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Etheric Spiders


I'm Solomiya, I read a lot about etheric spiders (black, red, yellow) and other weird creatures like octopuses and just black clusters that visit me from time to time. I see them when I wake up and can observe them for around 2 minutes. One thing I noticed that happens continuously I feel very sick, my head is always hot, I feel very weak, have a headache, my heart beating is very fast. I also got sick a couple of months ago with ear inflammation and looks like no antibiotic/ ear drops is helping me. I am not in a horrible pain, rather a little pain that never stops. It looks like something that won't get away because of the lack of a life energy. I'm wondering if it has something to do with my leak of energy because of these energetic vampires, that I can't recover from this disease. I also belong to the people who see the same numbers like 11:11, 13:13, but I believe that if you place too much attention to this your mind starts attracting seeing these numbers every time you check your watch. I also see the dreams that become true, I had a habit writing down all my dreams since I was 13, and I was shocked that I met people I saw in my dreams 2-3 years after the dream. I know there's nothing special because we all don't know the power of the human brain, but if I have this "3d eye " open, what is a good / bad part of it? And how can I stop these creatures from visiting me and sucking my life energy? I'll be really grateful if somebody who knows the way of closing this astral channel. Thank you!

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Zin (guest)
12 years ago (2012-11-30)
Well these spiders are normally in the astral realm and follow the projector back to their body. So, one must assume that you are astral projecting, the reason you are seeing these spiders. It is also important to note that these spiders like many other astral based beings are vampiric in nature. Basically, they feed off the energy of other things there, and well are food.

Anyway I will explain astral projection a little. Astral projection is the minds formation of energy in the shape of your body (of course you can always change your shape in astral if you wanted to). Here your mind controls this energy allowing you to move about freely either in this world or other realms. Many people though subconciously move the to astral realm, most likely something to do with the energy used to project or some underlining unverisal law. Anyway, upon reaching this realm you can do whatever you like for the most part, the only problem is that like here there, there is creatures that only exist in the realm that need energy like an other organism. And unlike us who get our energy from food here, they need to get energy from food there. So most of them track down beings with high energy such as projectors, and feed on them. Sometimes even follow the projector back to their body, where they will feed until full or you run out of consumable energy.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the astral realm is linked to the spirit world, and its multi levels, you simple just need to find the gate.

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