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Part Two Of My Paranormal Advanture


So here is the second part of my story with a running person (ghost?).

On the second week I usually went to sleep at 2 A.M. And most of the nights I felt big amount of pressure and felling that someone was watching me, I felt big fear. On the 3rd night I went outside to take out the garbage (VERY LATE) and as I was walking into the house, I saw a dark robe (person?) in my window with a dark robe on him (or her), I couldn't see the face because there was only light going from my laptop but, I was able to see some strange symbols on the right shoulder and his hands just resting on a window, and when I've entered the room There was no one in there, (by the way only my mom was home and she was sleeping dead as an expression) and the only thing that was left is marks on a carpet of somebody's feet.

Day after seeing the?shadow? I was home alone, it was 5:40 P.M. And as usual I felt pressure but this time it was really powerful, so as I tried to walk in the room (I WAS REALLY AFRAID) an I felt as if someone just passed me from behind and two of my T-shirts just Flew off my closet and they fly across my room and onto my bed. Obviously it scared the saints out of me so I just ran to my exit door and as I was running I heard really loud footsteps behind me as if the "Male" tried to chase after me but it stopped right after I've Touched the doors handle...

I went out side for 20 minutes, and after I've gathered all of my courage I went back in... Nothing happened... I didn't felt pressure for 2 days.

I Will write what happened on Week 3 in the next post

- Igor

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