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Paranormal Activities And Psychic Abilities


Hey, I'm an open minded person and believe in paranormal activities and psychic abilities and have had a couple of experiences of my own.

I have seen apparitions, a couple of dreams that come true, I have realized that I can heal myself, I have done it a couple of times, every time I have tried it has worked! I have a sort of feeling sometimes of not being alone, or being watched, I like to treat other very well or be kind cause I think I can feel other peoples feelings of hurt, sadness, or anger, I understand people easily, I sometimes have a type of feeling where I guess something or someone. I am completely aware of everything around me and can realize someone or something. I love to interact with animals, and try to understand them and feel what they feel share a connection with them and feel that they understand me and what I try to communicate to them, same way with nature and everything alive around me. The sun, the wind, rain. When I'm upset I wish for rain, when I'm mad I wish for thunder, lightning, plenty of wind, and a lot of rain, and usually It happens. I feel connected to these elements and they understand my feelings and I feel good or content when the weather adjusts to my feelings.

So my question is do I have psychic abilities?

Cause all this happens to me, but not as strong as I think it should be to have psychic abilities. I doubt my abilities sometimes.

And lately I have shut off my psychic - intuitive side and I would like to know how can I increase it! Techniques, meditations, ect. Anything useful!


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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-26)
Your actually answering your own questions!
By stating you have psychic stories, intuition,
A sensative.

The best incouragement would be to continue in
What you have done in the past, and increase with

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