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I'm not sure if what I have been feeling was me just freaking out or just coincidences, but I have had many and they are getting stronger.

My major question is if anyone else feels this or if there is a specific name for it, but I'm very good at feeling off peoples emotions and what they are thinking. It has happened too often in cases where I'm really close to someone and I'll say something random that I wasn't even thinking about and they say they were thinking the same thing. This also goes with feelings. My best friend gets headaches often, and I get them most of the time when I am around her and recently whenever I've been getting them, I'll text here about it and she says she had just got one. Does this just mean I'm just really attuned to her? Or just coincidence?

One of my other major experiences I get is dealing with my boyfriend. I was driving with my best friend, and I got this really warm, feeling in my chest. It was kind of tight, but I felt like I was inwardly smiling. I told my friend that my boyfriend was going to text me in 10 minutes, and he did. This past weekend I kept getting the feeling in my chest on Saturday night, it was very intense, and it would hit me randomly. Each time I would think of him. I found out the next day that my boyfriend was talking about me to his parents. I always get this feeling now before he calls me or I receive a text message. I feel like I can feel him thinking or talking about me.

I have also had very vivid dreams. They don't predict anything. They just tell me stuff and I've had my living and passed family members come to me and tell me things. I have also had a very strong/scary experience with one woman who was so lost. When she came into my dream, I was looking down at myself doing the dishes, and she entered the kitchen in the doorway behind me. The feeling I got was that of complete and utter depression. I felt so lost, wet and cold. I can't forget what she looked like. But when I asked her to leave and finally woke up, I knew she had been in my doorway in the real world. That was the night that I had left my door open for the first time and was home alone. In the dream state, I was completely paralyzed. When I woke my whole body was numb and shaking, I wasn't breathing and my dog was freaking out.

I'm not sure what type of experience that was, but I know I will never forget her. After her I have had a couple of other spirit experiences, but they were good, it was my grandpa and my uncle.

The rest of the woman in my family have dreams as well. My aunts and my moms are predictions that always come true.

I am only 19 and would love anyone's feedback! I'm mostly concerned to see if anyone has the same experiences/feelings, or if there is a name for any of this.

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mazab84 (2 stories) (71 posts)
9 years ago (2012-10-21)
Hi aabrowni, you are certainly not alone in this. We all have similar experiences to varying degrees. I was just like you & was eager to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Waiting for a diagnosis if you will. I came to terms with the fact that I was an Empath a while back. I can walk into rooms & pick up on emotions & what others are thinking & its everywhere I go. Distance isn't a cut off either for the people i'm connected to. I still tap into them without realising i'm doing it. I also have regular premonitions that are still at times very intense & graphic. You sound like an Empath but I don't want to label you as there could be somuch more to your abilities than even you realise yet. As soon as I realised I was an Empath & embraced it I was given a new challenge on my spiritual journey. I now am able to pick up on spirit as easy as I can a living person. Its always developing. You are making the 1st steps on your important journey to enlightenment. I still have moments where I come into contact with something negative but how I deal with its different now. I used to be affected terribly by others energy. Its not easy picking up on absoloutley everything. I would be drained & physically affected also. Does this sound like anything you've experienced? It sounds like the connection between you & your boyfriend is a positive one. I enjoy when I have lighter energy around. Ok i'm going to leave it there & stop rabbiting on needlessly. Enjoyed reading your story 😊
Love & Light

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