking one of Doreen Virtue's quizzes to see if you were some form of Lightworker/Earth Angel.I'm sure the results would somehow rhyme into what you REALLY ARE.
BTW,I'm a Wise One and I'm also 15 years,nothing's really IMPOSSIBLE!
Whatever kind of Lightworker you are as you discover, I hope you make use of your abilities for the greater good of the world. You know, at least make A CHANGE.
songwhisper299 (5 stories) (12 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-13)
Wow, you are just like me! I feel as though I was born here to do something amazing, or to just observe human nature. I wonder what it is...
tgmyfolwy (6 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-06)
I'm addressing not only the original poster but also some of the others who posted replies about feeling the same way:

I felt very similar at your age--quiet/removed, couldn't relate to others' petty interests, felt 'special', etc. In fact, I even went to talk to my high school counselor about it--it was really that hard to relate to people on a level that to me seemed so petty, immature, and dare I say just annoyed the **** out of me on a daily basis.

Fast-forward to well over a decade later... Looking back now, I think that many people that feel like this are, for whatever reason, more 'mature' than others of their age group and one usually starts to become aware of that difference right about around your age. I myself later came to learn that I have an IQ of 155 (yikes), that I have more neural connections and that I simply am more logical and thus tend to "think" more than others. As a teen, I did have some very bizarre experiences that I may have felt were 'paranormal' but in the end, I don't believe that anymore (that said, that's just a personal 'opinion' and not important as with the accumulation of more knowledge and our own unique personal experiences, we all ultimately come up with our own conclusions, and no one's opinion has any more validity than anyone else's when it comes to subjects in the 'paranormal arena').

Anyway, I wanted to continue to say that despite my talents and abilities, I've yet to come up with anything that will change the world and have accepted that it is likely just a feeling that will always be there. I have felt too many 'callings'--been vastly overwhelmed by having "TOO many" interests, in fact--and never chose one path but rather, decided to pursue them all, and that is the one thing in my life that I regret. Had I majored in, just for example, physics--and had I stuck with it--then perhaps I WOULD have come up with something "ground-breaking", and the reason I'm even going off on this tangent about me is because I believe that what you (and others, even in other threads as I've heard this being mentioned quite a lot) may perhaps truly be feeling is the feeling of having POTENTIAL. I am merely encouraging the acknowledgment of this feeling as "potential"--or at least entertaining it as such--because we all know how potential can be either taken advantage of or else all-too-easily wasted.

Regarding all of those feelings in general, I've found that while it doesn't ever completely go away, it does get "better" in the sense that as you get older, things become more mundane, more 'settled' in a manner of speaking. While you still feel 'special' or 'different' or maybe even 'better' than everyone else (yes I know you didn't mean it to be in an egotistical sense but hey, I'm sorry if it hurts anyone's feelings but face it, some people ARE just smarter than others), there does slowly come the realization that there are so many people who are absolutely similar, and yet that a vast majority of people are dolts. And you just accept it as another one of those things about how your life is. I've personally found that you just learn to blend in, accept that you are more profound than the general populace, and simultaneously you just put up with all the 'average' people that are intolerably boring;)).

As for the number "1", I personally don't think there is anything significant about it, or any number for that matter, but I'm not knocking it--it's certainly harmless and still kind of fun to think about. Significance on all inanimate/conceptual 'things' are all attributed by mankind, which is fun to play around with in your mind but ultimately has no significance in the whole 'cosmic' scheme of things.;)

Cheers, and yet more cheers to all "weirdos"!
Calimorea_Seraphim (1 stories) (4 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-01)
Oh my Gods... I don't know why but I feel the same way. I am 14. And if you look, you can see that a lot of people that are this way are around this age.

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