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One Afternoon With Mom At Work


I used to have day dreams like I blacked out and images of people but flashed by my face and everything was black but I just saw faces and events and then one stopped and I was in a field and then I saw a flash of this huge light like the sun and then I wasn't blacked out I was back were I started but I was crying didn't know why and my mom kind of knew but her and my uncle have gut feelings like its okay then it hurts and someone in the family dies or gets hurt in the family but my uncle had a vision of my cousin Stacey my aunts daughter who was a baby and 2 hours later Stacey died cause my aunt and her ex husband or boy friend or whatever well he rolled over her while sleeping and she couldn't breathe and died. I honestly think I have premonitions and I think I got it from my mother or her side of the family. I'm scared but ever since I had premonition of my Grandmother falling on a table of a stroke and later that week she had a stroke she survived but ever since that I haven't had one since but now its a gut feeling like my mother and her brother. I just want to know do I have premonitions or just me being paranoid. After I watch this movie I started to realize what it was about. I kind of wonder when I might have another "vision" or something again and it might be about me or my mom or family I would love to know how I can get through this. Lately I have been seeing like outlines of a person but I don't know what it is and I hear a sound like a crash or I smell smoke, That's all.

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