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Music With No Source


This is my first story here. Ghost is not a participant in this incident but it is definitely paranormal or something unexplainable to me.

Most of you might have seen the movie "Jaws" with a horror theme music. I saw that movie when I was 12 years old and it affected me to such an extent that I was afraid to bath in pond in our locality. Coming to the story, I went to my uncle's home in Trivandrum during vacation and stayed there for three days.

Me and my cousin Atul used to watch movies late night on those days. On one such occasion we watched a movie and hit the sack by 2am. My cousin started snoring, but I was unable to sleep because of a night lamp. Thoughts came and went through my mind and one of them stuck on my mind. For no reason I started to think about Jaws and its theme music.

I assumed that I am hearing the music and I started to increase the volume in my mind. And suddenly I started to hear the music all around me. It was like a music player with volume turned full blast. Fear gripped me and I tried to stop the music but it didn't. It was tormenting me. I shook Atul and he woke up. He asked me something but I was unable to hear. He turned the lights on and then the music subsided and stopped. He asked me what was wrong but I didn't tell him and to no one until this day.

I searched on the internet and found some mental problems such as "Auditory Hallucinations" but those are prolonging and related to memory loss and I have no problems with memory. I don't know whether this is paranormal or a dirty trick of mind but for me this is out of ordinary.

I tried to repeat this experience many times but failed. If anyone has similar experiences please tell me.

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