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Telekinesis And Emotion Control


My name is Henry, and whenever my emotions hit, it's always extreme compared to someone else and stuff happens. When I was sleeping a few weeks ago, I was so frustrated about something, that I woke up and the bed started shaking. There wasn't an earthquake or anything of the nature in the area. Then it happened again when people tapped into my mind through that good ole' Mary Jane. They smoked in the area where I was going to sleep in, I went to sleep, someone came into my dreams, I instantly woke up and was pissed about it, and the person who did it bed shook and crashed into the floor. The next morning I checked the bed and it was broken.

My question is how do I perform Telekinesis without my emotions having to run wild?

PS- Thanks to this site, I knew how to handle the Afro-Woman, whispering in my ears, God's armor, and to mediate and concentrate for my mind's eye. It's just I can't find someone to talk to in person about everything that's willing to help me without trying to think I'm a "good luck charm" even though I'm around a couple of psychics (my boyfriend's family has two and aren't trying to help, so I had to spiritually help myself) and see that if my emotions are shown, I could be deadly because I'm missing my biological family. I've been around his family and their childish drama after drama after drama, and somehow it's always getting brought to my boyfriend and I. I get pissed because he had a stroke and it's nothing but stress being brought to him and I end it. That being said, I also felt a weird vibe in the air when he had his stroke last year, but didn't say anything to anyone because he's military and I didn't want anyone to call me crazy. I also believe I have the power to release karma. I'm seeing a Phoenix and stuff while I meditate. I'm trying to be tolerant and patience but it's like I don't know if I can with some people because the same people I've lost patience with are the same people that were trying to change my beliefs this entire year. They believe life is like a TV show and movies, but tried to turn it into me believing life is like music, which I never said.

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lightworkerhealer (1 stories) (56 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-18)
Hdf, I know how it feels when you know you are good and you want to help others but others make you feel as if you are a bad person. First of all, don't expect anything from anyone like they will give you a party or like that. If your boyfriend's brother look at you in a wrong way then don't call him by his name call him "bro". This will develop some hesitation in him. If your boyfriend is a skeptic don't discuss about your powers with him. I know this because my family is a skeptic and I am a healer, psychometric,precognitive, empath and a medium. I jusy advice you to hold the hand of God and he will take you to the perfect place. I also advice you to talk to angels for help. If you don't know how to talk to them then I would like to suggest you a book which is a must read, its "Angel Therapy Handbook" by Doreen Virtue. Hope this helps. ❤
fredjastomawry (2 stories) (12 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-18)
When you dream of a vampire it is not good. I had a vampire dream once. The vampire was a chick who wrestled me and bit me through her lip with her own fangs. The point is a vampire is an aspect of your personality that is acting like a parasite. It is either harming you or harming someone else. Either way be careful. It is a bad sign and a bad omen.
hdf (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-12-12)
And one more thing I forgot to add. I kept seeing lightning in the sky whenever I spoke to my mother about the Bible and spirituality plus Jesus on the cross and his Father standing above the gate appeared to me while I was washing m hair in the shower. That was when I had the vampirish dreams.
hdf (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-12-11)
There are also more things. I've also noticed that whenever I'm feeling good the weather is sunny, if I'm frustrated or worried about someone, it rains not only in my area but also in theirs when the day before the weather channel showed it was suppose to be a nice day. Yesterday it was cloudy out and I started thinking "Let it snow" and it snowed a little.

I can also feel someone's pain and emotions by either a hug or just by being around them. Even from a distance I can connect to people I'm worried about and feel heartache and pain even to the point to where I feel sick.

Last and finally I believe I connected to a psychic vampire who happens to be one of my boyfriend's family members. My dreams went from my dreams to vampirish dreams, and I started to get sucked into "3some" dreams... I would get up and either act them out for my boyfriend or get up and say "WTF" when it came to the dreams. When I smoked weed around them (I've stopped, I honestly have), he was outside and I was inside checking my phone... The urge of a vampire hit me, I went outside to get air, and I saw him on the phone having what I can tell a heated conversation. I told him I think I tapped into his mind and apologized, and then we went to watch a movie only for me to get sucked into what I later found out to be his dream during the movie. We both fell asleep and woke up during a movie at the same time. I was worried about him and I called out to my grandmother's spirit to go check on him. Right after I said that, it poured down raining hard and seemed like it was hailing (there were rain clouds in the far distance, but none over us). It feels like I'm cheating on my boyfriend because I don't know if his brother can physical control himself to not upset me and/or not act upon his dreams. During that vampire time I could always tell that his brother was feeling down, and I would speak to him to boost up his spirit (I have so much going on, but I always put my problems on the back and try to cheer someone up). I even told my boyfriend that I felt his brother looked up to me, and when he said it, I instantly said the f-bomb because I felt I was a bad role model. I once tapped into someone's mind (smoking weed again) and sensed death. I told the individuals if you fight someone, beat them to the point to where the message is clear, but ultimately they didn't do it. After they said they wouldn't, I felt I was going to die (someone smoked with me and physically controlled me to where I felt unsafe and couldn't trust anyone anymore), I called my boyfriend and told him which was a mistake. Well I called my boyfriend's brother and he said he was having a headache, and he led me out of the town for safety. The next day I called and chewed him out, called my sister (didn't tell her exactly all what happened), and then I felt bad for what I said to the brother so I called him back and apologized, thanked him and said I was flattered (it felt like he gave me a spiritual blowjob and that's why I was initially upset). Throughout this time I'm just telling my boyfriend that I want to pamper him and make this easier for him, but it seemed like things were trying to break us up, and I'm also saying I just wish everything would go back to how it use to be. The family was actually cool... Yeah there was little drama and so on, but not like a war.

Time goes on and he and I are at a "battle" and it was like a game of chess. He was about to win, but I had to spiritually play against myself because he was using my mentality and I didn't know how to beat it until I realize that when I gave him advice, it wasn't because I know it all but it's because I've made mistakes and I didn't want him to make the same mistakes and go through a lot of bad things like I have or worse. I had to show him I'm not the one to really mess with; however he and I use to be close to where we use to hug hello and goodbye, talk and have a good time, laugh a lot, but now we don't. Honestly I miss those moments because it makes it seem like I'm a bad person when I know I'm not. He promised that one day he would make me scream (this was when he and his brothers were trying to jump out and scare me), and he did it in my dream... I couldn't do anything but wake up and laugh about it.

I'm understanding that I shouldn't say anything to his family about my dreams, but it feels like I can't even enjoy the things I use to enjoy and probably accidentally used them for evil (I was heavily getting judged and I said "Who the f-bomb are they to judge me" and people started panicking. When all I want to do is not only help myself but help others... If not help others more than myself. It's like day by day my powers get stronger and I develop more things, but people don't realize I'm not trying to control anyone. Whenever I'm trying to get alone time when I'm by his family to breathe, it's like one of them pops up... Same with me being on the phone and so on, and it only makes me more pissed because they don't know how to simply give someone breathing room. It's like being around kids trying to act like they're adults only to get on my "last nerve". Sometimes I feel like I should leave my boyfriend, but it wouldn't do anything but make it worse. I just seriously want to be around my family along with making a success for myself, and it seems like this powers could somewhat hinder that.

All of this really kicked in at the beginning of the year when I had dreams of helping my mother out with serious issues she's had. Then I started helping people that I could tell were either helping themselves out or needed help (the youth). I needed help, but I as I stated no one wanted to help me and I had to spiritually do it myself.

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