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Visions That Helped Me Get Through A Tough Time


A long time ago when I was ten years old I had a odd dream or vision of some sort. I dreamed that I was a fox in a forest and the other animals from the forest told me that something bad was happening, I was scared so I ran. I found myself by a highway, beside it was a dying fox, most likely ran over by a car or something, I sat by it to soothe it so it could go to heaven.

And I thought to myself that he is going to a better place and he is done suffering, I sat there and cried and stay by his side. (Remember this is a dream) And I thought about death and life and stuff like that. Finally the fox passed away. That morning I woke up and I could tell something was wrong, my parents where talking quietly outside my bedroom door, they never did that before, I heard my mom crying softly.

I got this feeling in my gut that someone or some pet died. I came out my door and my parents told me what had happened, my guinea pig died. It was really sad and overwhelming a bit for me but that dream had prepared me a bit too. I wonder who sent me that dream, still today I wonder, a spirit? Was it a omen? Well, I will never ever know, unless somehow in the future they create something that will explain these weird occurrences, HUH! Probably not though!

Another weird dream I had has was a few weeks later I think. So I found myself out in a desert, and I could see out on the horizon a shape coming at me. It was this old Native American shaman guy, it was getting dark, but he sat down on the ground and started to mumble, of course I was freaking out and I wanted to get out of the dream.

Anyway he grabbed something from behind him and it was a few black whiskers and a chunk of white fur, my guinea pig that died had white and black fur and black whiskers (Diamond) I started to scream at him for taking Diamond away from me, but then he said clearly that Diamond is safe in a good place or something like that, I don't remember. Then I woke up.

Thank you for reading my story, it's really weird! I have never experienced that ever since! Thank you, good bye now!

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Swirly123 (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-22)
Thanks! Yeah I guess its not that weird! And also I really am interested in Native Americans now! I think the history is so interesting and amazing. 😁 😁
Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-22)
awww it's not a really weird story! It's so nice!
So do you believe Diamond went to heaven and he's ok? I think that's what the dreams were trying to tell you. That he's ok, and that there is a heaven of sorts.
I am THRILLED to hear about the Native American shaman! Nice! I have heard that they are VERY protective as spirit guides, mine is also a Native American (a few of them).
You know one of the first sort of psychic dreams I had was very similar, about a pet of mine and he was very very happy and healthy in the dream and "smiling" lol looked much younger and very healthy than he actually was, just a ton of love coming from him, when I woke up in the morning my mom told me he had died in his sleep overnight which was totally unexpected, but then I knew why I had the dream. It was real and made me know it was all real and I was "tuned" into it. So don't think your dreams are weird. Not at all.
Sorry to hear about Diamond, but he's ok:) ❤

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